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Refusing to Be Humiliated, Rashida Tlaib Rejects Israel's Restrictive Conditions on Visiting Palestine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/16/refusing-be-humiliated-rashida-tlaib-rejects-israels-restrictive-conditions-visiting


I am glad Rashida Tlaib is rejecting this offer.

Keep in mind that Israeli elections are coming up on September 17 and Netanyahu’s coalition is doing very badly in the polls (currently behind 64 seats to 56 seats). This fiasco should set him back even more and if/when he loses the new government there will then quickly approve the travel for both Tlaib and Omar. Happily, this will then put more focus on their trip than they ever would have gotten originally.

Finally, when Netanyahu leaves office he will be facing the same type of corruption charges that Trump will be facing here. It would be a sweet (though unlikely) day if they both end up in prison.


Is this from Steve Miller influence?
Kushner - him, her or both?

America, the melting pot.
Simmering and coming to a boil.

Tomorrow in Portland, Oregon, the mighty white righties tangle with antifa black masks.
Hoping it stays verbal only.

If they don’t want that meeting to get feisty, the better meet at a round table.

OUR STORY? The ugly American’s.


Mediating opponents:
One: pair them off to discuss five items on the list that we already know they agree on. 30 minutes allowed. Canadian comedian toasts and roasts them all.
Second: Lunch served to all = cheeseburgers, coca-cola, cottage cheese. salad, hash browns.
Third: everyone stands now. One pint of water per person to last until agreement completed. No breaks.
Everyone signs the now settled differences.
Party time!!
Polka music and fast dancing
Friends, good food,

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The oppression and repression exhibited by the Zionist Government of Israel, is in and of itself, racist.

Rashida Tlaib has made the sensible decision to avoid the racist hatred of such a repressive regime.


Kudos to Rep Tlaib for standing against the racist Israeli regime and its cultural racist superiority beliefs-actions - “their age-old proposition: you can stay in your homeland as a humanitarian exception—without political rights—and on condition you surrender and cease to resist.” - she would surrender to “the racism of Israel’s occupation.”
By Rep Tlaib’s principled actions she also stands against the mental illness and racist agenda of trump and his contemptible regime.
Great thanks to Rashida Tlaib!

netanyahu is an extremist war criminal and threat to Palestinians, the wider ME/NA and America, subverting our republic and people to serve Israeli extremist goals; anything is on his agenda to ethnically cleanse the rest of the Occupied Territories, and more, to fulfill the zionist racist fantasy of an “Eretz Israel” - a greater Israel - of their pathological mythology.


And even sweeter if they were sharing the same cell with only one book to read between them: “the pet goat”.


I love what Rep Congress Tlaib did! The only honest thing to do when working with a nation and a Netanyahu who appears to despise humanity in general but Palestinians in particular. And Trump-----a disgrace of a president. Perhaps Greenland could sell him a piece of Greenland’s ice, then set him adrift—and I doubt if any nation would allow him to land on their shores.
I think Bernie has the right idea, the leaders of Israel insult and demean and even murder American citizens–aka the Flotillas, the USS Liberty, Rachel Corrie etc. etc… American governments do not seem to have a problem with these American deaths-----how peculiar is that? The way that Israel interfered with and treated a past President
Obama, as a person to be dissed by speaking to Congress while ignoring the President. Obama is not my favorite president but the ability for Netanyahu to do this and the fact that Congress did not seem to mind----that let us know that even before Trump, that much of this Congress does not work for the People.
Cut the money to Israel—70 years is long enough and if they want ME wars then make them fight their own wars—why should Americans die for Israel?
IMMEDIATELY cut all monies to Israel and put them where funds are desperately needed —in Puerto Rico . The People of Puerto Rico will be healthier and so will so many Americans who need health care now. If in 70 years Israel cannot function without American money—then really, -------what is the point of taxpayers paying for Israel? If they can’t make it by now----they seem to be hopeless or hypocrites–and why should America waste time on either of those?


I went to my local bank and a new teller was there. Her name was “Gali.” I asked its origin and she said she moved here from Israel, it’s a “Jewish name.”
I asked her about Israel and Palestine and she said Israelis are known to be arrogant, pushy, uncaring about others.
I was shocked that an Israeli would say this.
She said they get trained this way in the IDF and during other compulsory service.
She said it gives her a big advantage over Americans, because “I have no problem with just pushing to the head of a line or taking the best seat, I don’t care what people think about me.”
She described Palestinians as “sub-par humans,” and said that one reason she can afford to be obnoxious is that she received Krav Maga training.
From what I could tell, she was admitting that the national persona of Israel is perfectly expressed in its treatment of Palestinians.
And she said that 90% of the Jewish public totally supports Bibi and the ongoing genocide of the Palestinians.
This is who we give billions of dollars per year to!


shhhh--------BURY THIS STORY---------we don’t want people knowing what Israel is really doing-------and the people of the US support this crap. Talk about racism- A WHOLE NATION IS BEING HELD CAPTIVE-----FOR HOW LONG???-----OVER 70 YEARS----WHEN THEIR LAND WAS STOLEN FROM THEM. And the US gives these thieves 4 billion a year–???


David French writing at National Review tells us that the trips sponsor is anti-semitic.
Channel surfing now for two hours at CNN, MSNBC, FOX, fox Business - and they are not giving us depth for this story.
All about el trumpo - same as 2016 TV ratings fight that gave trump the free time every day.

This is about mixing politics with religion, which is supposed to be taboo.
Indeed, why does Israel get new weapons from a Christian country, so a Jewish country can purge Islamists?

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Media, education, consumerism, greed, laziness, comfort zone, and even businesses have killed Christianity as a moral, ethical, respectful and thoughtful, loving religion.

Israel not letting her in a prolly debatable but two things in the article are kinda weird:

When I won, it gave the Palestinian people hope that someone will finally speak the truth about the inhumane conditions.”

Interesting, she was elected by the people of Michigan. Maybe the “main stream media” censors it but i don’t hear her talk too much about them.

“What Israel proposed to Rashida Tlaib was their age-old proposition: you can stay in your homeland as a humanitarian exception-without political rights- and on condition you surrender and cease to resist,” said Erakat.

Ok so this was someone else chiming in. Rep. Tlaib was born in US so one would think the US is her homeland. Last week when Trump commented about it everyone was quick to correct him. Somebody tell this other guy she’s American.

So what do you think would/ could have happened if Rashida had agreed to the condition, gone, and then gathered more evidence of Israel’s apartheid and spoken out against what’s happening to the Palestinians and spoken out to encourage the BDS like we did about S. Africa? I’m just curious—not advocating that she’d done that. I’d have told both Nut leaders to shove it.

Hi Toni. That’s a difficult question. One Rashida herself is perhaps better able to answer.
When Israel and AIPAC fly compliant Congress members over there and “show them around” - proselytize/propagandize them, and at the same time put restrictions on Rashida it is part of their long agenda to marginalize, demonize, ethnically cleanse, colonize and in many other ways subjugate Palestinians - to deny and break-down their culture and humanity, as the Occupied Territories are increasingly illegally colonized.
All the time US taxpayers pay for Israeli racism, repression of Palestinian culture, home & village demolitions, murders of unarmed protesters, and the extremist so-called “settlers” in the West Bank, via the over $5 Billion annual tribute Congress gives that government.

The BDS movement was instrumental in ending apartheid in South Africa and it is a legitimate tool to do so in Israel - that’s why the Israeli regime fear it so.and try to destroy that avenue to end the Occupation. In US colleges, state laws, federal actions and other ways Israel is using Congress and politicians to suppress and outlaw BDS. That is NOT acceptable or in any way “democratic” someting Israel is not.
Asking Rep Tlaib to swear in writing not to “promote boycotts against Israel” and other restrictions unknown to me (usually Israeli words are designed for a devious purpose, they are not humanitarian) and those restrictions are a calculated affront and designed mechanism Israel could use in destructive ways - it’s their pattern. Not to mention domestic political complications.

If Rashida agreed, then as you write, “gathered evidence, spoken-out, and encouraged BDS” she would have been open to all the aspects of the extremist, terrorist netanyahu regime and possibly “settler” violence - I don;t know, except to know that if she violated in word or deed the written sworn statement demanded to visit her Grandma, it would have been a loosing demeaning decision.
Rashida has said her beliefs and commitment to truth and justice (paraphrase) would not allow signing such a statement as condition to visit her Grandma and other relatives


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Hi Gandolf:

Yes, sadly—“Do unto others,” is so often forgotten-----but I don’t think of that phrase as a religious idea.Successful societies do treat people the way that each citizen would like to be treated. I have come to the conclusion that those nations that treat other nations so badly, truly fail their own citizens too. Another nation is never the enemy—but WAR is the enemy of everyone. : (

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Hi ToniWintroub:
Oh Rashida could never have gone because the conditions asked of her were to give up her right to free speech and free thought—which is exactly what is denied to the Palestinians!
The major media and Trump would have twisted everything that she said, by saying she agreed! That would be totally untrue-----but remember she would have been monitored by the Israeli government every step of the way.
I think the current government of Israel is like a wife beater-----promises , promises of new behavior, but at any second ,the old behavior returns with worse consequences. Rep. Tlaib is wise NOT to go, and also wise in speaking up about the problem.I think her grandmother would see her actions as the best response too. : )

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The whole things shows that Israel’s Zionists have truly gone off the deep end. Their self-imposed and racist isolation from humanity has bred for them frightened fantasies that they can conceal the truth of their own behavior. If it wasn’t so disgusting I’d laugh.

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