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Refusing to Comply With 'Dehumanizing' Rules Any Longer, Missouri's Last Abortion Clinic Defies Regulators

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/20/refusing-comply-dehumanizing-rules-any-longer-missouris-last-abortion-clinic-defies

Fundamentalist Christians…I think they have confused their God for a darker force. Seems likely, since they are constantly fixated with evil of everyone else. That’s all they can see. And their power is emergent. Scary as hell, irony intended.

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Funny how the “party of deregulation” has so many regulations concerning women’s bodies. Clinics have to jump through hoops just to operate. Just stop already. If they feel the need to regulate do it to mining, air quality, farm waste, toxic byproducts and power plants where regulations are somehow non-existent. Hmmm, go figure.

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And campaign finance and the separation of church and state again.

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Eventually Mizzery may catch up with the 20th century. They have traditionally been about 100 years behind the rest of us in the country (except for the rest of the south and Texas). With this decision they have fallen even farther behind.

Is this what Jesus really wanted??? Or is it another attempt for politicians to control the mainstream populace?

The doctors and the clinic are correct in not listening to the insane lawmakers.
The Hippocratic Oath does have the words" “First, do no harm…” Any real doctor would agree with that. : )

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The Hippocratic and the hypocritic

I wish I had this kind of courage. This will precipitate a legal battle that perhaps will settle this issue once and for all. It is long past tjhe time to stand up to these mostly privileged white men who still see women as chattel.

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You do realize you are talking about consummate hypocrites.

Not too long ago we were talking about good jobs with the investment in infrastructure, voter suppression, and trump’s incessant lying. I guess those will have to wait for the next election, or the next, or the next.