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Refusing to Name Names, DOE Fearful of 'Climate Purge' Under Trump


Refusing to Name Names, DOE Fearful of 'Climate Purge' Under Trump

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Resisting what is widely feared to be a "climate purge" of government employees who have studied global warming and other environmental policies under U.S. President Barack Obama, the Department of Energy (DOE) confirmed that it would not be releasing individual names to President-elect Donald Trump's transition team.


This can be traced back to the actions of more than 60 millions voters. The blame is on them. They willfully elected a climate denier so what else would be expected. Trump is giving the people what they voted for. They should not have any complaints. Of course, climate denial can only lead to utter disaster but the voters have spoken. They don't seem to care.


That's exactly right however I doubt there were many Trump voters among the rank and file DOE employees. This is a witch hunt pure and simple and if this narcissistic personality disorder, global warming denier is allowed to take office it will be only the first of many.


It sucks, and it definitely should be resisted. Even if it actually happens, which I sincerely doubt given that we still have a modicum of functioning judicial apparatus, climate science will get done somewhere.

The larger problem isn't yet one more witch hunt. After all, with the Democrats' newfound affection for commie hunting and fake news banning, they're not really in a position to b*tch about anyone else making lists of their own. The larger problem is that regardless of the quality of research, US policy doesn't budge in terms of addressing warming anyhow, so it's not like this is a huge policy blow to the forces of good and light. President Drone wasn't exactly moving mountains to save the biosphere, either.


Its time we start to refer to this country as "the American Regime".


It's lookin' more like a US coup d'état, corporate-style, each news day! Manufactured by the mass media and brought to us by the same!

South America seems no better off. Corporatist right-wing minority ruling parties are "winning" "electoral presidential races". Races bought by the elites who the majority of citizens reject - elites of corporate interests who probably have already fleeced $millions$ and have only just begun. Look no further than the newly elected neo-liberal Macri in Argentina, Temor's coup in Brazil, Brexit in Europe, Hungary, Italy and Poland. Now us.

We are in a real live historic play for global dominance here, where we are the game and the prize, our minds and obedience. The movie, "The Matrix" was soooooo good! Be sure to NOT miss viewing.


Well, you just called it spot on. The TPP would have helped but not necessary when it's all over the world anyway.
I keep saying this is the new world order, but it's so cliche now, then how else can you describe what we are seeing world wide?
Loved the Matrix but have you seen the series "Continuum"? It's about the world under corporate rule in the future. Excellent and before it's time.


Of course, resist their outrageous requests. Keep them tied up in court everywhere they step on our rights to save the planet if we can.
In fact resistance on all issues is the answer to bullies. Just say no.


No, I haven'. Probably 'cuz I live in the boonies with only Internet or it costs money, lol. The actress at Standing Rock, early on - same one who leads in Continuum? Not certain. This IS a coup. Passes the "duck walking-talking test". We are the ducks that better learn how and when to duck! lol


Amen to that. Brainwash of the century


Edward Bernays "the father of public relations" and propaganda was posed with the question of how to sell pianos. He figured out how sell the music room to put the pianos in......


No, they'll go back to watching their soaps.


Yes, long past time.


No, it wasn't. And this is probably another distraction issue away from jobs and the economy. Us did not care much for climate science.


I agree with the first of many, and these witch hunts against million dollar a year employees with huge pensions.


What employees are you referring to that earn a million dollars a year? Do you have evidence for these salaries?


I think the voters may not understand what they have done to themselves. They will in good time but so, unfortunately, will we.


True. And if any country needs regime change, to bring us freedom and democracy, it is the one taking office next month!


Blame the Democratic establishment and DNC for putting up one of the worst candidates in history, and Clinton herself for running a terrible campaign. As if the voters of Wisconsin were supposed to blindly support her when she never once set foot in the state and she took the entire Rust Belt for granted. Typical comment of blaming Comey, Bernie supporters, third party voters, people who stayed home, etc. . Clinton Democrats should look in the mirror when assigning blame


The biggest role of the DOE is managing the nuclear bomb stockpile. Trump likes nuke bombs, so most of the DOE poeple in the agencies in charge of that voted for Trump too. I find that in my agency the big barrier is between the engineers and the scientists. The scientists tend to be moderate leftists, the engineers tend to be pretty right wing.