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Refusing to 'Play Dead for Big Banks,' Warren Gives Fellow Senators 17 Chances to Put Consumers First


Refusing to 'Play Dead for Big Banks,' Warren Gives Fellow Senators 17 Chances to Put Consumers First

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Thanks to the help of 16 Senate Democrats and Sen. Angus King (I-Maine), a Wall Street deregulation measure disguised as a "community banking" bill is barreling toward passage—but Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) vowed Wednesday to not let the bill sail through without forcing votes on a series of amendments aimed at showing Americans whose side their lawmakers are really on.


lol and so the Kabuki Theater between the “two separate parties” plays on.
SO obvious that Wall Street owns our government lock, stock and barrel. When will the American people wake the fuck up?


Neither a lender nor a borrower be–unless the government has got your back…


#10…oh if only it would come to pass but I have been known to dream a whole bunch, even while under an apple tree with apples hitting my head. But there it is in print as big as life.


Follow the money - Heitkamp, Tester, and Donnelly the #1-3 in accepting bankster cash.

Heitkamp’s North Dakota has a state bank which does a great job serving its people and fending off the banksters. The Bank of North Dakota does what a bank is supposed to do. Why doesn’t Heitkamp support more of that?


The overt, desperate, and short-sighted character of the elites’ moves of late, suggests to me that we may be witnessing the near-to last gasps of an unconstrained, all-powerful plutocracy in the US.


These politicians, if you can call them that, must be equated with a well known betrayer, Judas.

Their 30 pieces of silver from the Big Banks is proof of what matters most to them.

It’s certainly not us.


All I have been getting from the mainstream media this week is serial Stormy Daniels and gun issues…no mention of Crapo’s bill, the amendments or anything else related to Wall Street, one of the biggest benefactors of more gun sales.


If the oligarchy has mastered one thing, it’s keeping the people distracted and divided.


The comments here are unbelievable.

Yup, that is all Ms. Warren and the 33 Democratic (and zero republican) senators opposing this bill as it currently stands are doing, engaging in theater…


Most of these guys would be happy to steal from their constituents for nothing. They are mean spirited, greedy people to their core. Being from Idaho, at least I don’t have to wonder which side my congressmen are on or bother writing them. The whole passel of them would be happy to screw us over merely because to them it feels good.


Yep, Stormy and Russia are what is important!


I wish, but I also think it just as likely that they’ve ceased to be bothered anymore by appearances. They’ve gotten away with so much these last two to three decades, they probably feel invulnerable and immortal.

I think if they genuinely felt under threat, they toss out a few crumbs to keep the riff raff occupied. But they’re keeping every last crumb for themselves.


Schumer says he’s not supporting the bill. Yeah right.

He can count votes, he doesn’t need to actually vote for it. I mean he spoke to AIPAC, what, he can’t speak to these members as Senate Minority Leader?

If the leadership actually wanted to take a stand against this, then they would.

Warren of course gets whatever actual credit she deserves.

Over at POLITICO where the “moderates” get a chance to make their case about why they support the bill, the characterization of course that it represents a “bi-partisan” solution, and “an opportunity to show that things can still get done in a bitterly divided Congress”.

See a pattern here? I mean those same old tired fucking slogans.

Whenever lawmakers are saying things like “bi-partisan”, and “moving forward” and bemoaning a “bitterly divided Congress” just know the Corporate State voting block of Corporate State Democrats are busily at work.

Heitkamp was quoted as saying “this is old-school legislating”.

Good fucking grief, yeah, we are that fucking stupid.

Politico’s newest sub-headline on this is, now pay attention…

For the bill’s supporters, the legislation is a chance to show voters that it’s still possible to get things done in an often paralyzed Congress.

Sound familiar?

Same old same old. I mean, how many fucking years have we been hearing this messaging?

The schmuck Joe Lieberman’s No Labels of course will be pushing this messaging ad-nauseum.

His group’s messaging “going forward” is all about casting this gang of corporate whores, this voting block of Corporate State Democrats working with Republicans (Corporate State Republicans is redundant) as “centrists”, and rescuing Congress from the grips of the “extreme left” and “extreme right”.

See how this works? The teachers protesting this week for better health insurance in their contract and higher pay of course would fall into this characterization of “extreme left”.

So would the many groups around the country calling for a true Universal Single Payer system.

Corporate State Democrats are playing for keeps. They will fight anything going against the system firmly in place that has taken this country into endless wars of Empire and Corporate Governance, bearing the fruits of historic inequalities, mass surveillance, and the rest of the fucking mess.

But, I must make sure to give the Democratic Party due credit!!!

Warren thank you very much for what credit you actually deserve.

Schumer, you can _____ _____ ______.


The bankers’ ass wipes may have taken on more than they can digest with my favorite senator on the warpath. I’m ashamed of my Senators; Collins and King. why?


I Liked the North Dakota solution as well


Actually, Dissent, I am with Yunzer on this one.

There’s plenty to complain about with respect to the Democratic Party, and even with Dr. Warren. It was notable that she acknowledged the rigging of the Democratic Party when Donna Brazile’s book first came out, but then retracted and reversed her statement at the first sign of flak from–well someone, surely. And we may very well get to or have to see her in a genuine sheepdog role come 2020, though I doubt she can or wishes to get far enough towards federal candidacy to much do that.

I am about fed up with the lot of the elected Dems, frankly, since they seem just fine with any level or sort of corruption within their own party. But for whatever motives any politician may act, a good proposal is a good proposal. It makes no sense to hold our politicians to superhuman levels of ethical responsibility–or human levels, if you prefer–to allow them to make a reasonable action. Regulating these banks is a good move, and it would be if it came from Trump or Rand Paul–which, of course, it will not.

She–and Sanders, not incidentally–can make relatively liberal suggestions from their relatively liberal states in the Northeast. And it is good that they should do so, regardless of whether they have whatever it takes to slip into the hurdygurdy swirling of national elections–or whatever bribes or threats so often blow these sorts of politicians so far off course when they wander from their home states.

In Warren’s case, she is a trained economist in ways that she is not a trained or practiced politician. If she stays at a post in Massachusetts for a couple decades and hangs on these multiply accursed bankers, that’s way better than par. It relegates her to something that she knows very well and seems to be able to stick to–banking and economics, rather than her repeated and rather ignorant nods of support to the MIC, AIPAC, or any Democratic candidate down the pike, regardless of policies.


The Dems Warren is anti-banks? The money system must employ faces from both sides and chose Warren as the fake Dem opposition who gets publicity annoying the banks as a lower level operator that has likely peaked in her career from any higher office. Chance to become Americas first woman president 10,000 to one.


Did you read Warner’s tweets defending the bill? What crap! Community banks are not hurting, and they are actually lending at a profitable clip. I think this take is great:


It won’t be long before needing a roof over one’s head is extreme left, oh never mind, it already is. So too is eating.