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Refusing to Settle, Dimock Families Take Fracking Giant to Court


Refusing to Settle, Dimock Families Take Fracking Giant to Court

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Fracking is on trial in Pennsylvania this week as two families, who refused to settle in their pursuit of justice, have launched a court battle against Cabot Oil & Gas Corp.

Neighbors Scott Ely and his wife, Monica Marta-Ely, and Ray and Victoria Hubert are accusing the fossil fuel giant of groundwater contamination, resulting in the loss of their drinking water supply.


Very brave of these families. All the best to them.


Let Sara Palin drink that water. Will she still say "Drill, baby, drill!?:joy::innocent:


Yes, it's so rare that a family of "human persons" (let alone two of them) is able to hold out against the virtually irresistible power of a "corporate person," even one who has done them almost inconceivable harm. Those people deserve accolades! Salut!

This put me in mind of a documentary I saw a few years ago - Wiebo's War. I can't recommend it highly enough for a backgrounder on the real - and "externalized," of course - cost of fracking. A Chris Hedges piece about it is here.


Poor souls. This foul corruption of oil thugs is enabled by 1. not having to disclose all the substances in their frack, and 2. settling with homeowners that also requires a gag order. Of course Bush & Cheney doctored the Clean Water Act to set the thugs free. All this must be destroyed and sane enforceable guidelines instituted.
I can smell the stench from here.


The attack on these and other families is very like a war crime, a civilian war crime. A powerful force has attacked, destroyed and threatened the health, lives and property of these and numerous others to secure an advantage, in the case of fracking, profits. This "war crime" includes other infrastructure like pipelines, trains and marine stations moving fracked gas and oil.

Fracking chemical "cocktails" are "proprietary", kept secret, when in fact it's well known and documented that many on the chemicals/compounds (millions of gallons of diesel fuel) included have very serious health risks/effects, especially for children, including cancers! After use the toxic deadly chemicals and millions of gallons of wasted water are injected into ground wells - out of sight, out of mind....until it poisons people!

Neither the perpetrators or BS "regulatory" agencies or government/Congressional "leaders" give a shite about families or children, only exports and oil/gas company profits - the WH and Congress subservient and complicit to the civilian war crime! Ex-Halliburton chief and Vice Prez Dick Cheney, rammed-thru the "Halliburton Loophole" that exempted fracking from parts of the Clean Water Act - a crime in itself by corrupt government in the extreme!