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Refusing to 'Sit Down and Shut Up,' Trumpcare Opponents Mobilize Against GOP


Refusing to 'Sit Down and Shut Up,' Trumpcare Opponents Mobilize Against GOP

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Progressive groups and lawmakers continued to mobilize on Tuesday in response to Republicans' last-ditch attempt to cut off millions of Americans from healthcare by dismantling the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


The Democrats need to “sit down and STFU” and let truly Progressive Parties and Individuals speak for Americans, and their needs.


Bernie Sanders:
“It would be beyond comprehension for Republicans to proceed with their health care bill without knowing its impact on the American people.”

No, it is not “beyond comprehension.” They know its impact. They intend to hurt us, so the looting class can rake in more, while the rest of us are further disempowered.

Brian Schatz:
“Under this bill, pregnancy will cost you an extra 17K. Metastatic cancer 172K. Autism 5K. Asthma 4K. This isn’t a healthcare bill.”

That is correct, it is not a healthcare bill, and Sanders and others should not call it that. Call it the “destroy health and bankrupt Americans” bill.


Call it what it really would do.

The “Make the Healthcare Industry Filthy Rich” bill.

Or the, “We Don’t Care About Your Health, We Just Want Your Money” bill.


Warren speaking out vociferously on Trumpcare to cover her NDAA vote for bigger military machine.
Tradeoffs, that what it’s about. Always two steps forward three steps back.
Waiting for other shoe to drop. Pelosi/Shumer giveaway to Trump last week. ???


OMG SURELY YOU JEST. Ar there any more children like you in that family?


As an ex pat from the Republican party they have finally met Einstein’s insanity test.


I really wish congressional Republicans would stop trying to murder me and my fellow Americans.