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Refusing to Take Real Climate Action, Trump Reportedly Suggests Using Nukes to Stop Hurricanes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/26/refusing-take-real-climate-action-trump-reportedly-suggests-using-nukes-stop

I dunno. There’s some pretty hefty science in ol’ Sharknado.

Gotta love these “reports”.

What a fuckin idiot! his mental illness coupled with monumental ego, stupidity, and arrogance would be just laughable except he sits in the oval office as tiny emperor, running his moron-mouth with the power to cause such hideous destruction and conflicts.

remember this blatant demonstration of his little mussolini act and pose/posture? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xeCg0hCFiA


Use a nuke but please just over the WH when a hurricane strikes. The fucking dumb shit inside doesn’t know anything about the radiation fallout.

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As trump & co ignore irrefutable evidence of MMGW and the decimation of the critical role Amazonia plays in global weather and health, there are similar corporate scum right here that want to steal public waters to bottle and sell-back to the public. that corporate parasite thief is Nestle corp that as Amazonia burns for lack of water in the dry season schemes to corrupt “regulators” and bamboozle the public to take what ought rightfully not be theirs to take! We must all band together to oppose all such rip-offs, locally and globally!

BDS nestle and all their garbage products!


As the trump regime does great environmental destruction, pollution and chemical poisoning in America, so too bolsonaro does in Brazil - two vastly ignorant and environmentally depraved extremists that pose a threat to all life on Earth!

"Here in Brazil, that human activity has human names and faces: those of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his extremist Environment Minister, Ricardo Salles. They have not merely permitted these devastating fires, but have encouraged and fueled them "

" They have done so with a toxic brew of radical ideology, political corruption and banal greed. The ongoing destruction of the Amazon is taking place because of policy choices made by those who now rule Brazil "

It is up to the world community and local residents to oppose the ignorance and greed-driven empowering of pollution and exploiting corporate forces - to stand strongly and say ENOUGH! Stop the madness and murder of Mother Earth!

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Hiroshima and Nagasaki are not enough Armageddon. Man must bomb, bomb, bomb into the second coming of Christ. Prophecy has said. Why do I get the feeling they would not recognize the coming of Christ if she kissed them on the cheek?


Here is the thing about the bomber man; he has never had an original thought. Neither have I but I am not president and I don’t like destructive solutions suggested by people I surround myself with. Bomb again Christians.

This is what untreated syphilis does to the brain.

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Best carbon tax I’ve heard of. Clean up your messes, all the way. No half measures.

Isn’t there a room available in a psychiatric hospital for the terminally insane for this destructive waste of oxygen?!

The biggest takeaway here is that Mr. Trump seems to know nothing about radioactive fallout. This implies that he’ll use nuclear weapons early and often if a major war breaks out.

Except for that big cancer problem, there’s no such thing as a dumb engineering question. Dropping an H-bomb right in the center of a tropical storm would probably just help accelerate the thing into a hurricane. Dropping the H-bomb well off to the side might slow the thing down.

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Oh no doubt the Bible Trumpers would recognize Jesus…and that is probably why he hasn’t come back because Jesus knows they would crucify him again!

Well the insane one has said it in the past: " what good are nukes if we do not use them"!

Sounds like something out of a fifth grade boys locker room…not from the President of the United States.

Just lately, I’m seeing this new, wide-eyed vacant expression on Orangeman’s facial-site, as if his half-dozen remaining brain cells have been checking out, one by one.

Bible Trumpers might take him seriously that he’s “the chosen one” for all I know.

Willie Brown had indignation for Orangeman’s ascent to Saviour:

What a shock.
All this time, I’ve been thinking the chosen one was me.

I heard scientists looked into it, long ago, and concluded it wouldn’t do much to stop or slow down a hurricane. It would be interesting to see an energy-comparison between a cat 5 hurricane and an H-bomb. My offhand guess: the H-bomb is orders of magnitude weaker.

Actually, that would be a really cool simulation to see (strictly confined to a computer screen). It would give people an idea of how powerful weather can be.

Knowing this action will not happen, I’m LMAO at this story. But it should serve as a reminder, Trump is like a kid in a large toy store when it comes to our nuclear arsenal, he can’t resist the urge to “play” with them.
Here’s one that’s almost as bad, though the person asking it wasn’t the POTUS. Years ago while working as a Firefighter, we were facing a direct hit from a cat. 2 storm, a fellow worker asked me “why don’t we get a really long steel cable, wrap it around the storm, and pull it to colder waters”. At first I believed he was joking, then after I stopped laughing realized he wasn’t, on the bright side, at least he knew cold water kills these storms.
As the saying goes, “you can’t fix stupid”.

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Is it April already? Gee, where does the time go?