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Refusing To Wage War


Refusing To Wage War

Robert C. Koehler

And so we grieve over another national tragedy.

Two New York City police officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, were shot — assassinated — as they sat in their patrol car this past weekend. Let the needlessness of their deaths rip our hearts open. Let the humanity come first.

“Now is a moment for empathy and deep listening.”


Here’s another proof that the Establishment refers also to the Establishment of those we think are progressive authors, when in essence and facts they keep promoting a narrative of a peace movement that is as futile as it is obsolete, while they actually do expand the term war to gobble up the concept of war against dissent, against freedom of expression. Here’s another example Robert Koehler offers that is quite schizophrenic. Amy Goodmann, Naomi Klein keep saying that we need new ways of thinking! So that the advice from them if you don’t want to take it from common mortals, or simply expand your horizon and evaluate the whole spectrum of facts and news that contradict your stale narrative on peace and war, and simply does NOT work. By perpetuating a narrative like this you perpetuate the conventional approach to problem solving. Can’t you see it?

I mean, whether you keep trying to inspire a relative small percentage of activists with jingoism aimed at keeping rejecting wars or dismantling nuclear disarmament, you owe it to yourself and your reputation to be informed and real, I don’t know, evolve… expand your horizon? (here)