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Regardless of Party, Poll Shows 66% of Key Early State Voters Support 'Ending Production of Fossil Fuels'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/19/regardless-party-poll-shows-66-key-early-state-voters-support-ending-production

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warren weak.
What’s new?!


I wonder how the Rs will try to prevent these people from voting?


What concerns me more is how the corporate Ds will try to prevent these people from voting?!


Once again, what the Democratic Party believes is the middle and what their electorate believes is the middle are two distinctly different locations.
In short, the Democratic Party wants to go back to 2016, while a clear majority of democratic voters want to go back to 1964.

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According to most stats, some 10 million voters have been purged from the rolls since 2010. And that doesn’t count the millions of potential voters that were already ineligible because of prior felony convictions.
At any given time there should be some 240 million eligible voters in the USA. Slightly more than half actually voted (or were able to) in 2016.
The Democratic Party still doesn’t get it. It’s about voter suppression and turnout. They need to decrease the former and increase the latter if they are going to win in 2020 or any future election. Yet, the silence from the DNC on either subject remains deafening.


I’m guessing they’ll hand the nomination to Biden or a player to be named later–which won’t prevent me from voting, but it will prevent me from voting D.

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The Democratic committee has the say as to who will be running and I am fearful that they will put old man biden on the top of the ticket.

If that is so and there are no RIOTS, then there is ABSOLUTELY NO HOPE FOR THE COUNTRY!

Afraid that won’t be the case for me. My one “protest vote” to a Green or Socialist would never be noticed, so why bother. The duopoly/MONOPOLY(?) currently has us trapped. I say “currently” because I’m hoping the youth of this country will toss down their damned games and other distractions, wake up, and create a new government that serves EVERYONE!

The fossil fuel ad agency that too often trolls on this forum will say that stopping production is physically impossible without horses and buggies and without cold nights indoors. I will reply that the invention and engineering parts really aren’t that hard or long-term if even one state out of the 50 applies itself for once in their political lifetimes, specifically for heating and cooling all buildings 90% with the solar falling on each building’s roof, for solar-sourced electricity generation after dark and for inexpensive and fast above-grade automated transit. The kicker is that we all would save money in these three fields.

The troll agency would then reply, “I don’t see any prototypes yet!” They would have a point. So, if your state wants to do a green real deal, go for it.

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You make a good point. But, what the Democratic Party refuses to accept is that the rise of Trump is about its failure to faithfully represent and fight for the rights of working class. Instead those rights have been chipped away since the last populist bill passed in the USA in 1978 Humphrey-Hawkins (aka Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act) which Crater made voluntary.

The myth both parties and the mass media promote endlessly is we are a great democracy. They do this while collecting billions from the .0001% for national commercials owned and operated entirely by members of the .0001%. No other country in the world, alleged to be democratic, is this stupid or so loaded with misinformation on account of it. Misinformation which renders most votes uninformed. Then you have the electoral college which no other country has, like the Senate, provides more vote value to small States than large States. Then you have computer generated gerrymandering which amplifies the electoral college effect. Then you have voter purging, a Republican program designed to further reduce voter turnout, already the lowest in the Western World. ~45% of potential voters in the USA never vote because they consider it a waste of time.

I support a green new deal. But no one should pretend it can be accomplished overnight or ever reach zero hydrocarbon use or zero carbon emissions. Robert Pollin calculates a Green New Deal based on reducing coal, oil and gas use and increasing the efficiency of all our domestic and industrial capabilities. US per capita energy consumption is the highest in the world and there is no reason why it cannot be brought in line with other developed countries and in compliance with the recommendations of science. All the while creating new jobs. Stopping all oil production will stop most people from ever again going to a job, much less keeping a light on at home. This is a pipe dream.

Assuming we have something else in place? Kind of like ending the ACA a la Trump.

Yeah stopping coal/oil energy IMMEDIATELY would be nuts/dangerous – a killing winter. Seems some folks think if they halt the current technology the new tech would magically appear. It probably exists in some lab or locked-up warehouse somewhere but a lot of good that does when you live in a Fascist Oligarchy. Currently the super-majority in Oregon wants to abolish coal/oil without adequate replacement. Takes more than just passing draconian laws to make tech be viable but maybe that’s the point, population “reduction.” Gopherit