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Regardless of Who Wins This Election, America Is Lost

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/05/regardless-who-wins-election-america-lost


This an excellent article. It refreshing to read voices of people that give a sober reflection of reality rather then making an arguement based on false premises.


Mary Trump summed up this article in a nutshell when during her book tour earlier this year she observed: “the 2020 election is not a referendum on Donald Trump, it IS a referendum on who we are”.

The significant minority (tens of millions murkins) who have serially voted for Trump, Moscow Mitch and the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP that will never stop enabling Trump confirms that the US is no different than South Africa, Russia, Pinochean Chile, Noriagan Panama, North Korea, and other global authoritarian poster children.


…a lot of CD commenters ive interacted with since June of 2020 could/would benefit tremendously from reading this article with an open mind… just sayin’🤷

I do not say that to say all white folk are bad


I think the most important question those on the left need to ask is why so many latinos voted Republican. Do they truly hate “socialismo” and any labeled as such? Or is it machismo at play? Or is Biden too “white” compared to H Clinton?

None of the answers seem plausible, but at least one of them has to be correct.


My extensive travels in Europe and the third world, and working on local elections in the US, all during the 1970s confirmed that racism is universal, and the success of propaganda knows no racial, ethnic, or national boundaries.

In the case of Latinos, nearly all have been Catholic all their lives. Take it from a guy who grew up Catholic that propaganda carpet bombing by the time they became adults, makes it difficult to ever escape the cult, and makes them vulnerable to the GOP and other cults…compound cult influence.

I also observed that in Islamic nations there were sizable populations of Christian organized religions that needed to keep low profiles and hence often gravitated toward extreme Christianity. When those folks move to Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the US they are very vulnerable to the GOP and other cults…more compound cult influence.


I have several problems with this article. I believe it was sincerely written with good intentions, but

for me , it borders on cliche’.

The use of the word “freedom” is a red flag for me. I can easily be argued that Donald Trump is a

highpoint in being “free.” He has almost no restrictions and represents a distinct disregard for

regulations. To me, “freedom” is a word which is used to unleash an enormous amount of

corruption and viciousness and it is the preferred gateway to irresponsibility and impunity.

The article is arguing for responsibility and that should be the focus.

The article is centrally focused on humans. We should not be thinking that we are the most important

organisms. Our existence has always depended more on our environment than each other.

There needs to be a stronger statement of responsibility to the health of the environment, not more


for human degradation of the environment.

The statement that there is a distinct divide in politics is a gross misreading of the fact that the vast

majority of voters are, whether democrat or republican, endorsing proponents of prioritizing their

own agendas of economic domination instead of demanding the necessary responsible behaviors.

Both major fake parties in the fakery-dependent USA trumpet “freedom” as a cliche’ instead of

committing themselves to responsible behavior.

Desperation is rampant and so is recklessness and impunity in the name our vain human



In the U.S., the most important freedom is the freedom to be a dope. It’s true about the Catholic thing too, as I’m a survivor of that regime as well. It’s really too bad that I’ve lived 66 years, and will likely know Joe and Kamala as the last people elected as President/Vice President.This country has been so deeply violated by conservative hatred for “others”, and so many people have taken the bait, that the Republic has been smashed. What started with Goldwater’s defeat, the Powell memo,Nixon’s sad criminality, and Reagan’s happy stupidity, was completed by Trump’s viciousness. I was lucky to have met Jack Kennedy when I was 6; I contracted the hope and optimism of the space program, and reveled in the moon landing. That happy energy has completely dissipated, not just in me, but in everyone. The United States will soon become another third-rate banana republic, in my lifetime.


Many of the Latinos that voted for Trump in Florida are exiles from Cuba and Venezuela. They are from the upper class that made gain off of their fellow citizens. They supported Batista, the US backed dictator or the wealthy elites. When the citizens were able to wrest power from them they fled to the US. The US government does not support democracy and detests any social program that removes $$ or power from the elites.
Trump was able to paint the Democrats as socialists. A complete joke as the Dem elites do their best to paint any progressive idea as socialism.


Go back to the videos of Biden arguing for his crime bill. Joe Biden is a white supremacist. Hillary Clinton was a white supremacist. Bill Clinton was a white supremacist. Based on his comments on BLM and his eagerness to bomb countries of non-whites, including in Africa, you could very easily argue that Barack Obama was a white supremacist.

What does it say about this country when the biggest liberal voices are urging us to vote for one particular white supremacist because he is a slightly less belligerent white supremacist (at least less belligerent in the domestic domain)?


I agree with dc_rez. Many Latinx folk in Florida are from upper class families that fled social justice movements in Cuba, Central America, and South America. There is a good smattering of military folk who were part of death squads and committed horrendous crimes against humanity.

This morning on Democracynow (_https://www.democracynow.org/2020/11/5/2020_election_ballots_electoral_college), Juan Gonzalez provided data showing how Latinx from other states voted disproportionately for Biden. He noted that the increase in the Trump vote was from White folk. Trump has consistently polled high among White men, but this election saw an increase in White women voting for Trump. Gonzalez pointed out the White Supremacy of the US media for not considering the question of why increasing numbers of White folk voted for Trump.

Full disclosure: I am Latinx and I voted against Biden and Trump. But the election in my state has, pretty much, gone for the same Party for decades so the reality is, a progressive voting Democrat or Republican, in my state, is throwing away their vote.


This is all true, but given our present situation, i think it is very important to include B Clinton’s slick sell-out of the New Deal as a key paving stone on the road to Trump…


Maybe they just couldn’t vote for the guy pushing for more regime changes in South America. Or the author of the crime bill that puts so many poor people in jail.


Yes. The DNC selected a candidate who would be stupendously uninspiring to most of the major constituencies of the supposed Democratic Party “base.”

Biden’s only appeal is to their donors, the predatory finance sector, as well as the neoliberal corporate globalizers in general - as well as the neocons, who began backing the Democrats in 2016 since they could trust Clinton, and now Biden, more than Trump.

They (DNC top brass) preen themselves in their mirrors and tell themselves how “realist” they are…


Ugh, that is a very short-sighted analysis, no one is all one anything. Are the Japanese racists because they are all basically Japanese. (the same color) (and they want to keep it that way)

These are all politicians that you mention with good and bad histories.

Disclaimer, I like Obama as a person of decent character as a person.


“Donald Trump is not the root of our American problems.”

True. Trump is more one of the ‘fruits’.


Jenee is quite accurate in this op-ed.
The American social fabric resembles an extreme example of a dysfunctional family, some of whose members are gun-toting superstitious hicks who fear any attempt to alter their diesel-fumed lifestyle, others concerned environmentalists who sense a ticking global clock counting toward tragedy, and others fully focused on maintaining oligarchal patriarchy regardless of consequences.

It ain’t pretty.
American idealism----“shining city, etc” — left years ago it seems.
America has become synonymous with war, suffering, hardship, occupying forces, threats, murder …both internationally and domestically.
Thank you, Jenee Osterheldt, for the article.


Isn’t it ironic that it seems that human civilization is actually degrading at a similar rate as our climate?
Is one causing the other?


Wow! A powerful essay, nothing like what I expected from the title. I was expecting another round of the nihilism that seems now to have tapered off somewhat from its pervasiveness and fervor for much of the preceding year.

I am a member of several privileged elites (white, male, educated but skilled in multiple trades, retired “senior citizen”), and I agree with everything of substance that Ms. Osterheldt says. Given that background, in defense of the founders of this republic I would point out that in founding the first republic in nearly two thousand years they were the liberal extremists of their time. (The terms “right wing” and “left wing” were not coined until a year or so after the ratification of the U. S. Constitution.) Upon the signing of the Declaration of Independence some 14 years earlier, Ben Franklin averred that “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately”–for treason, of course.

In some ways we have slid backward, but in many ways we have advanced, mostly since the middle of the previous century, the very same period that has seen the greatest backsliding. Yet people are still laying their lives on the line for peace and justice–not really “The American Way.” I agree with Gandhi and his disciple Martin Luther King (both men of color) that the moral arc of the universe is both long and bending toward justice. It bends in fits and starts, and it often incurs horrific setbacks, but in the year I was born (1946), this country did not recognize officially or otherwise that women, people of color, non-gender-conforming persons, and persons who were “disabled” in any of several categories (among others) as actual human beings. Today all of those groups are so recognized at least in principle, and organisms other than members of Homo sapiens (a self-important misnomer) both animal and vegetable are solidly on the radar.

We do indeed still have a LONG way to go, and we seem to be in the midst of another slide, but we have indeed come a long way.


Not just that, but Homo sapiens sapiens. The wisest of the wise, we are! Or just a bunch of wise guys…