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Regime-Change Turnaround: Kerry Says Assad Can Stay...For Now


Regime-Change Turnaround: Kerry Says Assad Can Stay...For Now

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry emerged from talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday and announced a new stance on the future of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: He can stay—at least, for now.

"The United States and our partners are not seeking so-called regime change," Kerry told reporters in Moscow after the meeting.

The statement represented a distinct turnaround from the Obama administration's previous position that Assad should step—or be forced—aside while the international community proceeded with the bombing of his country.




The US Fourth Reich decided that Assad was no longer its boy. It decided that he must go. False accusations were made regarding poison gas usage. (Later found to have been given by the Reich to a rebel force to be used against Assad's forces.) Then the Reich spent millions training and equipping "rebel" forces to oust him. Any suggestion of an election were refused. The Reich fostered and trained ISIS ostensibly to oust Assad. It was supplied by the Reich's "allies" in the Middle East.
* Syria was turned almost back into a desert. Hundreds of thousands were killed or made homeless and starving, but still the bombing went on under the banner of "Assad must go!"
* It still goes on, more death and destruction, but to what end? An election is being planned, after the Reich decides who may vote and who may not, but the death and destruction continues. ISIS is guaranteeing that war and its profits will continue, essentially forever.
* Isn't that the bottom line?


Yes, and it looks like our king is being threatened.


Never trust a pathological liar.


And In spite of all the American efforts Iran continues to win.


Well, we were quite successful in changing the government in Iraq. And look at the at the result. A country with a secular government, where women went to university is now a shambles of sectarian conflict and being decimated by ISIL and the Kurdish. (I wish the Kurdish all the luck though).

Now, that our glorious leaders had a flash of enlightenment and finally figured out that our system won't work in the Middle East, let us step aside and see if Assad can put Humpty Dumpty back together again, after we have thoroughly smashed it to pieces and thereby help to staunch the flood of refugees, which overwhelms the rest of the planet, - but not us, who caused the mess, - at its root.


You know, when you think about it, the U.S. is screwed no matter what we do. Support or tolerate crappy dictators...well, then you are "supporting crappy dictators who oppress their people" . Over throw crappy dictators...well, then, you are "overthrowing a wonderful secular government".

I suggest a third way, ignore them. Let everyone else figure out their own problems.


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I'm sure that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is already aware of the fact that anyone working for the US Government is a liar and should be trusted only as far as you can throw them, . . . . . off a cliff preferably!


Oh please tell me your not serious are you?


And we got rid of Iran's mortal enemy Sadam and his secular government for them.


Only after we had provided him with weapons and the chemicals for the weapons, he used against his Kurdish countrymen.
It does not matter, what you do or stand for, as long as you fight wars, start uprisings and generally create havoc. And if you don't do enough of that, we will attack you. All of that helps to keep our military/industrial complex healthy and profitable.


As long as Americas policies and action fit your desires why would you talk about it?