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Regulation Is Killing Community Banks – Public Banks Can Revive Them


Regulation Is Killing Community Banks – Public Banks Can Revive Them

Ellen Brown

Crushing regulations are driving small banks to sell out to the megabanks, a consolidation process that appears to be intentional. Publicly-owned banks can help avoid that trend and keep credit flowing in local economies.


Good article! It serves as a reminder that, yes, there is more going on than just the daily freak show in the White House, the Congress and the world of media. In my opinion, the Patriot Act may just have been the seminal event in the erosion of American Democracy, which, though flawed, used to be a lot better than whatever we have at the present time.


Yes and isn’t it odd that they had the 1,100 page Patriot Act all ready to go & be voted in one day? Sounds like they had an awful lot of time to prepare that monstrosity…as if they knew it was coming.


We’re finally getting a few progressive things passed in California. Maybe we could start a State Bank like North Dakota’s. I would say, " I wonder why all the states don’t already have state banks but since I know the “Big Banks” own the U.S. gov. and most of the State Govs. I guess I won’t.


Except for the fact that the big banks have the monies to defeat states trying to form a State Bank. It was defeated in Oregon and has not been back up. Big money defeated a small increase in corporate taxes. The lies and money as free speech of these greedy sycophants of industries is sickening.


Yet another example of Disaster Capitalism. Squeeze the life out of small businesses in favor of giant corporate entities.