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Regulation Repeals Show ‘The Swamp’ Is Rising

Regulation Repeals Show ‘The Swamp’ Is Rising

Dave Johnson

Time and again, Candidate Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp in Washington.” He swore to curb lobbying of government by special interest groups to procure favors for their clients.

But instead, President Trump has cut out the middleman – he’s gone directly into the business of of corporate giveaways. He’s already gutted most of the regulations on a “wish list” submitted to him by the Business Roundtable, a $6 trillion lobby of top executives.

President Trump’s secret strategy to curb lobbying by special interests has been revealed, say anonymous sources.

“Every special interest will become part of the government,” one divulged. “That way, they can just make whatever they want into national policy, and presto! No more lobbying, so no more swamp!”

One unforeseen problem is that the Revolving Door is spinning so fast it is producing massive amounts of wind power, threatening to depress demand for oil. Jared and Steve are working on the glitch, however, and assure the various oil company ministers that their pipelines will be leaking again in no time…