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'Reign of Terror': ICE Chief Says Immigrants Should Be Looking Over Their Shoulders


'Reign of Terror': ICE Chief Says Immigrants Should Be Looking Over Their Shoulders

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Thomas Homan declared on Tuesday that the federal government "shouldn't wait" for undocumented immigrants to commit a crime before they are detained, comments that were characterized by one immigrant rights activist as part of the "rei


Wonder from where on the planet this prick came from? Oh, excuse me. He’s a white male so it doesn’t matter. He’s been here so it’s his country and nobody else can have any part of it. Typical whites only piece of shit.


Proof that reincarnation is real: Himmler is back!


ICE - Inherently Criminal Evil-doers. Homan is a former career policeman and then border patrol agent…his brand of “justice” has been formed as a result: punish and deport first without substantive investigation beforehand…just react with violence and then claim to have felt ‘threatened’ or that his “gut instincts” told him the victim was a “bad person.” Under DJT his true cruel nature has been given the green light to erupt. And his will be showered with attaboys, medals and accolades from his emperor.


Now I’m in trouble. For several weeks now, I’ve had a thought, yet knew I should not make it public. But, all that is happening politically (the bullying by Trump in combination with utilizing his office for personal financial gain), finished off by this ICE Chief warning immigrants to look over their shoulders, has done it for me. With the targeting of “immigrants” and minorities such as Native Americans by Federal law enforcement, perhaps the targeting should be re-payed in kind. Perhaps Federal law enforcement authorities “should be looking over their shoulders” in case their homes “accidentally” catch on fire, their personal vehicles “inexplicably” are wrecked. They are human beings as much as the immigrants whose lives Thomas Homans appears to joyfully seek to destroy. What a sick sexual intercourse this anal excrement is. Damnit, the Federal agents have PERSONALLY, as private individuals, become out of control, effectively acting as thugs in a self-initiated gang war against Americans of color and emigrants. In response, my ideal has become illustrated by when the French revolutionary mob broke into the Bastille. Discovered was absence of all personnel and prisoners, but for the Marquis de Sade. Who’n the hell does Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Thomas Homan think he is? To what he appears to me is a sadistic child of an unwed mother who exhibits the lack of mental stability which seems to have come to effect the denizens of the Federal Government.


A jackal attack on the scapegoats


This is just a further build up of the US police state that will be only so ready and willing to go after American citizens when they get done with immigrants. Once you build it up, it is hard to tear it down. While our economy slowing drops out from under the lower and middle class our government is busy investing in police, prison, walls and military. To the power elite, poor and middle class US citizens are not that much different than "illegal immigrants. The middle who voted for Trump are just being used and manipulated and they will also feel the pain from their misguided vote.


Well said.


The man is sending horrendous vibes to little school kids, increasing anxiety, depression, angst to “treatment needed” levels.

You send that shit out to the world–it’s bound to come back, or as they say, “You thought Hillary was a bitch, just wait for Karma.”


You think you can migrate to New Zealand just because you want to …
… … but, we’re irrational idiots in the USA and “migrants” are good for business, they keep USA wages down.
*** The Population Bomb ***
Humans are too stupid and irrational to have a future; but heck, why not move to Mars … and there’s no ICE there.
Personally, I won’t support any corrupt DINO politician who supports the war crimes of the Empire or immigration.The only societies that survive are those with sustainable populations … I’m betting on zero.