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Reigniting Spirit of 2016 Run, Bernie Draws Massive Crowds in California


Reigniting Spirit of 2016 Run, Bernie Draws Massive Crowds in California

Jon Queally, staff writer

Generating comparisons to his 2016 insurgent run for president that saw overflow crowds in nearly every town he visited, Sen. Bernie Sanders drew a "yuge" crowd to a rally in Los Angeles on Saturday as the 2020 presidential candidate made his first swing through the country's most populous state of California over the weekend.


Go Bernie!!! “We don’t need no steenkin Joe Biden”.


It’s all starting again.

The surging candidate from the 2016 race, is surging again.

Is the MSM covering it?

Will the Democratic Party Establishment, the DNC, and the DCCC, get behind the surging candidate?

I say, "No way."

There’s no money in it for them.

And, there goes their power and their hold on all of you registered Democrats and Democrats leaners.


Unfortunately, in my opinion, Mr. Biden has been selected for 2020 by the corruption of the Democratic, elite. Bernie has absolutely no chance but just like they did in 2016 and backed the Wall Street walker they have no intention of allowing Bernie the nomination for POTUS. 2020 looks the same to me.


Bernie’s popularity never left. It’s just that the mainstream media boycotted almost all publicity about Bernie, as they did before.


Wait for the debates. Bernie will take Biden and Beto down. I have a good feeling about this. People trust the MSM less and less and most can see through the BS the other dozens of candidates spew. Most people are starting to realize that if a politician takes corporate money, they will support that corporation even if it’s bad for their constituents. Bernie relies on individual contributions instead. Go Bernie!


As I figured, the Binden push is orchestrated.
Bernie’s gonna kill it.
It’s the result of something I was pushing beginning after his loss in the primary.
He had spoke of momentum during the campaign, and I began insisting that he would need to start campaigning right away if he was going to run again.
Well as it turned out he didn’t need any coaching.


Trump’s got his false flag war scenario going for him. We need a red challenge flag to override him.
And of course the right-wing democrats and republicans, and their propaganda machines, are all warmed up and ready to go. I sure hope my Bernie bumper sticker wins the day.


I’m not interested in “Reminiscing”, If we don’t win this one its probably over for good. We don’t need a repeat, we need a historic landslide. We need to shake the pillars of heaven, we need something that will permanently alter the history of the country for a thousand years to come. In California we need 85% of the population to turn out,People to walk out of their work in protest of fascist America and support Sanders with every molecule of their heart and soul. We won’t get the midwestern rednecks and the southern White supremacists, California, Oregon and a few east coast states is all we have to hope for. The rest of the country is dyed in the wool NAZI. And Pelosi and Feinstein, Biden and Schumer: F__k you too!


Absolutely! Bernie Rocks! Biden will be put there by the old dogs who want to keep the Status Quo, which means They do not want Progressive Change. They want their money train to keep rollin’ along.


I still have all of my Bernie 2016 stuff… and will use it again after I change the year!


Even with a Bernie win, we would have to have consecutive wins to begin the repairs needed. And for what, to watch republicans tear it all down with one election. I think it may be over already.


It’s almost certainly over already, we waited thirty five years too long to begin the movement. I’m just too stubborn and pissed off to quit is all, and unwilling to roll over and become a NAZI. We’re not losing because the republicans are winning, we’re losing because the democrats are destroying us from within. This thing is going nowhere if not progressive. What that means is that all double agent democrats must go - all of them. did you hear about Pelosi threatening her corporate donors that it’s over for them if they give to anyone but incumbents? What she’s terrified of, and her donors, can be seen as a path forward for the rest of us - elimination of the corporate sponsored democrats. What she means is that if the incumbents don’t win, then corporations will no longer have exclusive access to the government and the people will be represented instead. In other words the party’s over for the corporate oligarchy! That might terrify the Exxons and Phisers, and those alligator skin shoe wearing crowds in DC, but it should be the goal going forward for the rest of us.


The Republicans are sure to attack Sanders on Government spending , just as the Corporate Democrats do to him internally.


Trumps package of tax cuts to Corporations has lead to claims of a booming economy and record low unemployment. This even as the US Government runs the largest monthly budget deficit in History. This deficit will be used as “proof” that Government spending out of hand (even as that same Government wants more Military spending) which makes Social Spending programs in need of cuts. Indded a spokesperson for the Government says that very thing claiming the booming economy due to tax cuts while the deficits due to Social program spending.

What a farce.


All I can say is that Bernie gives me HOPE! He did in 2016 and I still feel the same now! If the People want Change bad enough, He is our only choice and We must do more this time than we did the last time. The Betos, Bookers, Warrens, Harris’ will fall by the wayside as they are doing as we speak, because they offer us nothing. Biden is put there to serve the old dogs in congress who could give two shits about any of us. No doubt the corruption will be worse this time around. So… who’s gonna be our watch dogs? My solution is All of the Activist Groups that plan these Rallies need to join together as The Resistance to Trump, DNC and the Media. Most important: Bernie could be our last Chance to save our Country from turning into a complete Fascist Country. Trump must be stopped at all costs, or we are finished! We will be left with nothing and it will be Game over for all of us. In fact, the 2020 Election will be the most important event in our lifetime. People better wake up fast and Back the only candidate that has consistently been for the people. Don’t take “ He can’t win” for an answer…Go Bernie!


Looks very likely that Bernie has the excitement and dedication needed to go the distance, but beware of the cheating, lying DNC - there is nothing they will not do to stop him. Watch your back Bernie, others paid the ultimate price for opposing the establishment!


“Trump must be stopped at all costs.” I kept saying that all through the last campaign, but not enough listened.
Since Bernie wasn’t there the “We want change” voters went rogue and voted for, him who’s name shall not be mentioned.
We are about to witness whether people can win out over money.
Be sure though, Trump’s first big rally will be the biggest in history. uh huh. Are we ready for the BIG lying train to leave the station?

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You pretty much nailed it! One thing you left out is Why do the People expect Politicians to fix everything for them? The Laziness, complacency and lack of action is astounding. Americans were not like this during my time with ending the Draft and Nam War. We were not afraid and got the job done… both Praceful and not Peaceful. We need to get off our asses and finally do something. We’re finished if we do not! Also, if Bernie thought there was no way to win, why is he out there busting his butt? Because he has nothing better to do?

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You know the odd thing here is that I believe the DP learned their lesson in that they can’t stop Bernie. Not to say that they won’t try to minimize him, and more importantly the movement, but I think they understand the inevitableness of the situation.

Rather they are blocking Bernie in the event he wins the bid for presidency, in the very system itself.

Preventing down ballot Progressives from challenging status quo corporate Democrats in the primaries.

Going along with appointing Ultra right conservative judges.

Appointing extreme conservative Democrats to important chair committees.

All of these things are in the attempt to undermine a Bernie Sanders presidency and a Progressive Movement that pushes left.


You just explained everything that’s wrong with this broken system… and what We must do to push the old dogs back… Hard. We are in the fight of our lives and we’d better take this very seriously!