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Reinforcing US Status as 'Bully and Hegemon,' Bolton to Threaten ICC Over Probes into America's War Crimes

Reinforcing US Status as 'Bully and Hegemon,' Bolton to Threaten ICC Over Probes into America's War Crimes

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Reinforcing the worldwide perception of the U.S.


If there still any doubts that the Government of the United States of America one of the most venal and corrupt Governments in this world this latest announcement should end any of those. All nation states should cut ties with this Country as it becomes the Pariah of Pariahs. Trump and crew are hard a work making it “Great”.

This will , and already has, manifested itself at home just as all those foreign wars have. The Police can kill with impunity and even the President shown above the law as he orders US Citizens assassinated. The Corporations get wrist slaps for the crimes they commit. The claim made that “The Rule of law” paramount as the US Government deports “Illegal Immigrants” is shown as an absolute and utter farce. The LAW only applies when it can be used to advance US interests , this statement from Bolton coming at the same time the USA cites “International law” to Justify war in Syria , mass murder in Yemen and sanctions on Iran and North Korea.

Herr Bolton tries to frame this as a “Patriotic” and “Noble” act as it defending the United States of America and Israel against the nefarious states that would dare to hold them accountable for the crimes that the US and allies might commit. it projection to the extreme.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright had it right.


More American exceptioalism.


Channeling Nixon’s response to David Frost:

“Well, it’s not a war crime if the US does it.”
–Uncle Sam


Bolton is and has always been a crazy right wing ass hole, end of story.


I agree. Bolton makes all of us look “exceptionally” stupid.


Wright was right. And now we have to rely upon others to straighten our path. We can’t do it on our own.


Please PROBE AWAY!!!

And also PLEASE make a point of exploring probing the precise cognitive dark places where Bolto and his buddies have been sticking and storing their alleged heads.


Another symptom of our terminal illness.


Lock this gnome-like creature up and bury the key.


ICC, the UN. Sort of a joke, right? The carnage, crimes continue unabated.

And that’s being generous. Crazy Asshole is his schtick.


The true “Axis of Evil” holds itself, as its members do, the US, Israel, and Saudis, “above the law” - above US, International Law, UN resolutions and Charter, as well as the ICC…Israel creates its own racist national laws, rubber-stamped by its so-called “courts”; their obvious contempt for International law demonstrated since the taking of Palestine by force in 1948…countless clear violations and contempt for International law…the Saudi’s have no modern system of law, only extremist interpretations that make mockery of, and are a travesty of justice, as any “religious” law usually does.

The world community must stand-up to this attempt to muzzle and subvert the ICC to hold accountable the perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and International Human Rights Law - violations of all that characterize the US and its Israeli/Saudi co-conspirators. The ICC must also stand for secular, non-“religious” law that is the basis of International Law!

The question is, do the other nations of the world have the integrity and moral compass to stand against the power of the US under the malignant trump and bolton? Can they stand against Israeli racism under the false threat of being “anti-Semitic”? The world community should see that other nations that do not join, comply, or submit will be targeted in one way or another - bully’s must be confronted if they continue to threaten others.…kowtowing to, or ignoring the bully, leads to more of the same!




True, but long before, MLK also had it right when he said: " MY COUNTRY IS THE WORST PURVEYOR OF VIOLENCE IN THE WORLD!"


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:55416”]
The United States will use any means necessary to protect our citizens.[/quote John Bolton

17 years of war in Afghanistan and the Taliban are stronger than ever, but fascist, John says it is to protect me and the rest of my fellow American citizens!

No John, what me and the rest of American citizens really need: IS protection from …YOU!


Ummm…the US never joined or ratified the Rome Statute which created the ICC in 2002, and three successive administrations have refused to do so. Therefore, the US is not bound by any investigation or prosecution by the court (neither are China or India as an example).

This is all show by the Trump regime. Although, any public inquiry into the war crimes of the US empire along with the complicity of Bush the Lesser, Obama, and Trump along with their minions would be most welcome to document for those who will listen the past and continuing atrocities done in the name of US society, and threatening and harming primarily POC around the globe.


The greatest winner of any indictments and convictions by the ICC of US leaders would be the people of the U.S. themselves. Finally they would get to hold accountable US politicians and leaders who have done whatever they wanted regardless of the laws and rights of humanity. Same goes for Israel or any other state where the leaders think they are above the law. As for Bolton, he should be put in a straight jacket and sent to a mental institution where he belongs. Trump shows every day what a real moron he is by the people he surrounds himself with.


Patricia, Bolton is a typical yellow coward. He talks tough when he has the full force of the U.S. Government to stand behind his brainless threats but put Bolton against another human being face to face to hash out their differences and he would shit himself out of shear terror. On a scale of 1-10 as far as being someone to consider a bad ass and threat Bolton scores maybe a -15. Fuck the babbling idiot!!!


And what further strengthens your statement is only an imbecile that belongs in a mental institution would be so stupid to still claim: " I ONLY SURROUND MYSELF WITH THE BEST PEOPLE!"


“The United States will use any means necessary to protect our citizens and those of our allies from unjust prosecution by this illegitimate court,”

How would that sound if a native tribe tried saying the same thing towards the US?
Here’s a taste:
The Cherokee Nation will use any means necessary to protect our citizens and those of our allies from unjust prosecution by this illegitimate court- meaning any court of the USA.

The rest of the world should place sanctions against the US. Its the only thing rump inc. will listen to.