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Reinventing Beto: How a GOP Accessory Became a Top Democratic Contender for 2020


Reinventing Beto: How a GOP Accessory Became a Top Democratic Contender for 2020

Norman Solomon

To understand Beto O’Rourke as a candidate, it’s vital to go beneath the surface of his political backstory. News watchers are already well aware of the former Texas congressman’s good looks, charisma, youthful energy and fundraising prowess. But most remain unaware of an inconvenient truth that could undermine the O’Rourke campaign among the people who matter most—the ones who’ll be voting to choose the Democratic presidential nominee next year.



I’ll keep my man-crush Bernie-pure, then.



Fool me twice, shame on me. Beto O’Rourke has everything Obama had: youth, charisma, showmanship, and a fall-off-the-log easy act to follow in a unpopular sitting president. Already, the corporate media is champing at the bit for the chance to sell us another corporatist president. He has two other characteristics neo-liberals would like us to ignore: He has not an ounce of executive experience going in, and his amply documented voting record in Congress supporting Trump.

Fool me once, shame on you. Time to re-read Pulitzer prize author Ron Suskind’s 2011 well-researched book about the Obama White House. From the first, Obama’s inexperience led him to lean completely on bankster Lawrence Summers, who ran domestic policy by steering daily strategy meetings with Obama and senior staff; that’s every single work day. Summers’ domination of Obama was so complete that even when all female senior staff in the White House complained about the hostile working environment Summers fostered, they failed to move Obama. Summers also would say, in referring to rising income and wealth mal-distribution, that it merely reflects that “… people are being treated closer to the way that they are supposed to be treated.” Hiring, then hanging out with Summers every day, a man who holds these ugly sentiments, means that Obama as president either bought into that crap himself, but is a champion liar, or he was an abject failure as manager. Before Suskind, Obama sure had me fooled. Once.

Support O’Rourke? No, not I, not twice a fool.



Sanders/Harris 2020!!!



This is not news. O’Rourke is a Blue Dog. Always was, still is, and on the conservadem train rolls.



Go Tulsi Gabbard!



Also note O’Rourke’s billionaire El Paso father in law (another Sanders, by the way) who was a major part of the El Paso redevelopment project that Beto was for even though it would have evicted large numbers of poorer-than (not rich) residents. I’m a little surprised Solomon didn’t include that information. It says a about him.



The Beto is in many ways a 21st Century version of a political character study; of the male archetypal and mostly empty, " American Suit ". And, also a vibrant but phony political hack, smartly explored by activist/actor/director Tim Robbins, in the mockumentary film titled " Bob Roberts ". Hell, even Gore Vidal got in on the gag, playing the " stuffed shirt " old tired liberal, Sen. Paiste.
The film is not a perfect fit for The Beto, but as Molly Ivins said about Texas’s political class, " they’re all conservative. " Including, of course, the Corporate branch of The Dimocrats…
I guess The Beto is just another slick young suburban guy from El Paso, who’s a Democrat for the same reason Bob Dole was a Republican in Kansas, " because that’s where the votes are. "
Having lived through the Clinton and Obama Adms., and after reading Solomon’s column, I’ll be sending another $27 to Bernie.



No thanks.

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Solomon Sez:
“In Beto’s last year in Congress, when nearly one-third of House Democrats opposed the record-breaking 2019 National Defense Authorization Act of $717 billion, Beto voted with Trump.”

This could also have been written as more than two-thirds of House Democrats favoured …
Not to defend O’Rourke, but the dude has a LOT of company voting “with Trump”.



Keiser Report has a rather interesting conversation about the neo-feudal duopolized invisibility cloak being dragged over the world




just another fraud running for the office. ugh



sanders/abrams is my winning ticket for 2020. forget the fraudulent Harris. many men of color are still in prison thanx to Harris’ work as attny general in my home state of California. she is no progressive. Bernie will not run with her.



Abrams has no executive experience, as in none. She’s being pumped up by the MSM as the potential Southern states/black woman vote-getter-outer. Fool’s gold in the general, works for Biden in the Super Primary states, possibly.
Sanders/Warren should use a " fusion " strategy to stop this nonsense, as the Progressive wing gets hit-and-run and pushed into the ditch, yet again.



Boy. He seems an Obama.2 version…still not as sleek though.
Bernie is the only one with a consistent record, and who is sincerely on the side of the people. Identity politics aside, a duo of Warren and Bernie would be good to stir the wheel in the right direction for a little while…assuming Dems get the Senate too. But it is also very good to hear during the debates from Gabard and Mayor Pete and others similar, who are highlighting some important issues that even Bernie likes to skirt.

As for Harris and Booker and the likes…not sure what their value is to us…while i understand the goods it brings to them.



Looks more every day like a Biden/Beto ticket in 2020.



Hopefully primary voters will have something to say about that! How many people at this stage four years ago saw Jeb Bush as almost inevitable Republican nominee?



The Beto Candidacy … is exactly emblematic of the Right in both Republican and Democratic Parties’ efforts to PREVENT a Bernie/progressive victory in 2020.

For the Dems, he helps SPLIT the initial primary vote, to put the SUPERDELEGATES in charge of deciding Round Two — which is effectively the 2020 Version of Throwing Democracy Under the Bus.

DNC-Dems simply put, do NOT want the People to decide the future of the nation or the party. And they don’t care how they do it.

Simply put, Beto is the latest key to the STOP BERNIE movement. Beto himself is in NO WAY qualified for the nation’s top office, but serves as a useful and tactical distraction…



Rich Republicans spend a lot on voter suppression, gerrymandering, etc. Is it surprising that they would place Manchurian candidates like Beto inside the Democrats?



Oh, please. Disaster!