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Rejecting Barr's 'Whitewash' of Mueller Report, Democrats Demand to Hear from Special Counsel Himself

Rejecting Barr's 'Whitewash' of Mueller Report, Democrats Demand to Hear from Special Counsel Himself

Julia Conley, staff writer

Democrats and public advocacy groups on Thursday demanded to hear from Special Counsel Robert Mueller himself, even as President Donald Trump continued to claim he was fully exonerated by Mueller's report.


I remain hopeful, but not to the degree of naiveté, that Mr. Mueller is letting things play out according to all established laws, rules, and traditions so that the work of the Special Counsel’s office may best serve the nation and prevent undue vulnerability to appeal.


Heed the words from Bernie Sanders when he said that the easiest way for the Dems to lose in 2020 is to continue to attack Trump.


"“Millions of Americans went to the ballot box in 2016 without knowing that a foreign adversary had taken extraordinary steps to pose as American political activists online, purchase political ads, and hack a major party nominee and campaign committee,”

JUST NOT TRUE!!! Why are people not looking at the NON-evidence instead of rumors and propaganda?! Shit, if this much time had been spent on going after the cheating DNC maybe there would have been a recall election.

I know I have made myself a pariah for this post but I have been following the LACK of evidence instead of the programming by those who want WWIII by pointing fingers where there is NO EVIDENCE!


This may well represent the first time that Tweetle-Dumb has been sincere about anything.  Let’s hope that his belief is justified and that his presiduncy has been undermined sufficiently to cause its collapse within the next couple of weeks.

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Dear Democrats: Give it up already and turn your attention to more pressing issues that might work in your party’s favor. Like repealing the Patriot Act and the NDAA, the two pieces of legislation designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution and which you voted for. But that of course is not gonna happen because both political parties are merely two peas in the same fascist pod…


Observers are increasingly bringing our situation as it has developed under the SCOTUS decision that has been twisted like knickers on a spinner: Citizens United. Yes indeedie - Hillary Rodham Clintons gift to kleptocractic oligarchy. It all started because her nemesis buddies made a little movie that she does not want you to see. Well, she lost in the SCOTUS and the interpretation that corporations can give as much dark money as they want is now showered like spring rains. Remember this one?

As much as I detest many of the Republican propagandists babbling, there are verifiable elements that bear some attention. This is the system we live in.


RE: Mueller Report

While there has always been evidence for decades that Trump, his family, and his sycophants should have been and should be prosecuted for numerous criminal activities, the powers in charge, whether democrat or republican, CHOSE not to notice or do anything UNTIL he ran for and became the POTUS. All of those involved with Trump including the MSM are part of a stinking pile of crap. Pointing fingers, crying and gnashing of teeth, “legal” mumbo jumbo, obstruction of real justice for the masses — they are all guilty of ethical, if not legal, violations which have harmed tens of millions (climate, economic, political, military, health, judicial/law enforcement).

Now back to my one and only one concern — climate change. It would be poetic justice if those who were killed or harmed first or solely would be those as described above. We know that won’t happen.

All of them can rot in hell.


This was clearly expected. The one good outcome is that this ends the McConnell legacy as well as any positive history of the party. This will also stain any positive publishing for cabinet officials like Elaine Chao. This will not diminish the TIKI torch paraders, they are immune from reason and committed to their cult. They will, like Jimmy Jones followers, drink the cool aid. If anything they will go to their graves committed. I loved Ike and voted for Nixon twice, but questioned my allegiance when the crazies assassinated Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. We are close to those moments again and I fear for Peter Buttigieg, or a Kent State moment… Nixon was a week away from bombing China.

True, but from my perspective, the easiest way for Trump to be guaranteed POTUS in 2020 is for the Dems. to deny Bernie the nomination in 2020. Let’s hope we do not hear this from Bernie at the Democratic, Convention in 2020: " WE NEED TO BACK BIDEN; WE CANNOT ALLOW TRUMP A SECOND TERM!"

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Just assume everything you do with an electronic device, or your government does with one or your grocery store does with one is hacked by some entity, and modern life becomes easier to understand. We’re all in jeopardy of some loss, thanks to the financialization of everything; real value notwithstanding, say the politicians, etc.
Take Lizzy Borden, for $400 Clyde, for a historical example. She lives in infamy in America and new evidence suggests she may not have even been the hacker of record. Who hacked in that case is irrelevant. Who wrote or repeated the most poetic fable won the day, kept the money and got to come back with a chance for more cash, as well.
I thought what you wrote was fine, btw.
" Is this a great country, or what? "

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John Dean comment on CNN – “Barr acting as President’s lawyer” –

Good if we can all hear Mueller testify – hope it happens.

And – wait – What about Drumpf’s tax returns –
See: Showtime on some unbelievable tax returns from the family which
have “red flags” all over them – and who could have approved them?
What accounts or lawyers could have prepared them in any seriousness?

IMO, what the family did should mean jail for the Donald –

Scary, reminds me of why I voted for Jill.


Electoral College will still be a deciding factor as no one in government
seems interested in fairness in Elections – like PAPER trails.

PLUS – Establishment money from wealthy/corporations –
and backing by our corporate Dem leadership Pelosi and Hoyers deep in the
pockets of corporations.

But I’m sure Bernie is right – it’s just difficult to say how we can pretend that we
have a sane president.

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In the event you’re not familiar with either the website, or their ongoing pieces stating the very point you’re making with your comment, I highly recommend ConsortiumNews.com.

This is their most recent: (VIPS, by the way, = Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity; a most impressive group)

Also, from a member of VIPS, Ray McGovern, who uses the term MICIMATT, for the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-Media-Academia-Think-Tank complex:


Yes! Bernie needs to stay on course and Watch his Back. No doubt Crookery is already in the works. He’s been here before and hopefully has a plan for what’s coming

good post and thanks for your support. I have been following the “Russiagate” bullshit for over two years (NOT addictively) and am convinced that it was nothing more than a democrat witch hunt. Granted, Trump is a class A asshole BUT the attempt to take him down by making Russia the boogeyman was a farce! Hell, it has been proven that ALL major countries do some tip-toeing around in others’ elections; the U.S. bring near–OR AT–the top of the list.

Anyway, Aaron Mate’ won an award for exposing the B.S. that is “Russiagate”. Abby Martin is another journalist who has been given Kudos for her fact-finding (Or NON-finding) of incriminating evidence that it actually happened. I wish I could find the clip where someone being interviewed by congress SAID there is hardly any interference.

Here’s just one embarrassment for the conspiracy theorist-pushing “Ds”:

Here’s Aaron Mate’:


Edict from the Red Queen; Priority - Urgent

Get Nance and Chuck to demand more attention to the diversion, aka Russia’s To Blame, Not Me.

Secondary benefit, it keeps attention focused away from all that feel good green dreamy dealy stuff on the scruffy fringe of the party.

Make it so!

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*(Yes, Dammit, electronic censor! it IS a complete sentence!)