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Rejecting Demand to Leave Venezuela, Russia's Lavrov Says 'Whole World Dotted' With US Soldiers

Rejecting Demand to Leave Venezuela, Russia's Lavrov Says 'Whole World Dotted' With US Soldiers

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Pointing to "the map of the U.S. military bases" around the world as evidence of American imperialism, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday his country has no plans to remove the small number of troops it has stationed in Venezuela despite- Trump administration demands to withdraw.


Oh dear! Russia has violated the Monroe Doctrine!


It’s WAY past time we cleared out of our 800+ military bases around the world. THAT is insane


How many people know that the Administration of Abraham Lincoln was saved from destruction by the Rothschilds and British and French military when the Russian Fleet anchored itself in New York harbor? Why do you think the Russians sold Alaska to the Americans and not the British or other European royalty?

And for those who resent the Rothschilds inclusion, they were the “Bankers to the World” by 1850 and very much would be the lenders for a military incursion by France or Britain in 1863. The Russians saved Lincoln’s Bacon.


The rest of the world knows we’re FOS , Now if we can wake up Americans …


Poor Trump who probably has a need for Putin and other Dictators to support him while the US war machine of Bolton and friends want that nice oil in Venezuela that is better than the poor oil they get out of Canada to sell in the Gulf after dripping it all over the US getting it to port. And Trump was helped by the US dark side who feels a need to capture Iran. What is a greedy myself always first Trump to do?


I guess Bolton already thinks that the US “owns” Venezuela since the US has already destabilized the country and shut down its power grid. This IS the definition of “arrogance”


Very true, if you change the Orwellian, Bolton, rhetoric to the American presence in Venezuela.


John Bolton is so stoked. He’s got WW3 in his sights.

Well, at least we’ll be able to stop worrying about climate change.


I guess Mr. Lavrov didn’t get the memo that the U.S. was “King of the World” and answered to no one. Well, to “no one” except the corporations and megalomaniacs that own it.


I hear what you are saying and, in principle, totally agree. However, imagine the country absorbing all those returning service people and their families. The country would be like a can of sardines, stuffed on top of each other and struggling for EVERYTHING!

I don’t think that a good reason to continue something so expensive and useless.


I fear that everything in the country would then become expensive and hard to compete for, though. That would be a LOT of extra bodies fighting (literally) for housing, food, water, etc. I’m just trying to present the reality of the influx. The math would be, I think, terrifying.

Again, to me that’s an absurd reason for Status Quo.


And no jobs

The only industry left in the US is warmongering. If warmongering were to cease, unemployment in my southern warmonger city would be 90% tomorrow.


Five centuries and a few score years ago barbarians from Europe came to the Americas and slaughtered the originaries in order to privatize their land.

The barbarians destroyed an advanced three to five thousand year-old agricultural system they could not even see. Lush privatized river bottom land was farmed out in a little over a century and the need for new fertile soils led the barbarians west. Genocide all the way.

Now barbarian pirates who also recently destroyed democracy in Brasil want to take over Venezuela.

Barbarian airheads are attempting to play chess with masters from China, Russia, Iran and Korea. The idea is hilarious. Military madness is of course a real downer. Even so, Citizens of the US will either contain snarling war dogs living in propaganda land or face unforeseen consequences.

For example, after four-wheel-drive urban drone machine guns with thousands of bullets in their belly tanks quell the population. Foreign troops will walk ashore on an empty land.

I suppose that’s the worst case except for nuclear war. US Citizens will need to figure out a different plan pdq.


The whole spat shows the value of Russia (and China) as a counter to U.S. aggression around the world – however much we may dislike Russia’s domestic policies.


NATO is in the Americas, already. There are EU countries with business interests galore in the Americas, already. Columbia and Brazil share borders with Venezuela and they have large shareholders from the EU and the Middle East doing business within their countries. Russia and China are just playing " follow the leaders " and protecting their economic and foreign interests, just like the rest of the big kids on the block would do.
The Trump Mob, and the Pompeo/Bolton/Abrams Stooges are blowing smoke up America’s collective wazoo while lying through their teeth, as usual. The MSM talking heads are comfortable in their usual role here, playing " fluffer " to the old white dicks running the Oiligarchy, Extraction Industries and the Int’l Banks. The filthy and rotten Brits are still up to their usual guttersnipe tactics, too. Hoping to get their share of the loot from the fallout. What pigs those mortals be!
Lavrov is right to tell them all to piss up a rope.
Just sayin’.


About time.