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Rejecting Idea of 'Photo Op' Diplomacy With Trump, Iran's Rouhani Says No Talks Unless US Sanctions Lifted

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/27/rejecting-idea-photo-op-diplomacy-trump-irans-rouhani-says-no-talks-unless-us

Considering he has warmongers like Pompeo and Bolton jabbering away in his ear, I’ll give Trump credit for having not started a war. Of course, otherwise, his foreign policy moves have ranged from pretty unimpressive (reaching out to and getting played by Kim Jong Un) to utter failures (trade war with China).

But here’s the thing: Hillary’s record as a warmonger placed her to Trump’s right during the 2016 campaign. And ByeDone is just as bad.


Bad analogy Skeptic. The Hillary, Obama, Kerry, agreement was internationally accepted.
This thread is about whether Iran is expected to be trump’s bitch, or else.
Iran is being true to itself.
We can’t even call trump out to his face for his lying ways.
Hillary’s warring ways are notably in line with the “New world order” and you called her out for the war monger she was/is.

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Rouhani knows when he’s being played by a conman.


Rouhani knows a car full of clowns when he sees one. And, when a Crazed Bozo is driving the noisy jalopy; well, who’d pay any attention to these ignorant fouls?
Fixed it for you.

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