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Rejecting Idea 'Soft Centrism' Can Topple McConnell, Progressive Charles Booker Launches Visionary Grassroots Campaign in Kentucky

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/10/rejecting-idea-soft-centrism-can-topple-mcconnell-progressive-charles-booker

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Beat Mitch…into…“turtle soup.”


YES!!! I thought that McGrath was a weak opponent, and she still lags in the polls. I am delighted to see Booker join the race, and will be sending him some $$$ as soon as I can. I wonder if the Ditch Mitch campaign will get behind him, or remain neutral in the primary. If they back McGrath, no more money for them!

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Where can I start funneling my millions?

Mr. Booker is coming in a little late to the party, but this race is very important. A boost from a visit or indorsement from Bernie and/or AO-C could possibly help him catch up.

How many more Republicans like McGrath are surreptitiously jumping party lines to run in Democratic primaries?

Fake !

In fact: deception, counterfeit , sham, copy, cheat, imitation, charlatan, quack, impostor, fraud, make-believe, pretense, fabrication, forgery, imposition, humbug, sleight, trick, hoax, swindle, stratagem, dummy, phony*, faker*, gyp*, spoof*, plant*, put-on*, scam*, flimflam*, goldbrick*.

The party lines to the right of progressive are one big blur. Et tu Warren???

McConnell will cruise to re-election.

Forget it, Jake, it’s Kentuckytown…

The “turtle’s” head has gotten too big for it’s little body.

Retirement time is coming to a corrupt Senator near you Mr. Booker.

"… casting herself as a pro-Trump Democrat, saying McConnell has impeded President Donald Trump from following through on his 2016 campaign promise to bring jobs to Kentucky and “drain the swamp.”

" This is a distortion of her opinion, read the Courier article (courierjournal 2019/07/09), the situation is complex. She is talking about his promises, jobs, draining the swamp etc which were not full filled and she blames Mitch. She is very much not pro Trump, but Kentucky is, big time, so she walks a fine line.

At present, August she is running pretty close. In a Southern pro Trump state, Booker would have been creamed just like the last Dem that went against McConnell.