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Rejecting Idea 'Soft Centrism' Can Topple McConnell, Progressive Charles Booker Launches Visionary Grassroots Campaign in Kentucky

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/10/rejecting-idea-soft-centrism-can-topple-mcconnell-progressive-charles-booker

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Beat Mitch…into…“turtle soup.”


YES!!! I thought that McGrath was a weak opponent, and she still lags in the polls. I am delighted to see Booker join the race, and will be sending him some $$$ as soon as I can. I wonder if the Ditch Mitch campaign will get behind him, or remain neutral in the primary. If they back McGrath, no more money for them!

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Where can I start funneling my millions?

Mr. Booker is coming in a little late to the party, but this race is very important. A boost from a visit or indorsement from Bernie and/or AO-C could possibly help him catch up.

How many more Republicans like McGrath are surreptitiously jumping party lines to run in Democratic primaries?

Fake !

In fact: deception, counterfeit , sham, copy, cheat, imitation, charlatan, quack, impostor, fraud, make-believe, pretense, fabrication, forgery, imposition, humbug, sleight, trick, hoax, swindle, stratagem, dummy, phony*, faker*, gyp*, spoof*, plant*, put-on*, scam*, flimflam*, goldbrick*.

The party lines to the right of progressive are one big blur. Et tu Warren???

McConnell will cruise to re-election.

Forget it, Jake, it’s Kentuckytown…

The “turtle’s” head has gotten too big for it’s little body.

Retirement time is coming to a corrupt Senator near you Mr. Booker.