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Rejecting Israeli Narrative, Free Gaza Campaigners Say Tasers Were Part of Violent Assault on Ship


Rejecting Israeli Narrative, Free Gaza Campaigners Say Tasers Were Part of Violent Assault on Ship

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Directly contradicting initial reports from the Israeli Navy that the boarding of a Swedish vessel traveling to break the blockade of Gaza was an "uneventful" incident, campaigners said Tuesday that several people on board, in fact, were violently treated and shot with tasers.


You can see and hear the man being tasered.

You’ve just exposed your dishonesty to anyone who cares to watch the video.


Israel seems dead set on turning itself into an international pariah.

Its brutality against any who dare to stand up for Palestinians is once again playing out on the world stage.

And that isn’t nearly as bad as how they treat Palestinians themselves.

That’s why we can expect to see more headlines like today’s; “United Church of Christ to divest over Israeli policies in occupied Palestinian territories.”


There really is not to many degrees of separation between the Nazi’s and Neo Con government of Israel.


What is clear is that Israel can’t take the moral high ground in memory of the treatment of Jews in WW2 by Germany.


The taser has a distinctive sound. Clearly the man in the background was screaming because he was
being tased. You remind me of the Mossad, they operate by deception.


I guess the torture by taser of an anti-blockade protester must play well with the home audience in Israel.


The video shows a civilian fighting with the uniformed boarding party, throwing punches. That he was tasered in response is hardly evidence of Israeli brutality. Try punching your neighborhood police officer and see what happens.


Your country is behind that slaughter in Syria.


I asked you yesterday if you’re being paid for your ridiculous comments and you failed to respond.

But please keep posting…each comment makes you less credible than the last!


This will be a good article for you. To understand all the death and destruction they are responsible
for in the Mid East.


Seriously, wake up will you. Who do you think is behind all this shit going down in the Mid East and Ukraine. Incase you didn’t know it Victoria Nuland is also a Neo Con. That brought to power through a coup in Kiev. A Ultra Rightwing/Neo Nazi government. These Nazi’s have murdered thousands in Eastern Ukraine.



The entire tape? Gosh ZT, it seems you’re trying to say what is later on the tape that ‘passed’ the censors belies what came before.

It doesn’t.

As a matter of fact, trusting anything approved for release by the government would be foolish. After all, they’re the ones who said: “The forces have reported that use of force was unnecessary, and that the process was uneventful.”

So anything authorized for release by the Israeli government is highly suspect.

But in this case that makes no difference. The torture by taser is clearly evident.


With friends like Israel…


Where ZT did you ever get that idea?

Feel free to quote me.


Gosh ZT (Zionist Troll), You keep making mistakes in interpretation that make me wonder if you aren’t a bot. What I wrote wasn’t responsive to your question, which you keep pretending reduces the validity of the tape the freedom flotilla released, but to the link you posted.

ctrl_z: “I guess the torture by taser of an anti-blockade protester must play well with the home audience in Israel.”


Gosh ZT, apparently you don’t understand the meaning of “international waters.” They were nowhere near Israel’s illegal blockade when they were boarded. That means there were no legal orders given, merely the orders of a pirate/kidnapper. Also, why do you say he disobeyed an order to disembark?


I’m not sure if you’re displaying your ignorance or lying.

Based on your brief posting history, you’re probably just lying.


That’s pretty funny how you gloss over Wolfowitz’s or the other prominent Neo-cons most being Jewish. That were embedded in the Bush, Clinton and Obama Administrations.

And most people that are not clueless like yourself. Know that it was the interventionist/Neo-cons.
That were behind the Kiev Coup and installed a Ultra Conservative/Neo Nazi Regime.



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