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Rejecting Michèle Flournoy, Progressives Demand Biden Pick Pentagon Chief 'Untethered' From Military-Industrial Complex

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/30/rejecting-michele-flournoy-progressives-demand-biden-pick-pentagon-chief-untethered


lol. hold them feet to the fire!

what a clever strategy so far.


No Progressive ever doubted for a second the Biden would be weak on Peace. Instead Biden will try to “out right” Trump in all matters pertaining to war. In many respects Biden will prove to be far more reckless in terms of foreign policy than the orange clown as Biden’s selection of Flournoy shows anyone who is paying attention.
The good news is that Americans only have to be weary of two Party’s… the Democrats and the Republicans. Once we can topple those two evil institutions, we should be well on our way to steering the country towards democracy.


We don’t need no stink’in restrictions on roaming the planet beating up on those who disagree with our policies!!
We need more war!
Our economy needs war!
That’s why the Democrats were elected to “lead” the country!
The perfect choice for Biden would have been HC!!!
She can roam the world with a sword ready to shove up the river of another foreign leader!!
“We came, we saw, he died!”
More war!!
What an ugly looking future!


You stole my comment drone!

That was what I was going to vent about after reading this article—that damn fruitless and harmful notion of this kind of “pressuring for change”---- which is absurd. In the meantime the planet burns, innocent life forms are dying en masse.

“Progressives demand” blah, blah, blah would be laughable if it were not so tragic.

Co2 levels were at f—ing **415.50 ppm yesterday ( ht-tps://www.co2.earth/daily-co2). And that is not off topic. It’s all interconnected and by “it” I mean violence, wars, objectification, greed, power, patriarchy, colonialism (sorry if left anything out . . . you get my drift) and ultimately the destruction of life on earth by humans.


Pissing against the wind progressives upset that the lesser evil shows he may not be Trump but that he is still an evil.

We were exhorted to put Biden in the White House because it would be easier to influence his appointments and policies. We would push him leftwards, and he would be more receptive to our protests.

How is that working out?

We will need to wait and see. Can we expect a honeymoon? The friendly media are certainly giving him an easy transition, even if Trump isn’t.



I don’t see the U.S. as being anything other than the warmongering imperialist nation it has always been. The MIC is so ingrained in our political system and our economy, it will require an outright revolution to dismantle or even neuter it – either that or the complete dissolution of this nation, as it collapses into a dystopian nightmare, which is the most likely scenario. The vast majority of Americans continue to condone, or at least accept without question, our stupid, insane, evil “war on terror” and continue to thank our troops for their service and praise them as heroes. But our war on terror is a war OF terror. Our military and our government are the worst terrorist organization on the planet.

F#ck our wars of aggression, f#ck our chicken-hawk politicians who wage them, f#ck our soldiers who willingly fight them, and f#ck the nationalistic, “America-right-or-wrong” flag wavers who support them.

“America is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.” – MLK

That was true in his day, and it has become doubly, triply more so today. Where/when will it end?

“Our chickens are coming home to roost.” - Rev. Jeremiah Wright


Call it a Secretary of War or appoint someone who fits the label.


“Urge,” “Demand,” “Pressure,”…

So, will all the “progressives” in the House pledge, now, to vote against any “defense” budget if Flournoy is installed? What is “pressure”? What is a “demand”? How will they actually “pressure” Joe Biden?


Actually i think that so-called “progressives” in the House would be more apt targets than Biden of Code Pink’s “pressure” tactics. “Demand” that the expanded Squad pledge now to vote against the “defense” budget unless specific reforms are included.


It will require an outright revolution to do that. There is no way we are going to simply vote them out of existence. All revolutions turn into ugly, complex debacles, with various splinter groups vying for control and ending with authoritarian rule. Even if “our side” won there are too many Americans who are capitalist-to-the-bone and deeply conservative to allow a liberal government to exist. They would have to be perpetually imprisoned or terminated, which would be its own form of tyranny. Even if a liberal form of government proved to be highly successful, the opposing conservative groups would still fight it on principle. Too many Americans have been hopelessly brainwashed to believe that liberalism is socialism is communism, and they hate it with every fiber of their being. I think that this empire of greed, arrogance, and violence is simply going to have to crash and burn of its own stinking rotten weight, and then maybe something better can rise up from the ashes.


Agent of war and evil… looking right at it. We are proud of you bidden. Does kamal have anything to say or is she just a decoration!

There are plenty of reasons to dislike Flournoy. There is no good reason for a progressive to attempt to add critiques of a man’s or a woman’s appearance. There are significant reasons not to. I suggest you reevaluate your choice to do this in the future.


The United States Department of Defense dates from 1947, before that it was the much more aptly named United States Department of War!


Apparently, Biden fractured his foot playing with his dog. No evidence though, that he is suffers from hot feet. “Pants on fire”?, definitely.

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The really sad thing is that I expect to hear the very same vote shaming next time around.

The only thing these demands do, is give them an excuse to tell themselves that they are one of the good guys.


Thank you.

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instead of admitting that they’re the problem in the first place. who wants to do that, right?

not everyone ion this community is even remotely on the same side of the barricades. more than a few will defend power to the death. they’re just ashamed to admit it out loud.


yaas…as opposed to the visual genre of political satire…which the above was, admittedly, not…

h ttps://www.laphamsquarterly.org/roundtable/royal-image-goes-pear-shaped

True, it should be labeled the Department of Offensive wars as the label is a misnomer…as it has nothing to do with the defense of the average American.

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But the strategy of duping the left into voting for increasingly right wing lote candidates every election cycle is working stunningly.