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Rejecting Right-Wing Attack, US Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare Subsidies


Rejecting Right-Wing Attack, US Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare Subsidies

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Handing a victory for President Barack Obama and the Affordable Care Act—as well as millions of people who gained more affordable healthcare under the law—the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that individuals who get their health insurance through an exchange established by the federal government will continue to be eligible for tax subsidies.


Just too much pork on the table.


Obamacare permits a very flawed healthcare insurance system to persist. But the law suit was frivolous - amazing that 3 justices actually wanted to eliminate the subsidies for such a ridiculous reason, though not surprising given who the three are…


The ACA (please, let’s drop this “ObamaCare” bull finally), however flawed, allows for millions of people to have pretty damn good health care coverage RIGHT NOW – people who otherwise would have NO health care coverage at all.

So yes, it is flawed. And that indicates that we need to work on fixing those flaws or on finding an appropriate alternative (single payer, if that’s the best alternative). And then get the kinks worked out in THAT & only then replace it. But those who’ve most vociferously opposed the ACA have never yet come up with a viable alternative. That’s because they have no interest in the health care of U.S. citizens.

But I appreciate your comments on, & understanding of, the reality of this ridiculous legal challenge.


Bernie has already done something about this:

“Add your name if you agree that the only long-term health care solution for America is a Medicare-for-all single-payer system.”



When you call it a right wing attack you have things ass backwards. Our Right Wing Supreme Court ruled as it was predicted. Powerful health insurance companies can continue to make money of the backs of hard working people at the expense of good affordable health care. Expensive government subsidized private insurance that fatten the pockets of the insurance companies at the expense of quality health care is what Obamacare is all about. All these people who are receiving Obamacare could be put on Medicare, or a similar single pay program that would cost the taxpayers less, and cost the recipients less and allow for more and better healthcare for the money. Obamacare was put in place to make money for private business, and that is what it has done.


Insurance execs celebrate Supreme Court approval of continued government enforced price gouging.


Predictable. This is legally mandated and enforced extortion. JJ is spot on. In Oregon the Big insurance Boys are already asking for premium increases of 26% this coming year, I believe. We’ll see how much of that they’ll get. It should of been tied to the COLA for Social Security. That would of made some sense and allowed for individual and family budgeting. Many more working people than you think are taking the penalty this year. All this rigamaroll was kabuki at its’ D C. worst. Complete surrender.


— Thanks! —


One reason the insider clique has for not overturning Obamacare is that it is already a model for their plan to dismantle Medicare, and move Medicare recipients into Obamacare, where their costs will soar, as their coverage is cut. If Obamacare failed, that transition would become more difficult. This was always one goal of Obamacare, to open the door to privatizing Medicare completely. as Paul Ryan already proposed.

The question is, will Adoption of the TTIP then allow the private medical conglomerates to sue the government to privatize Medicare (into Obamacare), because their profits are reduced otherwise? This needs to be explored now, in time to get the word out before TTIP is adopted. Of course, even if this turns out to be the case, and it can be shown, Congress (and the media) will likely ignore it when they vote, but it might raise the heat on them somewhat.


Why drop “ObamaCare®”?
Credit where credit is due…don’t you think? It is his legacy. It is the symbol that accurately characterizes the whole Obama Administration: Profits first.


The problem you don’t seem to recognize is that there isn’t any chance in hell of getting single payer now that the ACA is the law of the land.

The individual mandate will NEVER go away, EVER.

The ACA has absolutely entrenched the for-profit “healthcare system” in this country for at least a generation. In that time millions upon millions will lead lives in misery because of a system that leaves them behind by design.

It is a crime.


ObamaCare is an insurance scheme to keep patients out of health care. Getting sick does not entitle anybody to health care. One must first okay their illness with an insurance corporation. Now, what is your “co-pay”? Can you pay the tab? No? Tough luck.

The advent of insurance corporations and fabulously wealthy private owners of hospitals have no interest in people needing health care. Their purpose is to make money - period. Who in their right mind would ever concoct such a system?

But the biggest government offense is the mandate that strips the rights of citizens to be “left alone” by government. Nowhere has such an invasion of a citizen’s rights has ever been promulgated prior to ObamaCare.


American Healthcare Corps. are heading to Britain, as Cameron won big, aided by the chicanery of Murdoch. Of course, who else. They trick bagged the Liberal Party with the UKIP Trojan horse. The elections are being investigated, like ours after 2004 for exit poll variance, but the ever possible fix was in. ( And, you’d never know it by the MSM ) The 1%ers are getting very nervous, it appears; desperate times call for desperate measures.


Yeah, yeah, yeah - add another petition to the wall paper - when are folks gonna figure out that the only way to get this stuff is by throwing the D/Rs out and replacing them with folks who will enact it - vote Green, for Pete’s sake …


Well of course it can - that’s what this nonsense is for - and we keep marching and petitioning ad nauseum instead of throwing the bums out …



The Militia Act of 1792 mandated that all able-bodied white males (but not women, blacks or the heathen savages) purchase a musket and supplies and serve in a militia. Congress disbanded the Continental Army after the Revolutionary War and decided to use citizen soldiers in a militia to protect we the people from all enemies domestic and foreign.

The Supreme Court ruled that the individual mandate in the ACA was not unconstitutional because Congress has the power to tax. But the Militia Act of 1792 was a clear precedent for Congress mandating that people buy health insurance.

Most people are quick to demand their rights and just as quick to forget about their duties. The Constitution is a social contract and, as with all contracts, the social contract specifies both the rights and duties of the parties to the contract. It is reasonable that Congress should require people to have health insurance, just as it is reasonable that Congress required males to serve in a militia after the Continental Army was disbanded.


There are issues with the Affordable Care Act. One issue is that everyone in this country has refused to see, as I found out what I had assumed. First, the act monopolized the industry. What this means is that noone has to bring down prices because simply, there is no reason to compete when it is mandatory that everyone has to have it, hence the price of insurance tripiling in some states, but over all, price has only gone up. And by the way, that behavior is super Capitalstic, not socialistic; noone, especially poor people, are getting anything free. (I think its a scam purpetrated by a group of Rep and Dems that have gotten together to keep money out of the peoples pockets to help reduce effectivness of the population.) Second, this will never go away, every person born will be forced to do two things before dying, pay taxes, like we used to hear as kids, and now pay insurance. The majority of the country is poor and now this. Keep looking the other way. Keep letting politicians tell you that their saving the middle class, because thats all they can do in a country filled with poor people. Their is no other class to save. Look at the bleeding obvious, becuase us poor folk have to everyday.


What a bogus argument. No one demanding a single payer universal health care system is questioning the government’s ability to tax. What is being questioned is an inhumane system where the government taxes and distributes that income into the profits of a privately owned corporate insurance based health care delivery system. A delivery system that exists for one reason only, and that is to enrich a very small number of people at the expense of everyone else.

I abhor your callous view that this is all AOK. People are living out miserable lives that don’t have access to healthcare, pay premiums to “providers” for policies they can’t afford to use i.e., are paying their mandated “duties” for no benefit whatsoever, lose everything they own because of one illness, etc etc etc.

And this is okay with you.

What a sick attitude.


I will be impressed when the SCOTUS actually decides against the oligarchs