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Rejecting Scientific Evidence of Harm to Children's Brains, Trump EPA OKs Continued Use of Chlorpyrifos

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/23/rejecting-scientific-evidence-harm-childrens-brains-trump-epa-oks-continued-use

The next phase in “the dumbing down of America”.


Where are the Trump Common Dreams shills spinning this to blame the Democrats?
Mr. BigBob and Skeptic Tank and Tower of Trump and the other phony anonymous shills who troll CD for the RNC, why aren’t you spinning this one you human excrement?


Rumor has it that Trump is losing support amongst the farmers. Maybe he hopes to recapture all those mega, mono crop farmers that would use such pesticides. If you are not organic then you do not give a damn about the health of others let alone the ecosystems you ravage.


Dow Chemical is an international corporate criminal guilty of at least negligent manslaughter and ecocide.
Trump’s EPA is bought off and run by people loyal to industries that destroy the biosphere.
The “pro-life” GOP is a death cult.
They don’t care if fetuses and children are poisoned, as long as women are forced to birth them.


Thanks for helping out, Ed. I’ve been posting on numerous articles about how the comments sections on articles solely about the evils of Trump and the GOP are often filled with rants against Democrats with not one bad word about Trump and the GOP.
Let’s keep calling these people out, as many suspect they’re clever, trained Trump trolls, not authentic progressives.


There is no shock to my system in this. Having had so much of my work product in environmental matters rendered impotent by Republican toadies over my career this is what I expect from them. No more Republicans. Ever.

Thanks Mr. Wilkins for your article clarifying the political implications of the so-called “risk assessment”. How about some research-based information on how consumers can protect their kids? Does the organic label prohibit this toxin’s use? Which retailers, if any, are taking steps to reject foods treated with these pesticides? For that matter, what are the brand names of the pesticides containing chlorpyrifos? Any other producers besides Corteva? Although I agree with the writer’s politics I am getting a little tired of articles that do little more than make me feel angry and victimized.


They are the Jimmy Dore paid hacks for the RNC. I caught one actually downplaying yet another horror from Trump as an apologist, I think it was Mr. BigBob or something like that. And his other comments are entirely smearing Democrats.
The RNC has money and power and they have proven themselves for decades to be devoid of morals or any principle other than greed. They lie cheat and steal to a degree that is mostly ignored by the MSM.

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Why would anyone think this cruel excuse for human care?

An idea for a political cartoon:
Trump out in the stye applying lipstick to each individual pig.
And there may be a swamp on the other side of the barn.


How much chlorpyrifos needs to be sprayed into the offices of the people controlling the EPA?




There aren’t enough rabbit holes…

This is just the latest in a very long line of chemicals fed to the American population which just so happens to have the unfortunate side effect of either lowering intelligence or eroding empathy.
They seem to discover a new one in food or medicine every other year or so.
It would be more accurate to call this a continuation of the program first pioneered in nazi Germany on prisoners in consentration camps, then later implemented in America by those same scientists.
Or did you actually think they were lacing your drinking water with flouride because they were concerned about dental hygene?
Not that there exists a shred of evidence suggesting that drinking this particular neurotoxin has any health benefits of any kind, dental or otherwise.

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One must find it very strange when lower conciousness is elevated to the highest position of authority in the land.

Our primitive systems are coming home to roost.

Seriously ,why would you want to create then use a chemical without first making sure it is safe.
Using the precautionary principle is an understanding that everyone is important .

But we are a primitive species not implementing
its highest understanding is a tell tale sign that this is so
We think we are so evolved !


When my children were in Grammer school, on Maui, we would cut through a pineapple field to get there. Imagine my surprise the day we saw the field workers in full hazard gear spraying the crops on a windy day one block upwind of their school.
They don’t care about us


Huh, wha…? Lowering intelli-what? Whaddya mean?

All I can say is, yay Republicans for putting Amurican jobs ahead of just not killing a few people and making everyone but me and them dummer.

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