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Rejecting Snyder's Claim, Experts Say Poisoning of Flint Blatant Racial Injustice


Rejecting Snyder's Claim, Experts Say Poisoning of Flint Blatant Racial Injustice

Andrea Germanos, staff writer, Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Experts are voicing strong disagreement with Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, who on Friday tried to argue that the lead poisoning plaguing the water of the majority-black city of Flint was "absolutely not" a case of environmental racism.

The Republican governor made the comment in an interview with MSNBC, adding that he's "been devoted to helping" the city.


It's OK, the good Presbyterian Governor is surely mumbling something about Matthew 25:40 to himself.


Racism cloaked under the labels of fiscal restraint or austerity measures or budget cutbacks that all just happen to target the poorest of the poor in the decrepit neighborhoods with crumbling schools and a predominantly non-white demographic. Same goes for any number of nations perpetrating similar inhumane practices/policies that hurt the most vulnerable segments of their populace (elderly, disabled, poor children/families, unemployed, underemployed, etc.). In his secret closet in the basement, Snyder has a white pointed hood (covering his face leaving only his eyes exposed), white sheets with a neck cut-out, a golden cord to wrap around his waist, several filled gas cans, large ropes, and torches ready for his celebratory Saturday nights. His favorite bumper sticker has three letters on it....


This is about as obvious a case of racism as I've ever seen. This asshole Snyder needs to spend a long time in jail. Let me also say that Republicans should take most of the blame for the failures of the EPA. Not only have Republicans in congress spent decades under-funding the EPA and removing effective regulations, but also for putting more of the onus on states to take care of these kind of major health dangers without having the money to deal with them. Not only do we need to rid this country of racial injustice but we need to return the necessary funding and workers to the EPA and other important regulatory agencies.


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The racism - institutional racism but also personal racism, of the USA - especially the part of the USA called the "Upper Midwest" (Cleveland, Detroit, Benton Harbor, Chicago, Milwaukee) is so profound that it is mind blowing.

As someone who lived in the south most of my life but for the past 18 years have lived N of the M-D line, I really have no patience for these northern liberals who like the Kalifornia-Canuck Niel Young, wag their fingers at the south for supposed racism. Compare the relative racial equity of Atlanta or Charlotte to the profound racism of, say, Cleveland or Detroit and get back with me.


"The system's absolutely failing" - inarguably, for the people that is.
Sure takes a load off tptb to neutralize the civil rights movements though - poison them into oblivion.


I wonder if attributing this to racial motivations is realistic.
I mean, that would presuppose this current crop of right wing governors were capable of distinguishing a racial minority. They seem to hate the Public in general, regardless or race, religion, or ethnic origin.
The exception would be their ability to differentiate sexual orientation.


I'm not sure if this was meant as sarcasm or not.
It's more likely that the decisions that created this mess were made based on lazy and simplistic ideas on how to cut costs with no thought taken for the public safety.
The idea that right wing ideologues might take the existing situation and hire people to hang out on public forums to spread the idea that this was racially motivated in order to stir up tension in the black community is not far fetched at all.


When I first read your original entry I did get the point you made as pointed out in the sentence above that refers to "experts." What confused me was the grain of truth that statement contained, followed by the second part and the bald assertions. The juxtaposition was a bit too jarring for me.
One of my short comings is that I don't feel like I have any skin in the game when it comes to wanting to develop some type of credible persona or presence on the internet. I'm not trying to impress anyone. I just put my stuff out there and let those who recognize any truth or information of value in it to benefit from what they take away. For everyone else, I gave up trying to convince those who think otherwise to come around to my way of thinking a long time ago.
When I type out a sarcastic quip, it's coming off the top of my head in passing, and I rarely feel like taking the time to add the faces. If someone gets the joke and smiles, good; if they don't, it's already too late to try to explain. I've moved on.


No, they are not, poor white communities are less poor than, and get far more resources than, poor black communities. There is really no comparison. I travel often to the so-called "poor white" areas (Appalachia) and the poor black areas (blighted urban neighborhoods) - there is no comparison in the resources and opportunities available between these two groups - the whites have it much better.

And you contradicted yourself too. would not this "disinterest" from "underclass whites" be evidence that racism does indeed exist?

I am soooo tired of the racism-denialism of liberals!


I can't wait to see if he does, along with his cronies...


The problem I have with this article and with much of the reporting on the Flint situation is the emphasis on calling it racial environmental injustice rather than economic environmental injustice. It is both, but I read yesterday that Flint is 57 percent black, so it's 43 percent white. What the entire population has in common is poverty. Downplaying the number of residents who are poor white makes it sound like their lives don't matter. Perhaps the emphasis on racial injustice is a result of the increasing power of Black Lives Matter activists. It disguises, though, the gross injustices being experienced by poor and even middle income people of all colors across the country because they don't have the economic clout to influence lawmakers. The Flint situation graphically presents the dire consequences at the local level, and we all know how much it is true at the national level. This economic inequality and resulting lack of power is one of the reasons why it is so important, in my view, to elect Bernie Sanders, who is the only candidate likely to try to change it.


Have agencies simply order tests to be made, and draft language for a bill which would require local authorities to follow orders — in detail — by the federal agencies.

Of course THIS would be Democracy At Work, and thus highly UNLIKELY to occur across the United States. You would likely see well-financed resistance coming from state and federal mobilizations.

Money rules across the board in the American kleptocracy.


Why has Snyder not resigned, what is keeping this man from facing his conscience? He has committed a serious crime against the state and the people of Michigan.


This fall the people of Michigan have the opportunity to put an end to repub scurge by throwing them out of office - not just the governor but the whole repub legislature that has backed Snyder's antics and passed such catastrophic legislation..


Why hasn't the Gov. resigned? Good question.The answers is that Snyder & his cohorts will get away with it completely.In fact those criminals will enrich themselves with federal taxpayer $ that Obama sent them ---you can bet Snyder & his friends will direct those funds to themselves instead of fixing the problem.. The GOP will circle the wagons to protect him & Obama the Dems & Justice dept don't have the gut's to prosecute them.The crime will continue!


That presupposes the votes the People cast get counted correctly.
No, there's no need to wait. Snyder needs to be marched out of his office in handcuffs and taken to a courtroom where he can spend his days going into great detail about his role in creating the crisis in Flint, and get out of the way before his incompetence creates more disasters in additional communities.


Where there are Indian tribes there is a nuclear waste dump, where there are Mexicans, there is pesticide spraying and where there are blacks there is lead poisoning. I agree that poor whites receive similar treatment by the corrupted government officials and powerful corporate interests.


C'mon, we don't see whites get killed by police execution style as do blacks, there is definitely racism in play all across America and it is stupid to brush it off.