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Rejecting White House Ploy, Planned Parenthood Says Women's Right to Choose is "Non-negotiable"

Rejecting White House Ploy, Planned Parenthood Says Women's Right to Choose is "Non-negotiable"

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Women's healthcare providers are readying for a fight. Refusing to back down from its commitment to women's choice, Planned Parenthood is now at risk of losing nearly 40 percent of its funding—and is calling for a massive mobilization to resist the attack on women's health.

Signed the petition. I understood last night that this provision was for just a year. What’s up with that? So clearly meant to break PP. They don’t know who they’re messing with.

Do note that the bill doesn’t say Americans on Medicaid can’t go to PP, only that the gov’t won’t pay PP (or whoever else might be included) for services they render to these citizens. Congress needs to understand that indeed this means that these Americans won’t wind up getting the services, because in many cases there’s no place else to go. And of course, it ignores that while PP may provide both Medicaid-eligible service and abortions, in many cases they are provided in separate facilities, specifically to make it clear that they are separately funded.

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It really doesn’t matter to most of these “representatives” about the plight of the people they “serve”. As long as the party will pay for their campaigns they will toe the party line. This might actually be acceptable if the Parties listened to their constituents but they are beholden to the ones with the wherewithal to donate sums equal to the GDP of small nations or American states. If our parties are unresponsive to our needs please explain just what they are good for? I used to think that candidates made a local name for themselves by supporting things that the people needed or felt strongly about. Then attracted party movers and were nominated for office. Lately I have disabused myself of such foolishness and have come to realize that it is pliability and a charismatic appearance that is the ticket…

I fully support your right to open heart surgery. I also fully support the Right of every American not to have to pay for it. Toss in treatment for cancer, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimers, being hit by a brick. I say why draw the line where it just applies to women.

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Which rock have you been under? Yes, they’re nonprofit, on both abortion and other-services sides, sort of like your local hospital. But no taxpayers are paying for any abortions. And surprise, there are lots of men who get STD and cancer screenings and treatment, covered by Medicaid, from PP clinics.

(A) The past election is past and irrelevant.

(B) ONCE more, the government does not “fund PP” as an entity. It reimburses PP for services rendered, under Medicaid, just as it does any other provider of health care, just as it might your local hospital or clinic run by any other entity.

Educate yourself or shut up.