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Rejection of Montana Coal Train a 'Big Win' for Ranchers and Enviromentalists


Rejection of Montana Coal Train a 'Big Win' for Ranchers and Enviromentalists

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Driving one more nail into the coal industry's coffin, a federal board on Tuesday officially rejected a proposal to build a coal-hauling railroad through farm and ranch land in southeastern Montana.

Ranchers and environmentalists, who aggressively opposed the project, celebrated the Surface Transportation Board ruling.


We have many such obscene coffins to drive nails into...hopefully final nails...thanks to all those who fought for this 'victory".
It seems the "final decision" was based on economic rather than environmental protection issues, though, a basis I find unacceptable as this reasoning can easily be reversed!

Now we need "wins" and nails in the coffins of oil & gas pipelines and infrastructure, and oil trains, like those along the Hudson Valley and throught the Indian Point nuclear nightmare Godzilla on the banks of the Hudson - those pipelines carry fracked gas for export and threaten millions!


Love that I have to read this here instead of my local newspaper, granted we are on the western end of Montana. They still have yet to run an article on the Great Barrier Reef. This is good news considering our democratic governor opposed Obama's clean energy regulations in favor of coal.


It can not be part of "human nature" because those humans that put profit over everything have abandoned Nature.