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#RejectRex: Protests as 'Big Oil Personified' Faces Capitol Hill Hearing


#RejectRex: Protests as 'Big Oil Personified' Faces Capitol Hill Hearing

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Controversial secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson faces the Senate Foreign Relations committee on Wednesday morning as confirmation hearings for President-elect Donald Trump's proposed cabinet continue.

Watch live below:


What deeply saddens me is that the vast negative consequences of 100 years of the "industrial revolution"are part and parcel with its stunningly narrow demand that in order for this narrow vision to function, 100% of the real world must be subject to "externalization" according to a legacy of pre-existing externalizations. Those include dehumanization, non-recognition of any other "culture" being recognized as an equal or superior in scope and embrace.
From "sanctions" - yet another way to deny/exclude/ negate "externalize" to "I have no knowledge" is an illustration of the spread of the deck being dealt.


"Are you kidding me?"

What a travesty! With the scientific community giving dire warnings about climate devastation from fossil fuels, we now have the tyrannous, climate denier, tyrannosaurus Rex as possible Secretary of State.

Too bad they are not kidding us!