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'Release the Tapes!': Demand for Transparency Grows in Charlotte and Beyond


'Release the Tapes!': Demand for Transparency Grows in Charlotte and Beyond

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As protests in Charlotte continued peacefully for a third night on Thursday, the call for the city government and police to release the footage of Keith Lamont Scott being shot has reached fever pitch.


It's not hard to figure out.
The authorities at all levels strictly enforce the orders given to them by the oligarchy to keep us citizens in the dark and feed us shit just like mushrooms.
What's the old saying, "Knowledge is power."
The way the oligarchy remains in power is by keeping the citizens stupid.


Everyone does get that they under martial law right now, right? Just because its not being stated publicly doesnt make it not true. There are criteria that makes up martial law, one being cerfew, another bringing in the military, albeit the National Guard. The funny thing is that it is peaceful protesting that sparked this.


You have to know that if the video showed conclusive evidence that Mr. Scott had been angry and actually pointed a gun at the police, the video would have been released to the public, a long time ago! One has to wonder if the police are not stalling in order to buy time to doctor the video!


http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/keith-scott-shooting-no-definitive-evidence-he-pointed-gun-cops-n652631The police chief himself has stated the video did not conclusively show any weapon and did show the victim had his hands down at his sides. You just really really really do not want to accept that fact.


I recall that is what they told MLK and the other civil rights leaders - just be good little blackies and someday we will let you ride in the front of the bus....maybe...... Well every other Thursday in an even month when it is exactly 50% cloudy and 50% sunny. Be patient and well behaved blackies...
Yeah... I don't know how old you are but you really need to stop with the veiled racist sh## from 1960's ...


Sorry but are you saying the police chief who viewed the videos is incorrect and yo know better? Stop obfuscating.
And what other evidence do you have that there was another reason besides a gun to murder this man? I will answer you - you have none. Just stop.


It has to go beyond videos and eyewitnesses. Those things are not stopping stacked juries and judges and prosecutors issuing jury instructions and trial evidentiary limits that preclude a conviction of cops who deliberately murder. The murder of black men must begin to affect and afflict the population not connected to black men. Only then will this issue of a militarized a violent police culture be changed.
To compound the already poor training and supervision of police we can add t that that many cops are returned war veterans these days. As I have mentioned here before about my closest friend who is a PA at a VA hospital here in PA. She has repeatedly told me she has never seen a returning war vet who is not seriously mentally disturbed from the experience. She herself has been repeatedly kicked punched and threatened by these patients who brag that they are now police and could kill her and get away with it because they are vets. These ill folks get preferential hiring to police forces. Our military trains them to, in the words of the government reported by Nick Turse, kill anything that moves- man woman child or animal. And then we are surprised when we give them surplus military gear and they go out and act like they are in the battlefield.
That is not what police are supposed to do or be. They are to serve and protect - everyone. They are supposed to put their lives ON THE LINE to fulfill that sworn duty.
That is why constant protests like Charlotte need to be happening. Why businesses need to feel the sting of what happens when patrons are afraid to shop because one segment of society is being brutalized, marginalized, devalued and finally start to fight back.
Sure at first they are going to love having the military and police killing protestors in the streets but pretty soon a nice white lady and her kid are going to be hit and killed. Then they are going to join with the protestors and demand the police be reined it, tried and jailed. Just like occurred during the civil rights movement....


FYI - I posted the Chiefs entire statement.
"MLK was never violent". Did I say he was violent? Did I ever advocate violence. I said civil rights protesters . Why do you always assume blacks are violent because they demand their rights to live safely? You clearly have no idea of what was done during the early sixties by the Civil Rights movement. And you clearly have zero interest in facts or you are woefully uneducated.
I am gathering you have no real idea what a boycott is. It is designed to cause PAIN of the economic variety to ordinary people so as to wake them up to what is happening around them and how they are and will be affected by whatever it is. The Montgomery bus boycott for example. It almost broke the city transportation budget because of the lack of ridership. THAT my covertly racist friend, is the way make change happen.
But you don't want change do you? You want blacks to sit down and shut up and not bother ypur white privilege.... Someday maybe you will wise up but I am not holding my breath....


One more thing: interesting how someone can set off bombs, run from the cops and even get in a shootout with them and survive and yet a black child with a fake gun couldnt survive more than 6 seconds on a playground after a cop pulls up, a black man with his hands up and unarmed not live, etc. So, how did that bomber dude manage to pull off what no black person could? Im not saying its a conspiracy bombing, but the odds to survive a shootout with police right now and be armed is absolutely amazing! Guess its just a coincidence :confused:


The video the Wife took clearly shows the spot where the Cops claimed his gun fell with No Gun immediately after the shooting.

Yet, another video shot After they strung the yellow tape shows a gun that Magically Appeared while they were stringing the crime scene tape.

Which officer provided the Throw Down Gun do you suppose?


I agree.


Dear Timesie - you are laying your ignorance bare for all to see. You earlier called boycotts dangerous and destructive to the community and should not be done. Yet now you seem to be arguing they might be just peachy... It is so sad to see someone with such a lack of understanding as to Civil Rights movement history be so revealing as to their own ignorance.
You clearly need to do more than pull up Wikipedia if you think the Montgomery bus boycott did not have violence associated with it. Blacks were forced onto buses and robbed. Cars carrying blacks were forced off the road, people got the stuffing beaten out of them. Did blacks defend themselves? You bet they did. Do you call that violence? You should!
Really now even if you have no degrees how can you not bother to learn this stuff yet have such a self righteous fantasy so deeply embedded in your mind? - I even had a three month unit on the Civil rights movement in 10th grade. Were you absent during that period ? How can any American with any brain cells not know the facts regarding this crucial turning point in Civil a Rights history.... ?
Clearly I have never advocated violence of the sort you are implying as anyone following our little dance over multiple posts can attest. But as you think marching down a business district with signs asking for the police violence against black men to stop , boycotts and causing businesses to shut down is 'violence' well then you are just mule headed and a little silly. Let's deal in facts and history shall we?


We are already the problem. Does it appear to you, this minute, that we are not the problem? To "them."


"The only problem I see is we have to be careful to not turn ourselves into the problem, give them excuses to paint us into being the bad guys."

Yeah. Like being black. That's what you are saying. Don't go anywhere if you are black. And if the cops come to your house, let them shoot you. Otherwise you are part of the problem.

You are really screwed up. Why don't you write a comment about the "super predators"?


Hateful bigot. Rationalising criminal conduct by the police. Disgusting.