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#ReleaseTheDepo: Senate Dems Want 'Explosive' Don Jr. Testimony Given to Mueller

#ReleaseTheDepo: Senate Dems Want 'Explosive' Don Jr. Testimony Given to Mueller

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee want to send transcripts from the committee's Russia investigation interviews—including "explosive" testimony from Donald Trump Jr.—to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the federal probe into allegations that the president or members of his campaign team colluded with Russian officials and have obstructed justice.


The difference in “dueling hashtags” and integrity here is one is actual testimony of a principle in the Mueller investigation (who looks/acts very much like the idiot character “Gob” Bluth)
and the other a four page “memo” written by R’Con hyper-partisan extremist Devin Nunes & staff, without supporting evidence ever disclosed (if any really exists) that has never been independently examined for truth, accuracy or provenance. In fact the Senate Intelligence Committee "requested a copy of the memo and has been denied, just as the FBI and Justice Department have also been denied reviewing a copy of the document. The memo is based on highly classified intelligence that only a select group of House and Senate lawmakers have accessed."
WTF? “highly classified intelligence”? Our entire government operation has become a giant clusterfarce!

"The right-wing-propaganda complex immediately went to work — aided, hilariously, by an army of Russian bots that made sure the hashtag #ReleaseTheMemo remained a trending topic on social media."

The intent by Republicons seems to be smear and demean the FBI (Federal Bureau of Intimidation) and most importantly, Robert Mueller and his investigation as prelude to attempting to fire Mueller as he gets closer to the money and criminal activities of the trump crime family financial world …mountain of lies and criminal ties to Russian oligarchs and banks.

This trump regime and right-wing idiot extremists don’t give goddamn about “truth” or justice or our nation, only their crippling political fantasy and servile wealth and power boot-licking…the Dem elite establishment are little better.

With his record of untruths this past year (and his whole life), how could you possibly believe him?


I agree with you about candidates meeting with foreign govt’s. With the little information we have about this, I believe we need to follow ALL the leads with this investigation. Believe if we do, we are going to find crimes on both sides of the political isle, as well as fed. agencies. Not that anyone will be charged.


Delusions are running deep here on Common Dreams.

Trump will “never” meet with Mueller.

What part of “Pathological Liar” escapes understanding?

That’s well documented you know.

Hard to dispute the “facts.”


There are fine people on all sides, all sides.

Lawyer Immediately Claws Back Trump’s Offer to Answer Mueller Questions “Under Oath”

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Secret societies engaged in conspiracy always refer to themselves as secret societies engaged in a conspiracy. That’s how it works.

Which clearly explains all the Trump family and associates lying their asses off repeatedly, even under oath, even to federal investigators. It’s all so simple.

“A spokesman for Grassley said the chairman “has long been committed to transparency, and well before this letter from Sens. Whitehouse and Blumenthal, he’s said he wants to release as much as possible, including transcripts,” but added that Grassley “intends to confer with” fellow committee members before making his next move.”

LOL :slight_smile: Grassley is a Republican. Thus he puts his cult, er, Party before the country or the Constitution and the law. Said testimony is from the Republican son of the Republican President. Thus releasing it would most likely be embarrassing/damaging to the Republican President, and thus to the Republican cult, er, Party that has hitched its wagon to his coattails.

Think it will ever see the light of day? Do the math :slight_smile:

  1. His lawyers have retracted his agreement to be interviewed by Mueller.
  2. They now want it to be in the form of written questions, and NOT under oath.
  3. Mueller is a Republican.

LOL lord. You Trump-whores sure can’t do much independent thinking other than regurgitating the loyal Party Scripts, can you?


Your wish…

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Notice how quickly Rethugs throw their own fellow Rethugs under the bus as soon as they show any inkling of a spine or loyalty to Country and Law over Party? Now we know how Rethugs always march in lockstep for the most part - they have made it clear what happens to those members who fall out of line. Mueller - a decorated veteran, very respected Republican under multiple administrations, and just a few months ago being complimented and hailed by Congressional Republican leaders in both chambers as a fine, upstanding, professional man of integrity and honesty who was a perfect choice for the Special Investigator - is now being called a “left wing ObamaBot.” LOL!

The rule of nullification in Washington, D. C. Finally, Chuck Todd and the other Talking Heads on Sunday can honestly say, " one the one hand you have Trump & His Treasonous Kleptocracy, and on the other hand, you have the duplicitous Police & Security State shielding Neo-Liberalism at home and Neo-Conservatism abroad. George Will, David Frumm and Ruth Marcus; who wins this battle for the future of our country? “
” Oh, I wish I had a river I could skate away on "
Joni Mitchell.

I don’t know what Trump and his cronies said or did regarding Russia, but something about the whole matter seems concocted - in that Russia will be the villain regardless of Trump’s fate in a quite pre-determined fashion. Meanwhile, how about Jared Kushner’s many connections and contacts with Israel, his ties to ultra right wing settlers and backing of more settlements in the Occupied Territories? These and other contacts with that “state” would certainly seem just as worthy of investigation as these Russian leads, but the Democrats and Republicans alike just don’t like to finger the Zionist Mob. It is bad for their political futures.