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'Relief is Due!': Uprisings Against Evictions Planned for September 1 in Cities Across US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/31/relief-due-uprisings-against-evictions-planned-september-1-cities-across-us

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Lets get this straight from the get go, the way the pandemic was, and is reacted to, sets how the economy plays out, PERIOD
The FACT that the richest country in the history of time not only refuses to protect the hard working underpaid essential heroes, the loving parents struggling to raise the future while both jobs and schools are shut down to save lives, but kicks below the belt at every turn. The ruling rich bastards have turned life in America into a knife fight, but they brought lawyers, guns and money, more guns and money than you can count.


Your remarks are accurate. The one thing missing is a call to the American working masses, for revolution! The system cannot be reformed, it must be changed in the interests of working people. There are trillions held by the arms industry and the billionares, that, in a day, could be used to eliminate all levels of poverty and suffering in the nation. It would not be easy, but necessary. A band aid will not fix a broken back.


Its the Cultural Story you have to fix as this is why we have an on the ground reality dysfunction.

The stories we tell ourselves about Life are fallacies, myths simply passed down through the generations for millennia.

Time to write a New Story that guides our culture .

We Are All One …is the first guiding principle .

The rent relief groups aren’t well organized.

Nevertheless, September 1, 2020 is going to become infamous as the day millions of people were either forced to cram in any possible way with remaining family members who are still living indoors, or were forced to live on the streets, in Trumptowns, which sounds better than Trumpvilles. It’s also the date that the pandemic really started.

Next we’re going to have battalions of police wading into Trumptowns and destroying people’s sleeping bags.

As I predicted, we are likely to run out of protesters to cover all protests.