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Remaining Peaceful Was Their Choice: Young Yemenis Sounded Alarms Before the Civil War


Remaining Peaceful Was Their Choice: Young Yemenis Sounded Alarms Before the Civil War

Kathy Kelly

"Now, the nightmare of famine and disease those peaceful youths anticipated has become a horrid reality, and their city of Ta'iz is transformed into a battlefield." 

Yemen protests


Why would anyone be surprised by a U.S. sponsored slaughter of innocent civilians. This is what we do, squash democratic movements. Oil puppets to control the flow of crude.


“Despite their misery, they steadfastly opted for unarmed, nonviolent struggle.”

Bad idea?

tx for the link Yunzer.


“security spending” is, of course, Military spending…Our answer to everything.
The U.S. and its closest partners choose to arm the world, when they should feed the world.


Ms Kelly thank you for your article on the Yemeni youth resistance. Due to your writing we have more insight into the prewar conditions. Of course we do already know that wars are promoted by the rich and their governments in order to promote more wealth for themselves while destroying the lives of those who are innocently in the way and especially those who express any objection to their goals.


Kathy, you are an angel of peace, and I know you mean right, but in my view, Amerika is a fascist, military dictatorship, so we are second class citizens with virtually no real political power to end the war profits from weapons sales.

What more proof does one need when Obama, a war mongering, murderer of so many innocent, men, women and children is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?


Or Americans could wake up to the fact that many of their neighbors have been calling out the identical dynamics right here in the belly of the Beast–and receiving precious little honor or respect from the majority.

Many Americans have long been telling the Truth of our history, pointing out that this nation was founded on genocide, ecocide and slavery.

Many Americans have been tortured and killed for pointing out that a nation whose birth was bathed in such blood–and that has yet to engage in a comprehensive process of Truth and Reconciliation (which inevitably includes reparations)–can never be free of violence and domination.

Many Americans–not least First Americans–have been tortured and killed for insisting that privileged Americans have always been clinging to–and murdering to maintain–a false self-image. Lying and silencing and killing in order to keep up the illusion that America is a special guardian of Truth and justice and liberty for all (our daily habits of robbing and raping notwithstanding…)

Many Americans have been tortured and killed in this nation’s never-ending but generally covert civil war.

Many have died for the Truth that we could not forever purchase “peace” and “security” for ourselves at the expense of “others” all over the planet. That our violent habits were always coming home to roost, and that they would eventually come home to roost in a way that no one could ignore or deny.

Yes, many right here at home have been seeing and saying exactly what these young Yemenis were saying in 2011.

And no one has been listening to us, as we’ve patiently repeated that the United States does not enjoy some magical immunity to civil war here while inciting it all over the Earth…

We’ve been subjected to tremendous scorn, derision and silencing.

As recently as last January, people on this board objected strenuously when I stated that the Trump regime was nakedly authoritarian, and that we should not expect any “usual and customary” measures to limit, much less halt, its bid for total control.

Now everyone who is anyone feels good about describing the regime in such Truthful terms, and is happy to act as if they always did so, forgetting the emotional and mental violence they inflicted on those who in fact saw this Truth before they themselves could bear to do so.

Wake up, folks! The tendency to silence the catalysts, the harbingers of transformation, is almost universal among humans. Until everyone learns to take responsibility for changing that habit, those who could lead us to a definitively different and better way will continue to be slaughtered in droves.

And not just in faraway places.


1. Arm the world to the teeth.
2. Watch the slaughter and disease and starvation.
3. Then sit back and smile, while counting profits.

What else would we expect from a country which allows children to be gunned down in schools and yet do nothing about it except suggest arming the teachers?


“And then the nonviolent options were over, and civil war began.” (from the article)

This line would have served equally well just after the American Civil War began.

Have you read Abraham Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address?

Really read it closely - digested it - ??

How long can ‘progressives’ continue to maintain the illusion that this has ever been a peaceful world?

Lincoln, Kennedy, Churchill - the list is long - sought peace and in the end went to war.

Yes - there have always been war profiteers - but they are not the cause of war.

Mankind is warlike - and that is the ultimate cause of war - because resources are limited.

We treat technology, some of us, as a god of salvation, because it promises an end to the “Limits to Growth”.

Some of us seek a Utopian world - of peace and good will.

In fact, both are worthy of pursuit, but it would be a fatal mistake to discount the finite resources of the planet we all live on just now, and to pretend we are not ready, wiling and able to pursue those resources at any and all costs, and to defend ourselves from those who would deprive us of them.

I do not ask that people stop hoping, or pursue their ideals - only that they do not lose touch with reality - a fatal mistake.