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'Remarkable': Earth Just Had Its Third Warmest Year in a Row


'Remarkable': Earth Just Had Its Third Warmest Year in a Row

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

For the third year in a row, the world experienced its warmest year on the books, global scientists have determined.


Hot and hotter, and human-generated fossil and biomass carbon to the atmosphere is the main cause. Time is swiftly running out, if not already past, to avert utter ecological and human disaster.

But no privileged "consumer" should contemplate changing any personal or social behaviors in response to these facts.

Our behavior does not matter. There is no power in organized mass action. Nothing material that we do could make any difference. We must wait on politicians and corporations to act.

Keep on drivin', baby. Eat industrialized corporate food. If you are able, fly for business, family, and fun. Do not resist, do not struggle, in your own life, with your own family, in your own community. Wait...


And yet I'm sure many of you have noticed a renewed denialist blitz in newspaper op-eds lately - Just in time for January 20....


This should be sobering and illustrates that the trajectory has been seriously threatening for a long time. Trump may accelerate it, but he didn't create it. Both parties helped ensure this trajectory.
The problem has been known about through many administrations; GOP and Dem alike; but none were willing to challenge the primacy of the fossil fuel industry and others who profited from the status quo. Symbolism has largely trumped substance, and even steps in the right direction were countered by others in the wrong one. Ultimately it became clear that notwithstanding substantial degrees of difference in rhetoric, the underlying system must be defended at all costs...even if it means the literal end of the line for the oligarchy that system temporarily enriches.
However, as webwalk notes, we are all to a degree responsible - not only for our complacency whenever one of ours was in the White House - but also for our everyday choices.


We've known for decades that this day would come. The good news is that a number of nations have made significant progress in reducing their use of fossil fuels. But if it is too late, then there's not a whole lot left to say about it.


What we learned from the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 is that high prices and long lines at the gas pumps can damage political careers. Saving the planet is one thing, losing the convenience of driving as much as we want/can afford to drive is quite another.


Just curious: What choice do the masses have, when it comes to purchasing "industrialized corporate food?" The masses have limited budgets and limited time for food acquisition and preparation. Check the prices on those items listed as "organic," etc.


The "Age of Ignorant Indulgence" (as I call it) will come to an end pretty soon. Maybe another decade of "business as usual." We're going to look back at the commercial flying, the cruise ships and cargo ships that cross the oceans, and the factories and cars that belch CO2 into the atmosphere... and we'll ask ourselves... "what the hell were we doing?" I apologize to those not yet born who will probably live far shorter life spans and being born into a world we soon won't recognize. If we warm the planet much more, crops will start to fail (it's already happening in areas). Then it's only a matter of time before widespread famine takes most of us into the abyss.


Just asking: What is it going to take before people take these dire warnings seriously? Some kind of plague that wipes out millions? Except by then it will probably be too late!

One thing that might help people from being apathetic about climate devastation, is if the news weather people reported on it every day. You never hear it even mentioned, like it is just totally irrelevant or not important to the weather reporters. They could at least give a ppm. report..don't yeah think!


Actually, that's exactly what it will take. We have become all too dim a lot. The only thing we could possibly understand at this late date would be a singular cataclysm.


Depending on where they live, they might be able to grow at least some of the veggies even if they are in pots.


And Trump and his new EPA nominee want to roll back Obama's emission control standards all in the name of the economy. If we have global warming continue nobody will have to even think about money. One poster talked about the weather reporters talking about the levels more. Great idea! This is not political, and these people think that because they are rich they are immune.


I also wondered why people waited for politicians like waiting for Godot.
When I was growing up in a suburban area, people took the bus , walked or had one car for the household. Now even little John and Janie have cars so they can drive to high school. We walked. I don't get it.
Also, what about all of the motorized family boats? What's wrong with a canoe?
People don't like to think about their own roles. I have thought about change a lot.


Also, there are some farm coops ( again depending on where you live) that sometimes have shares and donations so that more people eat locally sourced and healthy food. Saves on visits to the doctor as well.


Well what is going to give me a great deal of satisfaction is watching the deniers whom I know, and who are scientists, squirm as they come to realise their stupidity. I am tired of listening to the stupid bastards.


"This was the highest among all years in the 1880–2016 record, surpassing the previous record of 2015 by 0.18°F (0.10°C). "

"This was the highest among all years in the 1880–2016 record, surpassing the previous record of last year by 0.02°F (0.01°C)."

Somewhere, well hidden from prying eyes on the NOAA site are these little gems: "The margin of error is ±0.18°F (0.10°C)." or "The margin of error associated with this temperature is ±0.13°F (0.07°C). "

So 2015 and 2016 are well within the margin of error.

But yes, it does make a great headline.


You'll cling to whatever delusion you need, to avert your eyes from the obvious truth.

The global temperature trend line continues upward, year after year, as does the rate of species extinction. Try meditating your margin of error on those facts.

And keep on drivin', baby. Nothing to see on this planet. Just keep on drivin'.


That's what the uneducated do. That's what high school drop outs do. They cling to delusions that "climategate" is real. We educated do not avert our eyes from P.H.D's in ecology:



Yes, thanks for your reply.


We just started doing the ppm report every week at the community radio station where I work. The current number is put into context, i.e. this is an unprecedented human induced rise of co2 levels and we drive home the fact that humans have never been on the earth with co2 levels this high. 406 ppm on January 17