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Rematch 2016: Wisconsin Progressive Russ Feingold to Run for US Senate


Rematch 2016: Wisconsin Progressive Russ Feingold to Run for US Senate

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold, Democrat from Wisconsin, on Thursday announced plans to run for reelection and regain the seat, setting up a rematch with Republican Ron Johnson, whom Politico describes as "one of the most vulnerable incumbents on the 2016 Senate map."


If it wasn’t so late in the day I would like to see Feingold run for President as an Independent or Green…


HOORAY! This is very good news. With all the anti-human, anti-woman, anti-poor, pro-war, pro-big business, and pro-energy (environmental disasters included) legislation, ruling, trade accords, etc. supported and passed by GOP-controlled House and Senate, there should be a backlash that will hopefully result in the GOP losing both the House and the Senate majorities. Not that the Dems have been productive (Obama at the top of that list not effectively using the veto when it was/is in the best interest of the people, planet, and our nation)…but at least they give the impression that they represent the peoples’ best interests. Feingold has an excellent record as a true and effective progressive with the chutzpah to challenge folks across the aisle and bring them to reason. May he triumph once again!


If Wisconsonians vote for Ron Johnson, (a far right wing libertarian who admires Ayn Rand and her Atlas Shrugged glop crap fest), again, then they deserve what they get, AGAIN. Why would any sane person vote for a libertarian wingnut who thinks that Ayn Rand makes sense??? I’m very disappointed in Wisconsin. There is damn well a huge difference between Feingold and Johnson and I would vote for Feingold if I lived in Wisconsin.


Armybrat, what are you worried about? I’m sure the great folks in Wisconsin will reelect the far right wing nut Ayn Randian just as they reelected their far right wing governor.


Thanks, Russ. It’s bee a national disgrace, even out west here, to have Scott Walker these past years, in Madison’s highest of esteemed state chambers - this billionaire-owned libertarian shill. Simply, infamy!


I totally agree Bob-Scott Walker wouldn’t make A pimple on Russ Feingold’s ass-