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Remember 2003? Bolivia UN Ambassador Blasts US for Another Illegal Invasion


Remember 2003? Bolivia UN Ambassador Blasts US for Another Illegal Invasion

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Wielding an image of former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell during his infamous "weapons of mass destruction" speech that helped make the case for the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Sacha Llorenti, the Bolivian ambassador to the United Nations, blasted the United States for its unilateral military action against Syria saying it is "vital to remember what history teaches us."


Aagh, who cares what he says; he's just a beaner from the third world.

The US must protect the children of Syria the way it protects the children of Flint,
Michigan. Unnerstan?


It is interesting to see real diplomats at work. Observe the measured tones of Lavrov or Churkin, or any Latin American country, having passion but control and facts, then compare the US types eg 'Power, Rice, Haley, John Bolton(!), Madeleine Albright, chosen to be rude, confrontational and abusing the truth.


"Rude confrontational, and abusing the truth" have been the hallmarks of the most extensive crime syndicate the world has ever seen.


Seventy two hours ago Assad was not the target, the US was going to work with Russia to eliminate ISIS and there was a peace process taking shape. The "opposition" in NW Syria was on the ropes.

Seventy two hours ago Trump was on the outs with Congress and the Media.

Seventy two hours later all that changed.

Of particular note:

Republican Rep. Martha McSally praised the “measured, yet decisive” response, adding the attack showed the critical need for Raytheon’s Tomahawk production in Tucson, within her Ariz. district

At $1.5 million each 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles is a pretty chunk of change, especially if there's a promise of more to come. Mr. McCain must be pleased too, for all the usual reasons.


VIVA BOLIVIA! Bravo, Llorenti!

Thank you for your sane, sound, diplomatic approach to world affairs!


Did you read the same article that we did?


Snark maybe


I saw the Senegalese ambassador get cut off on CNN after the Rus. ambassador was spoke.


Makes we want to look into what the rules are for Bolivia accepting refugees from the US.


I see a pattern here. A Republican elected president even though he lost the popular vote, acts like he has a mandate, and attacks another country. Lots of swagger and bravado, little knowledge and thought. Too much macho and not enough gray matter at work upstairs.


Thanks, Bolivia, for stating the real, ( rather than alternative), facts. There aren't many countries that will call the U.S. to task. I'm sure they will pay a price.


Didn't Noam Chomsky predict something like this (US militancy) just last week? Hey, if a president is unpopular, a new war will turn it around!


What is left to wonder is whether the Trump administration will arm and fund the various terrorist groups like the Obama administration did. We'll know soon enough.



you would do no better with hillary who demanded a "no fly zone' in the sovereign nation of syria. of course, the US could fly there..". we are the world"


brava bolivia. now we need all the rest of the world to condemn us and boycott us. this is what it will take and can be done


Here are two interesting articles and one video, with some ad-libbing by yours truly:

1) Recommended by Paul Craig Roberts, from Roberts' Website:

The Impending Clash Between the U.S. and Russia -- Apr. 7, 2017 -- Mike Whitney -- Counterpunch

Indicates that there were people in Syria, within the CIA and the military, who, prior to last night's attack, were considering blowing the lid off of the lies that led to last night's attack. The question now is whether they'll still decide to come forward.

2) Russian MoD Says US Missile Attack on Syrian Airbase Prepared Long Ago -- Apr. 7, 2017 -- Sputniknews

In contrast to claims of the U.S. military, that these missiles are accurate to within 25 feet of their intended target, Russian Defense Ministry claims that only 23 missiles made it to the base. 36 missiles are unaccounted for (one of more hit civilian structures immediately outside of the base, while one or more are known to have hit a village 2.5 miles away). Say major runway is relatively unscathed. Six jets destroyed (U.S. says 20 jets were destroyed - I haven't determined yet whose numbers are more accurate).

Obviously, the U.S. public has no knowledge of this; and, Raytheon's stock has jumped. I wouldn't want to be a member of a U.S. ground force relying on these missiles.

3) DRONE VIDEO of Syria missile strike aftermath released by Russian MoD


One is left to wonder what Putin's response will be. Note that they've moved a Calibr-equipped frigate into the area.


So nice to hear the words of a sane Statesman, from a civilized country!


Actually, I'm beginning to hate "our way of life".