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'Remember These Names': 33 House Democrats Just Joined the GOP to Give a Major Gift to Wall Street

'Remember These Names': 33 House Democrats Just Joined the GOP to Give a Major Gift to Wall Street

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Handing President Donald Trump a major legislative victory and delivering a huge gift to Wall Street banks on the very same day they reported record-shattering profits, 33 House Democrats joined nearly every Republican late Tuesday in passing a deregulatory measure that independent analysts say


No reason to pass this bill, zero. Utter garbage and this is why primaries exist.


The voters need to be reminded over and over, that this is just one more in a long list of examples where those with the money, those with the power, get what they want at the expense of everyone else. The voters must be reminded that the banks did not pass this bill, the politicians whose job it is to represent all the people passed this bill. And every one of them is a thief, a crook, an enemy of the people. And every one of them, be they Republican or Democrat, white or black, male or female, needs to be discredited and fired, voted out of office and, lucky for us, we are only months away from having the opportunity to do so.

Voting may be only marginally effective and largely symbolic, but let us not waste this opportunity to make a statement.


Vote for more Democrats Lrx?

Some people never learn.


Where are we going…?

and why are we in this hand-basket !?!


Hey LRX, tell me again why we need to vote Dimocrat instead of Rethuglican? Oh yes, because they are the “lesser evil.”

Evil is evil. Whether we get to fascism quickly, under the glaring evil of Rethugs, or a bit slower, under the subtle evil of Dims, we still get there. Stop being part of the fucking problem.


As a political rule of thumb and something to remember for anyone choosing to vote D, with rare exceptions, there are always enough Democrats voting with Republicans to derail any progressive reform or, in this case, destroy what little progress has been accomplished. Remember this the next time Bernie Sanders are one of the so-called progressives in the party tell you to vote Democrat.


Every time there’s an election, I make a statement. It goes like this:

“Since I know that both major parties are on the take, whether from corporations, the predatory rich, or other crooks, and since there’s no line on my ballot to indicate “None of the Above,” I’m voting Green, independent or write-in. Next time send me better candidates. Thanks for your consideration.”


So, where in the article is/are the specific changes made???
Amateur hour.

Agreed, “two wings of the same bird of prey”. And voting is really only minimally significant. But election years give us an opportunity to call out the bastards, loudly and often insult their status and reputation, enumerate their crimes, and call for their replacement by ANYONE ELSE. If a significant portion of the local community did so, the effect WOULD be significant.


Author sez: “…approving the deregulatory measure, which weakens oversight of 25 of the nation’s 38 largest banks…”

Uh-oh. Sounds like 13 banks need to seriously up their Campaign Donation™ game.


I hate Bera. He is a corporate dem 100%. Makes me want to barf. Ami Barf. He is my congressman and I will work to find a replacement.

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Will we differentiate between these Conservative Democrat Blue Dogs, DNC, DCCC, and others that depend on corporate bribes, from Democratic Socialists like Bernie and other progressives who happen to be in the big party? Or will we allow the fascists to remain in power to make a point?

Here is an interesting video from the bible thumpers. Watch before it disappears:


As I have pointed out so many times over the past two decades, the duopoly, the “D’s” and “R’s” are just sock puppets for the Oligarchy. They are there just to give us the idea that we have some input into government. It is just Kabuki.
*It has never mattered to them which “party” wins as they own them both, and both parties are well paid to do what they are told.
*The only possible salvation for this nation is for We the People to wake up and decide to take it back. That means we have to decide to cooperate for the common good. There are over a hundred small political parties active here. Most of them are run by very well meaning people who believe they have the answer to our troubles.
*The problem is that each of them is competing with each other to get that mystical 5% that will allow them to sit in the same room with the D/R “debaters”. The Oligarchy loves this as it divides those who want to change the system. Hell, they even contribute to some of them to keep them alive. They are very good at “divide and conquer”.
*If those hundred parties would look at their collective numbers and decide that there are enough of us to actually overcome or weaken the the sock puppets, we could take our country back.
*In the 1940s, We the People cooperated to rid the world of Nazism and Fascism. We sacrificed, we worked toward a common goal and we won.
*I see no reason why We the People cannot cooperate and work to rid the nation of its rising Nazism and Fascism. We just need to throw our efforts into that goal and not be distracted by the charades of trump and his rubber stamp Reichstag Congress and Senate, and “Supreme” Court.
*We have to find and recognize people who want to become actual representatives of We the People. Then work to elect them, and give them our full support once in, as there will be a lot of pressure on them to conform to the Duopoly and its Oligarchic Masters.
*Or, we can just watch the Kabuki, and resign ourselves to poverty, hunger, ill health, homelessness and grueling work for whatever pittance might be granted us until we are worn out and die, the harness being passed on to our children and grandchildren.
*The sock puppets have shown us over and over that they will always cooperate to see that the Oligarchy gets its way despite our objections. Let’s put the Duopoly in Coventry and rebuild our Constitutional Republic. It worked pretty well for over two centuries.


Where is your exemption in this. Really, attack the few remaining opposition and just hand it to Trump. But, please save the exceptionalism for another day or explain how your position can prevent this. “tick-tock”

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Solution: Stop using those banks while you still have enough money for it matter. When you hear the word convenience as in for your convenience, ask yourself a question?

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Most articles here are that way. All that’s occurring is they are raising the amount of assets a bank has to have to be subject to Dodd Frank from $50M to $250M. This is actually a good thing for medium to large sized banks as the same Dodd Frank rules still apply to the largest banks (Citi, Chase, Wells etc.). This allows those medium to large size banks to better compete with the big boys.

The gifts will keep flowing in both directions until we can get corporate money out of politics. Of course, these people are traitors to the people of the U.S. but will they be held responsible for that?

Compete for what?

Thx for your reply. “…raising the amount of assets…” Just another couple barrels of synthetic trash to find a home for!"