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Remember When Betsy DeVos Said ‘Dreamers’ Shouldn’t Worry About The Trump Administration?


Remember When Betsy DeVos Said ‘Dreamers’ Shouldn’t Worry About The Trump Administration?

Valerie Strauss

There’s been a lot of reaction from within the world of education to the Trump administration’s decision to end the federal program that allows younger undocumented immigrants, known as “dreamers,” to live in the United States without fear of being deported — and just about all of it has been negative. But one person hasn’t been heard from: U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.


Remember when you had never even heard of Betsy DeVos? Ahhh…the good old days!


Looking for examples of the Trumpster model being one of ‘building’ an empty structure (for collapse)? The ‘except’ in exceptionalism.
The sister of the mercenary bows to her puppet taskmaster and silently folds her hands. Hey, if you can’t steal their tuition, through institutional fraud (Trump University and then bloviate about the “criminals” and conflate your yell at the most vulnerable with “throw 'em out”.

DeVos’ PAC All children Matter - as empty vessels from which DeVos can extract money for personal enrichment. Why? Because she is “exceptional”.

In other words, the “exceptional elite”, are what they claim they are ONLY from their own narcissistic perspective (despite there not being 3 or even 2 dimensions in that so-called perspective, perhaps more aptly characterized as ‘mirror world’.


Nothing that DeVos says should be believed at this point. When you look at her history in Michigan it screams dishonest, possibly sociopathic. She still technically owes the federal government millions for having to “clean up” messes caused by her anti-gay PACS. Were she not an heiress, with her personality structure being what it appears, she would be a common grifter. That’s one reason she got in-essentially she is a plant by Trump to thieve. Someone he identifies with. He is quite confused with any definition of businessperson. And she is not even that. And no way would he get near a real academic, he could not even speak to them. It all makes sense. She is a liar, period.


Remember when Betsy didn’t lie… whoa, neither do I!


I’m disinclined to believe anything she says…
Except for where she actually conceded buying influence…


If you follow what she has said and done so far, none of it is positive. Right now she is attacking the college loan setup-destroying Obama’s payback program and taking away consumer investigation capabilities people were previously entitled to against companies holding their loans. That’s just so far. I would suspect in due time she will make her big pounce against K-12 schools on variety of issues. She is a rapacious beast, and it is a great shame that she will never see the inside of a prison. That’s why she and Pruit have personally bothered me so much. Both are quickly affecting millions of lives negatively, and the nation seems to be tied up about what we can do about it, if anything She and Pruitt are both murderers in their own way, as is basically all the Cabinet to some degree. May they have horrible lives yet to come.


goat… you’re being understated and way too kind. these creatures are the scuz of the earth. they’re so vile that i bet the hungriest carnivore in the jungle wouldn’t eat them.


did you hear NPR’s article about her??? like she’s a real human being with maybe one wart.

i damn near threw my radio through the window. and i thought joni and that brunette dingbat who wanted to be pres (not palin) were nauseating. ugh… i hated her so much i can’t think of her name… jesus, even joni supported the trans being able to be in the military…


DeVos has come in with the air of invincibility, why is a mystery to me. She has nothing other than way too much cash, and she is doing battle with the educated sector, who may not have money but are generally watching her every move. We wait for her to stumble into a deep well, hoping it is soon…