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Remembering Cast Lead: How Corporate Media Continue To Justify Israel's Criminal Excesses


Remembering Cast Lead: How Corporate Media Continue To Justify Israel's Criminal Excesses

Belén Fernández

Media defences of Israel have become so institutionalised that the situation is almost boring to discuss.

Children at al-Shifa hospital in Gaza after a strike by Israel (Facebook / المركز الفلسطيني للاعلام)


Tom Friedman, Alan Dershowitz - two fine candidates for elimination when the revolution comes…


From the article:

“One wonders what unlimited action might entail.”

That would be the Samson Option.


Why wait for the Revolution?


To the “Corporate Media,” it’s always the Palestinians who “started” it. This blindness (particularly in the US) is directly attributable to a carefully crafted/nurtured Zionist narrative.

For according to this narrative, it’s never the Palestinians responding to being dispossessed and caged into open air prisons, but the poor Israelis responding to “terror.”

It’s not the Palestinians upset at having their land forcibly “partitioned” out from underneath them in order to provide primarily European Jews with a safe haven from horrible persecution, it’s Zionists simply “defending themselves” against hordes who are attacking them for no apparent reason, their “anti-Semitism,” or anything else but their displacement.

As for the so-called “peace talks,” it’s not the Palestinians repeatedly agreeing to part with nearly 90 percent of historic Palestine despite having been forcibly imposed upon all these decades, it’s the Israelis who are the ones graciously willing to part with their land to these irrational and ungrateful natives.

What started out as propaganda crafted to ease Zionist consciences, has now transformed over time in their minds into “historical truth,” which continues to operate as the frame for all discussion in the Corporate Media. This is just one of the many reasons why the Zionist narrative poses an obstacle peace.


Ah yes, the author is enamored/horrified with scenes of blood and guts, of horrific wounds and poor Palestinians. I get it. Such scenes are horrific, sad, a shame. Where, however, is the slightest recognition of the proximate cause for this catastrophe? No mention of rockets fired from Gazan schools and hotels and mosques with the intent of causing civilian casualties, a clear war crime. No mention of Palestinian and Arab refusal to live in peace with Jews. Only conspiracy theories about “Corporate Media.” Palestinians had peace and their own country for the taking in 1947, for the asking while Jordan occupied the entire West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem, from 1948 till 1967; for a signature in 2000 and after. It was never Palestinian land. It was Jewish and Roman and Christian and Ottoman and finally British over the centuries. One people agreed to share it, one people didn’t. The saddest part is that the Palestinians continue to play a all or nothing game, where the outcome for them is nothing, and shrinking. The Jews have suffered countless calamities and continue to thrive because moving on is better than trying to reconstruct the past. Where is the concern for
the lives of their people from Palestinian leaders? Why are they mired in despair. Why do they choose the path of terrorism and hatred and “honor” instead of a better life for the asking. That’s the question the author should ask and explore. Instead, she buys into the narrative of death and misery for the sake of a tragic devotion to historic rights and the glory of martyrdom. Shame on her and all the Arab leaders abetting this tragedy.


Thomas Friedman and Rush Limbaugh are both frauds and liars; they just speak to different audiences.


There is no justification for Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. Most of the world knows this.
Americans have been manipulated and lied to for so long, that they cannot tell right from wrong,
it seems.


Well why don’t you Jews make a better live for yourselves without murdering and robbing another people of their land.

Why are you Jews such racist white filth? The dissembling lying rationalizations of your murderous racism is positively, phantasmagorically vile! There is not a single physical fact in your screed. Have you Jews no SHAME???


Concisely stated - with the requisite bitterness!


Yep, the Zionist Israelis will have their “Promised Land” one way or another, even if they have to bring the Rapture themselves.


You sir, just defined yourself as the epitome of racist filth.


Remove your blinders. Your depictions are specious at best, racist hogwash at worst. It is the Palestinians and many Arabs who hold and publish official goals to eradicate Israel and massacre the Jews therein. Not the other way around.


Thus the critic of foul murder identifies those he plans to murder. Ironic? or pathetic? What is your background and nationality. Of what are you a fine specimen?


And your cherished beliefs are the product of 70 years of very effective PR!
One of us is wrong.


To whom is this question addressed?


O really? So is hating fascism “racist” too?

Zionist Judaism, for which the overwhelming majority of USAns and Israelis who self-identify as “Jewish” are adherents, is a belief-system - part race-supremacist ideology, part religion.

Hating vile belief systems is not racist.


It amazes me when Zionists talk about how “grateful” the Palestinians should have been to get what was “offered” by the UN partition.

It’s the equivalent of me “partitioning” half your land without your consent. And when you resist, I forcibly take the rest, mocking that you should have been “grateful” for the half I had “offered” to leave for you.

Can it really be said that your resistance, either before or afterwards, legalized my taking because you had the temerity to use violence.

Despite the Zionist myth that the Palestinian resistance is to blame for the creation/expansion of Israel, it should be noted that most Zionists have always believed that the Jewish people had an inherent and inalienable right to Palestine.

Religious Zionists have stated this in biblical terms, referring to the divine promise of the land to the tribes of Israel. Secular Zionists, on the other hand, have relied more on the argument that Palestine alone could solve the problem of Jewish dispersion and virulent anti-Semitism.

But, let’s be clear here, NEVER was the consent of the indigenous population ever seriously taken into consideration by any of these Zionists, the Europeans or the UN.

To assert, as Zionists often do, that the Palestinians could have had half of their OWN land if they simply had acceded to such foreign dictation, is simply ludicrous.


No response, I looks like the paid habarist “peacedoc” got orders to troll elsewhere…