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Remembering Harris Wofford, Who Dreamed of a ‘United States of the World’

Remembering Harris Wofford, Who Dreamed of a ‘United States of the World’

Tad Daley

“Count no man happy until he dies,” declared Sophocles 24 long centuries ago, in the immortal final line of Oedipus Rex. The sages of ancient Greece understood that the purpose, the meaning, the verdict on a life couldn’t be rendered until after it had run its course — and perhaps not until decades or centuries later.

Here is a contemporary critique of the British version and report of a debate at the time - the Federal Union Vs The Socialist Party of Great Britain


Well, in case you haven’t noticed, Tad, that’s more or less what the expanding European project, the EU, has slowly been doing for the last 69 years.

While I applaud the efforts of the EU, it has been stricken with grave shortcomings.

The Formal, Brussels Approved, Euthanasia of Migrating Peoples displaced by National Wars, Exterminations of Peoples, and Slow Famines, shows just how short the Vision of the EU remains.

The Fact that much of this Human Eradication is Facilitated, Aided and Abetted by the United States, is our Shame and Crime in the Face of such a World.

I read Wofford’s book. He was on the right track at a very young age. We’d better work together to unify our earth home or we’ll go down as fools. Rest in peace Harris Wofford.