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Remembering Katrina in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement


Remembering Katrina in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

Tracey Ross

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, 80 percent of New Orleans was under water, thousands of people were displaced, and at least 1,800 people were killed. The country watched in disbelief as residents — a disproportionate number of whom were black — pleaded for help on rooftops as then-President George W. Bush watched from afar — first from Washington, D.C., then overhead from a helicopter.


Hmmmm-No mention of the failure of the Corp. of Engineers and their inadequate Levy maintenance/repair- This was as much A Man made disaster as much as A Natural Disaster-

No mention of he arrogance of Mr. Bush, who refused an offer from the Cuban search and rescue teams- Known as one of the very best rescue teams on the Planet- If Bush had no plans to help these people and leave them in A filthy, sweat shop sports stadium, then he could at least of had the humanity to take up the generous offer of the Cuban people!

No mention of the Insurance scams that took full advantage of the situation in the wake of the storm- (Think disaster Capitalism)- No mention of the gentrification of neighborhoods by wealthy investors taking full advantage of these victims of disaster-

You wrote A some what decent article here Tracey, but left one hell of A lot of the tragedy out-


Thanks for reading. I would have loved to have written a book, but unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity. Instead, I hope people read the point I am trying to make and don’t expect this to be the exhaustive history of the blundered response to Katrina. That’s a different piece.


O.K. and good enough Tracy- It is so easy to criticize without taking into consideration another’s intent- Thanks for getting back with me on this one Tracey-And thanks for the much needed follow up to this tragedy of lacking human compassion-


I’m just glad there’s a civil exchange in a comments section! :)You raised a number of important points though, so I want to acknowledge that. Fortunately there’s a lot of good coverage going on right now. I hope it continues beyond this anniversary.


Well, I for one did learn one hell of A lot from your article, about the situation the people there went through that I otherwise would have never known and remained ignorant of -And this goes for many other life situations observed from afar but not lived…
I can only hope that articles like your’s and resultant comments will help out with awareness and maybe make for some needed change in the future, and let us all hope there are no more vultures like the Bush’s in the White House- The total abandon of that President for these Americans is unforgivable and unspeakable…And that also goes for the New Orleans Police in the draconian way in which they handled this-
On A lighter note, Hats off to Sean Penn for his compassion and concern-


I think the only sane response is a profound apology to the Black Community for a long chain of transgressions. Your article makes perfect sense, provides important statistical data in support of the points you make and offers a case that no honest humanitarian can challenge.

Your grace under fire is admirable. Most of the people who post in this forum show arrogance in critiques made to writers who exceed them in life experience, academic credentials, moral fiber, writing ability, and often, basic decency. They attack the writers to block out the nature of the content being delivered. It’s a regular industry… right wing and/or military-corporate groups fund it.


Oh really, an “apology”? And what good is “an apology”? This won’t even begin to make their lives whole again, and you say that this is “the only sane response”- I really think that you are somehow missing the big picture here SR-

You need an “attitude adjustment” about the posters here on CD- No one here wants to suffer your imaginary false accusations or any of the other tripe you offer up- You have become A source of distraction and I have my suspicions as to your agenda…Who is paying you SR???


I thoroughly enjoyed this article. I believe it’s a necessary reminder to everyone. We are all affected and we are all responsible. I play a small role in the resiliency efforts in the northeastern area and there are so many people today that are displaced and waiting to be ‘assessed’ for their damage from Sandy. Maybe we can work on something in the future! Again, great article! #BlackLivesMatter