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Remembering the Battle for Seattle: Organizers Launch Project to Reflect on 20 Years of Lessons

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/15/remembering-battle-seattle-organizers-launch-project-reflect-20-years-lessons

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" It is imperative that we remember what happened in Seattle 20 years ago". As someone who was in Seattle 20 years ago… I agree,.enough said!


I was there, and remember it as the best week of my life, a time when my dream of the world’s people uniting in solidarity was manifest for a whole week. It was glorious. One of very few really successful efforts. I think DAN’s work to ACTUALLY BLOCK the conference was part of it, but I also give credit to the International Forum on Globalization, which held a packed teach-in over 3 days prior to the start of events. There were lots of speakers who weren’t white males, first time I’d experienced that; it was where I first heard about GMO food; it was informative but was also stirring, as much rally as Teach-in. Speaker after speaker urged us to hit the park at 7 a.m Tuesday ready for direct action. I hadn’t planned on it, didn’t want to risk missing my plane home Friday, 3 weeks before graduating college. But my companion decided to be there so I went too, and ended up getting involved.
I always thought though, that our win there was partly because our enemies were asleep at the switch–but Seattle woke them up. I think of 9/11 as their response, their means of instituting permanent repressive measures.


Definitely one of my life’s peak experiences! Thanks for keeping it going, David and Stephanie. Next let’s have an article on what we learned to help us in going forward.

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I’m having a hard time connecting the 9/11 terrorists with the WTO.

I’m happy to explain, in two jumps. First I connect WTO to the US government because the IMF, World Bank and WTO are largely though not entirely controlled by the the US–that is, by the power cabal that runs the US government (the American PEOPLE are irrelevant). What happened in Seattle was a very serious, in-their-face challenge to the ruling global mafia that had expected another turn of the screw of giving ever more rights to corporations, taking them away from governments which at least might act in the interest of people. So what happened? A year and a half later, a melodramatic, highly televised terror attack on American symbols with thousands of deaths, which worked like a charm to allow the US government, and then others all over the world, to get away with restrictions on citizen rights and amplification of governmental rights, including the right to act in secrecy as they remove all secrecy from citizens-- no one has a right to privacy. The abuses of power are quite visible but the worst parts are somewhat hidden–changes in laws that will allow the government to effectively suspend the Constitution by invoking “terrorism.” They aren’t using that much yet, nor the abuses the termination of net neutrality will allow. But they are in hand for the day when the US people finally decide they’ve had enough. 9/11 also laid out a path to several wars of choice, wars dreamed of by the Project for a New American Century. W/Cheney also got a big spike in popularity, despite W’s very poor handling of the situation. So—YES, I’m saying I don’t find it credible that a ragtag group of fanatics in Afghanistan carried off this attack so successfully without help, and that a key question when something like this happens is “who benefits?” Because very like those who benefited had something to do with the crime. After Seattle, I said, “The monster is knocked back on its heels, but it will be getting up and fighting back–we need to be ready.” I didn’t picture something like 9/11 but maybe I should have, because this cabal owns most of the world’s governments, and their chief tool to deal with opponents like the global justice movement is repression–but it was 9/11 that ENABLED the repression. It’s necessary for them to keep most of the population drinking the Kool-ade. Overt repression and fascist moves without that justification would have aroused more opposition.

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Excellent explanation. 9/11, Cui bono?? The greatest and most egregious lie ever told! I do not claim to know what happened on 9/11…but I do know this: IT IS NOT WHAT THE U. S. GOVERNMENT HAS TOLD US, unless you believe in fairy tales!