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Reminder of 'How Often Fracking Pipelines Blow Up': 7 Hospitalized After Series of Explosions in Texas


Reminder of 'How Often Fracking Pipelines Blow Up': 7 Hospitalized After Series of Explosions in Texas

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A series of natural gas pipeline explosions in Midland County, Texas on Wednesday hospitalized seven people with injuries and highlighted the risks of transporting fossil fuels.


Corporate death machine rolls on.




LPG fires are special animals, and have to be treated as such. You don’t extinguish these fires or you risk a major explosion with reignition. The source of the gas must be cut off at the nearest valve, and wait for the gas to burn off, while protecting the exposures as best as you can, and lowering the temperatures of the surrounding materials with a fine water mist.
I responded to a dock fire involving a 24 in. LPG line that was ruptured and ignited at Chevrons largest refinery in the US. The fire ball was about 100 ft. in dia., the closest valve was about 75 yrds. away, that line burned for 2.5 - 3 hrs. after the valve was shut off, and destroyed the dock. Imagine what kind of damage that would do in you’re town.


Lets hope the 42 inch high-pressure gas pipeline 100 feet from the Indian Point Nuclear facility infrastructure doesn’t blow!

Nuclear and gas pipelines really shouldn’t go together - or at all IMO, especially when safety studies were fraudulent, limited, and incompetent!

35 miles from downtown Manhattan, Indian Point itself is a threat to near 20 million people and when coupled with a 42 inch gas pipeline is much more so. “Accidents” are unforeseen events, it is criminal negligence when a threat is known, or hidden from the public, or critical safety standards lowered, or events lied-about but not acted-on! The AIM pipeline was such a case of fraudulent and incompetent safety studies to serve the industry. Andy Cuomo’s promised “independent safety review” took over 2 years to release - not the BS “leadership” touted by Cuomo’s re-election campaign we only see at election time! Nixon’s the one!

IP’s history of radioactive leaks into groundwater, the Hudson River, hidden night-time “venting” releases, higher local cancers (as at all nuke plants) and reduced safety standards to serve the industry by the corrupt NRC. the “deal” to shut IP is full of holes, like the SAFSTOR 60 year delay to decontaminate and restore to “Greenfield” condition! Deadly spent fuel will also be stored on site and the gas pipeline - unless banned and shut - will remain a grave threat!

Not to mention fossil fuels, like fracked-gas, and their impact on climate change and the threat to the entire earth and all life forms…What good really is the benefit of electricity from nuclear or fossil fuels if they kill us quickly and/or slowly? We are surely intelligent enough to switch to green, sustainable energy but not to get the corruption out of politics, and the power of old fossil-fuel industry money that subverts the process out of the equation!



Not a word on the local news. No surprise, Sinclair owns the stations.


One of my main corroborations that the war on terror was a hoax was that there were not systemic attacks on the EXTREMELY vulnerable energy infrastructure throughout the country. Yes, the body count might be lower than an attack on a stadium (where the people can be induced into a terrified state by sniffing and scanning (see Michael Chertoff)), but the low-hanging fruit nature of such targets surely put them on any real terrorists’ maps. As an engineering professor at the time, trust me there were many discussions among faculty about where such vulnerabilities existed. Many faculty used the opportunity to pick the government’s (your) pocket to study such obvious targets of opportunity. Seeing no intellectual worth to such endeavors, I “foolishly” passed on such re$earch.


Not too long ago “Sinclair owns the stations” would be associated with a big green dinosaur… funny how that works


Keep thinning the Cracker herd.


I kind of hope it does.