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Reminder To Rabid Georgia Police Attacking Anti-Fascist Protesters: The Nazis Are the Bad Guys. Love, America


Reminder To Rabid Georgia Police Attacking Anti-Fascist Protesters: The Nazis Are the Bad Guys. Love, America

Because it wasn't bad enough to have Nazis descend on Newnan, GA for a rally to honor Hitler's birthday - note to oblivious law enforcement: Inappropriate Celebration Alert - the authorities gathered over 700 combat-ready, riot-gear-swaddled, assault-weapon-bearing cops who, in the military hardware excitement of the moment, chose to attack and point said weapons at unarmed protesters; then they arrested them under an obscure 1951 law banning masks that was originally aimed at the KKK. Hello?


THIS is what Fascism looks like! It is here…NOW!!! Whomever cannot see it is either mentally/emotionally asleep or think the news of this is just another "reality(?) T.V. show. Either way, those people are ALLOWING the continued growth of “NEO-NAZISM, AMERICAN STYLE”!!!


Good–no platform for the fascists!


It is much too late to remind the fascist police about anything! The US is well on its way to being a true police state from having to show your papers to being shot while black, nothing evil is beyond these brain dead and brutal human robots!


But the fascist cops had to hurry home to celebrate Confederate Memorial Day. That’s assuming they made sure to stop and pick up bleach to launder their white robes in time.


Nothing on the killing of four people killed in a waffle house? Maybe this goes against the narrative of metal detectors and guards at every corner??? WHY ARE WE NOT CONNECTING THE DOTS OF ALL THIS GUN VIOLENCE???


There a whole lot of hate going on down there. The COPS faces are filled with hate. It an insidious poison that creeps through a society to poison all.

It the end result of the complete breakdown of community wherein the INDIVIDUAL begins to see everyone as the enemy outside of the small groups they associate with be it based on skin color, religion , political affiliation or the uniform worn.


SS wanabees with a drawl! Shame on Georgia!


The Fascists have hidden behind their false religion for nefarious purposes with this mantra for far too long! What they really mean: BLESS THE WAR CRIMINALS; BLESS THE FASCISTS; BLESS THE POLICE STATE; BLESS THE WAR PROFITEERS!


The next time the fascists want to stage some attention grabbing fool event like Hitler’s birthday, no one should show up except one reporter to record the name and take the picture of every stupid goose stepping participant. Then we all know who to avoid. Hitler’s birthday indeed. If there is an earth quake it will be the corpse of every dead member of the greatest generation turning over in their graves.


This is cop fun. Coptainment. A friend used to know a bunch of cops who were happy to impress her with “things they could do to civilians.” Their idea of fun. That is what a cop is.


Georgia has a history and it is not all peaches and cream.