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Reminder to the Press: Trump's Deadly Covid-19 Failures Are Still Happening

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/29/reminder-press-trumps-deadly-covid-19-failures-are-still-happening


Almost five months have passed since Trump was notified of the impending pandemic. Due to his criminal negligence and gross incompetence no national plan was ever formed, except to deny any responsibility for himself. The contact tracing and enforced quarantines which worked in those countries which responded relatively quickly never even got lip service here. To date I have heard of only one effort in the entire country, and the window to snuff out the virus through identifying those infected and enforcing quarantines has long ago passed. Therefore we have approximately 25 million people in this country who have now been infected, and every state which has recently ‘opened up’ now has record numbers of new infections and deaths. The only plan we have as a nation is to admit we are incapable - and unwilling - of dealing with it, give up, stop testing, stop reporting and pretend it has gone away like our ‘dear leader’ predicted. We will rationalize all this by telling ourselves that there was never any use in trying anyway.

As if we needed any more proof of our status as a ‘failed state’.


Superb article, Dan Froomkin!


“…Will we now normalize mass deaths too?”

Really Mehdi? As if 200+ years as a nation based on genocide to manifest its destiny and all those millions mowed down “over there” in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Middle East, Central America, the Caribbean and more, hadn’t long ago normalized that idea. The only thing new is moving it back inside the borders and letting it expand to include non-black and brown bodies.

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A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    21 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   3.  02/13/2020          12          12
>   6.  03/05/2020         151         163
>   9.  03/26/2020      85,192      85,355
>  12.  04/16/2020     576,356     661,711
>  15.  05/07/2020     587,689   1,249,400
>  18.  05/28/2020     471,787   1,721,187

Spanning to 5/28 totally fills out 18 weeks, as USA’s first case is logged for 1/24. Just as the course of the disease can be quite lengthy for those severely hit, so will the course of this outbreak stretch out with implacable tenacity. This novel microbe is a remarkably slow burn. We’re well into warmer weeks now, on the verge of the surge from Memorial Day (remember that?) – because this new microbe is no flu. SARS2 could care less about warmer or cooler weeks, so long as it can find congregate carriers, to keep rolling another 18 weeks. No slowdown is in sight for any of the stupidest countries: USA, UK, and Sweden – where laissez-faire means let it go.

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