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Remnants of War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/12/remnants-war


See Libya, where it revealed that arms coming to one of the factions spreading violence and chaos are coming from the French Military.

To answer the question as to how many more civilians these people willing to kill and maim , the answer is “they will kill and maim until the arms companies no longer make profits off of it”


Exactly Profundis. A good example of “who cares” goes to the U.S.
At one point we were selling arms to Iran and Iraq while they were at war. Equal opportunity for all MIC players.


In 1902 Vickers, an arms company in Great Britian and Krupp, an arms maker in Germany signed a contract wherein Vickers was to pay Krupp royalties on a patent for explosive shells that Krupp had.

This royalty was paid through part of the first world war and the amount paid was based on the number of Germans wounded or killed by British artillery fire. These payments were suspended partways through the war and held in trust instead (The deal was leaked to the press and was rather embarrasing to the crown). After the war krupp sued Vickers and settled for a reduced royalty payment.


Well, if you ask us how many we are willing to kill, we say- “As many as it takes.”
Point is, they don’t care, it’s not about any sort of morality norm, It’s the bread man.

Besides being damn near a walking saint, for crying out loud, Ms Kelly also knows – oh sister, oh brother! – how to write blistering prose like this gem:

Entering without permission, they hung banners, displayed crime scene tape and poured their blood on the base grounds. They protested the U.S.’ preparations, far exceeding those of any other nation, to commit “omnicide”, to carpet the world in in fire, in fallout, in the snows of a deadly “nuclear winter,” in ash.

Only there are many paths to omnicide. Indeed, apparent death throes of the global ecosystem are at hand. If humans were the slightest bit serious about avoiding omnicide via global carbon poisoning, then warfare – the most horrendously stupid, huge carbon pollution source – would be out of the question.

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I love how articles involving Afghanistan always refer to the Taliban, never, ever mentioning just once, that the TALIBAN are Afghanis people. They do have a right, to defend their own country that has been attacked so unjustly and occupied illegally. So stop making them out to be some sort of Illegal entity.


Exactly! As invaders of a foreign country, only America has the option of calling off its participation in a devastating war which we started and should never have happened in the first place. Our excuse of self-defense does not hold up against the totally immoral practices of kidnappinng, renditions, and torture that Bush and company cooked up. The image of George W Bush peacefully and happily spending his days painting pictures while the wars he started more than 17 years ago continue on is sickening. Every vestige of our presence in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria should be removed so that the nightmare we caused can start to fade.

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Thank you Itchyvet – I had initially included these lines in the article: Remnant of War:

The U.S. government should not play a role in determining Afghanistan’s future governance.
But the U.S. government and military should be held accountable for bloodshed, environmental
destruction and trauma caused by aerial terrorism, explosive remnants of war (U.S. mines
and munitions strewn across the country), night raids, torture, imprisonment without charge, and war
profiteering engaged in by major weapon makers and weapon peddlers. The U.S. should
formally acknowledge: War is not the answer. Every warring party in Afghanistan should do
the same, but U.S. people must learn about and repent for U.S. government and military crimes.
We could commit funds redirected from the U.S. military budget to assist with honest reconstruction efforts."
I took them out because it seemed it might be better to focus a separate article on this.–Kathy Kelly


Yup, “And the winners are”, Osama Bin Laden and the real G.W. Bush. They instilled a sick sense of fear into the American psyche.
Bush and his close cohort are still making money for the contractors they seeded. Think maybe some of that is manifested in kickbacks? After all the Bush’s have been in this game as far back as Prescott traitor Bush.

Hi voiceinwild. A number of understatements here. Of course they are accurate statements, and advice to be followed. These comments are run-of-the-mill, but do need to be said to remind us of how bad things have become.
“Things have changed” Dylan. But mostly for the worse.

Hi voiceinwind,

Talk about “I am so unworthy!” There are some folks who regard you right up there, voiceinwind, with all the historical fighters from the trenches of struggle for liberty, equality, love, and justice. You’ve done plenty, you’ll do plenty more, and you’ll never be forgotten. Obviously I’m an embarrassingly mouth-agape groupie before a personal hero, here. I just had to say thanks.

Having just reread The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein which was published in 2007, the whole mess of endless wars clearly becomes a series of corporatist enterprises. And it starts by shocking us into a fear of terrorism.

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