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'Remorseless' Dylan Roof Receives Death Penalty for Church Massacre


While I understand the impulse to remove this damaged human from the planet, I do often think that a life sentence would in some ways be a more terrible punishment.



Obomber kills people every day. In fact, it's been calculated he has dropped 72 bombs a day, on average, for every day he's been in office.

This 22 year old boy is mentally sick as our war-hawks, imho. Should we make him president? He's obviously got the Obama gift of blankness. You Naked Apes are sick bunch. Your days are numbered since you can't control your numbers and can't quit fouling your nest every day. You think killing and war (especially neo-con Democrats) is the answer to everything.

Some ecology scientists, who are experts in extinction say we have until 2026 until we go extinct. Adios Naked Ape! At least you won't infect the rest of the Universe with your constant destruction!


Nobody here is excusing what Dylan Roof, or other guys like him have done. He was a real psychopath, with no conscience. It's not incorrect to say that he had extremely racist and bigoted attitudes, which he had to have picked up and developed from somewhere, namely his familial upbringing. As for the fact that he went out and killed people, he was angry and hostile enough to do that, and nobody knows how or why.


That's true, natureboy. Victims all too often come up to be victimizers.


Hold on there a minute, PonyBoy!

Where exactly do you get the idea that I'm sympathetic towards Dylan Roof??? He was an horrible, vicious person, who committed heinous crimes, i. e. killing people just simply because they were black and he was white. While it's true that Dylan Roof had no respect for human life, and was a cold-blooded killer, I'm of the opinion that the death penalty is not the way to go, because when the state is given the power to kill somebody, it puts itself down to the same level of brutality as the person who committed the heinous crime(s) for which they were executed.


What he did, and who he is, is a product of the society. And it also seems he is a 22 years old person with not much material or mental stability or support. While not condoning in any way his atrocious act, the death penalty is not the solution to the root of the problem. It's just a hypocritical and barbaric way to deal with the result. We should not be rejoicing that we too are murdering a 22 years old - despite of how despicable or in need of help he may be.


Horrifying to think that Dylan Roof is not mentally ill and that there are many more who think like him, who have been socialized to hate in this tradition of patriotism.
Culture wars indeed.


Sorry Ma. I meant no disrespect. I was born in 1951 there were 2 billion people on this Earth. Now, there are 7. This world of our is too crowded for us to continue warehousing violent criminals. What logical reason is there for doing so? Aside from any moral argument for taking a life, Ma, what one thing could be said to keep a violent murderer living knowing his victim/victims are dead by his/her hand? Perhaps, since our government is into privitizing systems, they could subcontract to executioners this task.


I think this verdict is wrong! The person is clearly insane and should be reminded every day of his life of that. The Death penalty gives him a kind of validity and makes us as grotesque as him.



Yes, you are so correct. Those in our society who contributed to Dylan Roof's thoughts and behaviors - to his very creation as a person will not face any punishment. Our society, our culture, never accepts responsibility for the people we create. They are always lone nuts - that idea makes the rest of society feel that they are better people. Therefore, since he is not one of us as we would never do or think like this, then he deserves to be killed.

Hopefully some of the people who spread the hate and cruelty picked up by Roof will feel some shame or some remorse but that is doubtful. These are complex issues which would require much more sophistication and insight than our crude culture has. I think trials like these should also include statements as to how others and or our society in general might have contributed to the criminal behavior.

Of course we are all called on to condemn this young man, to be good citizens or americans but I actually pity and feel sorry for him. Instead of the joy of loving, caring and knowing those people who he instead chose for death, he has created a life for himself that includes misery, death and destruction.


What you are saying proves my point. You are calling the President of the US a psychopath and compare him to a useless piece of shit that just went out to kill somebody cuz they were black.

The term psychopath in "progresspeak" (that a new word for progressive speak, as hat tip to Orwell's "newspeak" ) has about as much weight as the term racist. It's used for everyone who does not share the same views. Congrats, you managed to make two terms virtually useless.

Also, I call BS on that 2026 deadline.


I agree what what you just said. And the term term psychopath totally applies to him. What bothers me is that someone even thought of calling him a victim, In my personal opinion he's a worthless use of oxygen and taxpayer money and his DNA should be removed from the gene pool immediately before, thru some kind of miracle, he gets to procreate.


This is the problem with you lamonte,
You invent fiction constantly. I have never used the terms you ascribe to me. I did not call the president a "phychopath." Quite the opposite. According to ex-NSA Wayne Madsen Reports, Obama is a trained killer from the See-Eye-Aye.

Dylan Roof, the murderer in the church, was not found to be a "phychopath" as you claim. He was instead, found to be mentally competent by medical doctors. I also did not call anybody a racist.

I brought up the point that state-sanctioned mass murder by a president who acts like Pol-Pot is much more damaging to the world than the disturbed young man in this story.

You seem to have tremendous trouble with reading comprehension.

Here, is the 2026 extinction date info:


He was an award-winning professor of Ecology and and expert in extinction. So I call B.S. on your qualifications to call B.S., since you don't have any.


Please spare me the double talk...it's guys like you that got Trump in the White House. And here we are 2 months later still in denial. Have fun the next 4 years. Personally, I'm getting some popcorn and am ready to watch how this unfolds.

I still call BS on your "Prophet". He's full of it. Global warming, climate change whatever, is just a new way to keep people frightened, just like the Church used Hell and damnation for centuries, just the priests are different... and some of us are still falling for it. Seems like the feeble human mind always needs something to frighten it.

There's gonna be no extinction, not in our lifetimes anyway. Just lighten up and enjoy life.


You incorrectly accused me of calling the Lame-Duck President "a phycopath." I never did. News Flash Einstein: A "phycopath" in law, is a form of mental disease used by courts and the lay public.

I think you use layman's terms incorrectly. Wiki says:

Although no psychiatric or psychological organization has sanctioned a diagnosis titled "psychopathy", assessments of psychopathic characteristics are widely used in criminal justice settings in some nations, and may have important consequences for individuals. The study of psychopathy is an active field of research, and the term is also used by the general public, in popular press, and in fictional portrayals.[10][11] While the term is often employed in common usage along with the related but distinct "crazy", "insane" and "mentally ill", there is a distinction between those with psychosis and psychopathy[12]

Then you parrot the Climate Deniers standard refrain:

That's just what the dinosaurs thought. Ergo, you are a dinosaur (with no upper-level education in Earth Science like I have.)

Your mind is a Greek Tragedy, fella, if you don't understand that "Abrupt Climate Change" is a completely unexpected historical discovery, applicable on steroids to what we are currently seeing. Geologic history (in strata), in which 99 percent of species ever known went extinct, says the odds of you, Homo sapien, living forever are slim to none.

I wish you luck though, in your "head-in-the-sand" delusions of immortality.

Since 200 species are going extinct every day, as we speak, to me, you are living proof that Plato was right. The common citizen is not smart enough to vote!


There have been many studies done over the years that seem to indicate that fear of execution is not a deterrent for those who would kill another person, and while I understand the cultural significance of that belief I personally believe that a person who would commit murder in a crime of passion, or in a calculated, cold-blooded manner as Dylann Roof, or Charles Manson did, should be executed simply b/c of the heinous way in which they carried them out. We all realize that there are some 'beings' (I wouldn't consider these human) that simply do not have that hypothetical shut-off valve that most of us have, I believe those poor souls will learn nothing by spending the rest of their pitiable existence behind bars. Thus, in some cases, I believe capital punishment is warranted not as a deterrent, but simply to put these 'creatures' out of both their, and our, misery.


One of the big problems with the death penalty is that there Heaven-knows-how-many Dylann Roofs and/or Charles Mansons walking around out there, and executing them, despite their heinous crimes, isn't the way to go, because there'll always be people who'll take their place. That's why capital punishment, regardless of their heinous crimes, doesn't make sense. Also, in the case of Dylann Roof's execution, executing him failed to make the families feel any better or more relieved about it.


He hasn't been executed yet ...


Don't have the time to watch his hour long presentation. Does he offer any solutions to this immediate and catastrophic extinction level event? Something other than repentance or sending a check to someone?

There was another guy in Texas, Yisrayl Hawkins, predicted the end of the world a couple of times. never really happened. Even had a countdown on his website. Started counting negative for few days after, before he took it down.