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Remove Him Now


Remove Him Now

Robert Reich

We have endured Donald Trump for 7 months. Although he has had few legislative victories, he has almost single-handedly destroyed the moral authority of the presidency of the United States at home and abroad, brought us to the brink of a nuclear war without consulting anyone, and sown division and hatred.

He has given encouragement and legitimacy to the ugliest in America.

How can this nation endure another 41 months of this man?


Sometimes I think Mr. Reich is first among peers in failing to recognize that the America he pines for is long dead. When is it time to stop washing the corpse?


I think ‘the America [Robert Reich] pines for’, as you put it, is a decent place - even if it never existed quite as imagined.

The world is a harsh place - and it is only softened by people with the courage to imagine alternatives.

In the mountains, as in life, when things look really bad - that’s when you need to focus - and find a way out.


“I know, removing Trump would mean having Mike Pence as president. But a principled right-winger is better for America and the world than an unhinged sociopath.”

Last night on Maher, Gavin Newsom began to talk about the threat of Pence, but Maher cut him off. Some posters on CD liked to say that the Democrats were “the most effective evil”. I think that applies to Pence. At least with Trump, the evil is out in the open where we can act on it. Pence and the GOP hide their evil behind closed doors where we can’t.

Direct Democracy


Tell it like it is Robert!

One word left unsaid is “treasonous”…the threats this “ugly American” represents and acts-on is surely treasonous among many other descriptives…

“Let’s be clear. There is already enough evidence to impeach Trump on grounds of abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution.”

“There is already enough evidence of mental impairment to invoke the 25th amendment.”

"Republican as well as Democratic members of the House and Senate must commit themselves to removing this president.

“It is time to end this disgrace.”


“…he has almost single-handedly destroyed the moral authority of the presidency”

So at least he has one real accomplishment under his belt.


It seems to be a no-brainer that Trump should be impeached. But the Republicans gave up working for the best interest of the country long ago. The Republicans had a conservative ideology that they believed in but it was not popular enough to win elections so they adopted the southern strategy to get the racist vote and then brought in the religious right to get that vote to tear down the wall between church and state. Even though these two groups want to undermine the basic principles of the United States the Republicans need them and are therefore unwilling to remove someone as unfit as Trump. The Democratic will probably have to gain control of both houses of congress next year to remove him but that seems like a long shot and may be too late with Trump tearing things down and the white nationalists getting more embolended.


Mr. Reich is WAY too soft on Mike Pence, who is an avowed Funny-Dementalist hell-bent on replacing what little is left of our ‘democracy’ ‘representative republic’ with a far-right “christian” theocracy.  A far more accur- ate statement would be, “I know, removing Trump would mean having Mike Pence as president.  And an un-principled right-winger is only slightly less dangerous for America and the world than an unhinged sociopath.”  Besides, even if Trump is removed we’re still faced with a widespread loss of decent people in Federal judgeships and goverment agencies, and with DeVos, Perry, Pruitt, Sessions, Tillerson and many other oligarchs, plutocrats & ayatollah-wannabes deeply embedded in “our” government.


Mr. Reich is either on George Soros’s or David Brock’s payroll, because all he does anymore is huff and puff against Trump. It’s really tiresome. Yes, he endorsed Bernie in the primary, but then he pushed hard for Hillary, who was also an existential threat, as much if not more so than Trump. She was an unparalleled hawk who never met a war she didn’t endorse. At least Trump has met with Putin, and deescalated the conflict in Syria. In fact, he has stopped arming terrorists, which has allowed 600K Syrians to return home. Of course the media doesn’t report on that. I am opposed to Trump, but Pence is worse, much worse. He is wholly owned by Koch Inc, and he rubber stamps their agenda. They are an existential threat to humanity, yet here is the liberal media pushing for their agenda as preferable to Trump’s. Pence’s blandness with lull people into complacency. Trump’s alarming persona keeps our eyes glued to his every move. Much safer!


This is too thoughtful for most people to digest. Now we are pretty much consumed by tweeting and bleating. Thanks for hanging in there and don’t let the bastards grind you down.


“…moral authority…” of the presidency? Reich is becoming quite the comedian. He should do a pod-cast dressed up as a court jester.


Principled Right-Winger!! What kind of a principled anybody would stand by with his shit-sniffing grin next to a heinous gas-bag nazi like Trump as if nothing were wrong with this picture? Reich, you’re just too fucking nice to these filthy killers.


seriously. if there’s any office in the world that could use a good dose of “authority eroding”, it would be the US president.

We’ve had presidents obliterate entire peoples with bombs. That’s apparently okay. But, by god, a president that doesn’t read the script properly is a real menace!


Once Pence gets in the Ds will try to work with the Rs. This means a worse outcome for everyone left of center. It also means we’ll get “new and improved” Obamacare and universal, single-payer will be sidelined for another 8, 12 or more years.

There is no compromising with wrong. Obama did it for 8 years and what’d we end up with: The ACA (which is anything but) and even more inequality. The bankers were never held to account and there was no discussion on what really caused the worldwide financial meltdown: Bill Clinton’s repeal of Glass-Steagall. This allowed banks to become gambling casinos–anything went. (Note, you never heard this on the neoliberal “news” channels: MSNBC or CNN.)

W/the Rs in control (it’s not much better w/the Ds either): "No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session." and once they start compromising don’t expect any worthwhile outcome.


We don’t have to wait for Pence. A senate committee supposedly will be trying to fix Obamacare right after the August recess. There are some practical realities. Many people will suffer in some way if Obamacare isn’t improved. There is no way single-payer will become into being with the Republicans controlling both houses of congress. Right now the biggest concern is that Trump will try to wreck Obamacare on purpose. If he succeeds millions of people will be left worse off.


The only way Obamacare can be “fixed” is to put it out of its misery and replace it with a better system that is universal and single payer. I wouldn’t discount the republicans doing this, they gave seniors prescription drug coverage when democrats all sat on their thumbs.

Obamacare is too expensive to use by design – that way insurance profits and stock increases. All while more than 20 million still do not have healthcare coverage in this country.

Insurance companies are dropping out of Obamacare to force the government to give them more money to stay in, does anyone really think this is a good idea.


If we vote for the lesser evil every time however, the evil gets less and less. Revolutionary change won’t happen overnight. Too much inertia in the system. Strategic voting is key. Progressive Democrats whenever possible Greens, Indies or others when not.

Here is an interesting essay:


But if single-payer is politically impossible at this time what do you? That is th ereal question. Do you not at least try to fix Obamacare? Or simply do nothing and hope for more favorable election results?


We are between the rock and the hard place. We can’t afford to let a mad man finish his term, or us, off. And we cannot risk letting a more effective Pence administration bury us deeper beneath Wall Street and the tar sands.

What to do? Well, we can do what Reich suggests and tie up Trump hand and foot now, while we help Bernie with what he is doing, to take back both Houses, and cripple a Pence administration. A lot of work, cash and sacrifices, but if not us the people, who?


Dream On.   If “lesser-evil” candidate ‘A’ is “only” 10% worse than the present official, and “greater-evil” candi­date ‘B’ is 20% worse, and this happens ten elections in a row, then after twenty years of voting for ‘A’ you have things that are “only” 1.110 worse than today (that’s “only” 2.59 times worse) versus 1.210, or 6.19 times worse if the “greater evil” candidate wins every time.  Either way, we lose.  That is what’s been happening every two years for a VERY long time, until Tweetle-Dumb – who is 110% worse than anyone since Adolph Hitler and/or Joseph Stalin . . .

Now you’re beginning to make a little sense.

Who Indeed?  If not ‘We the People’ then it’ll be ‘Them the Oligarchs’.  Or, if Sessions, Pence & DeVos get their way, even worse — ‘Them the “christian” TheocRats’ . . .