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Removing the Mask of the Occupation


Removing the Mask of the Occupation

For any American not yet aware of "all the insanity and the injustice and the stupidity and the purposelessness (of) the Occupation and the settlement enterprise," watch this deranged video from the latest protest in Nabi Saleh, wherein a masked, livid Israeli soldier attacks a 12-year-old Palestinian boy with a broken arm, only to be fought off by his furious sister, mother and aunt. Every day, this - or worse - is the Occupation.


This pathetic excuse for a man was trained by the same commanders that have trained US police forces.
"Security" forces the world over are little more than childish bullies with dangerous weapons.
The final act of throwing a tear gas canister at this family says it all...


It is nice to learn that nobody was killed for defending a boy with a broken arm. Evidently excessive force is not a concept that Israelis feel applies to their behavior.

Dehumanizing Palestinians produces excessive force as a rule.

I think a Palestinian Lives Matter movement is long past due.


Let's call it as it is. Israel is an apartheid state. Furthermore, Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014 was genocide, an international war crime that killed 2,200 Palestinians including 500 children.

Noam Chomsky: Israeli Apartheid ‘Much Worse’ Than South Africa

“Selfies in the Rubble”: Interview From Gaza a Year After Operation Protective Edge


I think Israel is an apartheid state too, however I am one who acknowledges that many Israelis and Jews elsewhere are in opposition to that apartheid and the ultra right in the Israeli government just as we opposed our government in Vietnam or Bush's invasion of Iraq and other debacles and errors in judgement.


Agreed. I have read several articles lately that many Jewish people (inside and outside of Israel) are ashamed of and are in complete opposition to the horrendous crimes of the Zionists.


If I were to throw stones at your heads, you would call the police and have your men with guns arrest me. Or you would defend yourselves. If I allowed or encouraged my kids to throw stones at your heads, you would do the same and demand that the police take my kids from me. You would call it child abuse. When Palestinians throw stones and teach their children to do so against Jews, it's suddenly right? You guys are monsters.

That girl is known as Shirley Temper. She has been raised to attack Jews and be filmed doing so. Then you monsters can watch her on the Internet and hate Jews even more.


If you were throwing stones at my head the first thing I would do is wonder why? Then I'd turn around and go oh yea, I'm consistently stealing all this land, subjugating my neighbors to a dehumanizing lifestyle of domestic imprisonment, and countering a reactionary rock throw with super sophisticated military equipment and psychologically empowering hate-filled reasoning.


Are you pretending that settlers don't abuse Palestinians? Why is it that when people fight back against abuse by soldiers then that is called hating jews? Cut the fake innocence crap! In Gaza, Israel has confined these people into a f'n ghetto and is slowly torturing them whether innocent or guilty. What do you call that? Hating Palestinians?

Settlers take these people's lands and water and you act like that doesn't count? Did that soldier protect them from settler abuse? Or maybe you feel settlers don't abuse these people? Israel has come down off the high moral ground a long time ago. Slow torture and intentionally creating misery is not moral.

The strange thing is that these people are the descendants of jews who have lived in the region for thousands of years and whose ancestors converted from judaism. These people are the descendants of the jews of Moses and Abraham... but they are no longer jewish in religion.


It has always been of interest to me how seemingly normal people can be changed into the societal monsters we know so well from our history.

How does a German become a Nazi?
How does an Israeli become an Occupying Torturer over a Palestinian Ghetto?

Especially after that Jewish culture experienced the abuse first hand in the Ghettos of Poland
and all that is fraught out of the WWII Holocaust.

One thing that has crossed my desk recently is the research regarding the Trauma Gene.

Namely that there is indeed a genetic sequence identified in people having suffered severe trauma.
Also, that this gene sequence can and does show markers are triggered after the trauma has been experienced.

The real kicker is that similar markers can be identified around the trauma gene sequence of their children. Quite possibly the marker is triggered in the offspring, who have not experienced the original trauma, but never the less have the triggered marker transmitted via interaction with the parent.

That is to say, the story that Holocaust Survivor's children are having a similar vivid psychological response as their parents, even though they were never born during WWII, appears to be true.

That along with the emerging data that sociopaths may indeed have a systemic brain disfunctionality from birth, i.e. a specific brain mechanism is non functioning. We Can identify early sociopathic tendencies in children.

Something worth looking at.
This continuous "War on Terror" is Medically triggering the next cycle of abuse/trauma and victim/perpetrators


I do know of the abused child syndrome where an abused child grows up to be an abuser but not a genetic link. I think trauma has a permanent effect on the emotional brain. In effect that those who have been traumatized by torture or some other violence like rape are changed by it and indirectly may pass on some collateral effects to their families. A genetic predisposition may exist which is triggered by some experiences but that can also be triggered by other experiences like passion or love etc. If exposed to trauma it goes that way, if exposed to deep love it goes that way instead.

It is not a hard and fast rule that someone who has experienced trauma dishes it out. I have known several holocaust survivors and each of them were very kind and decent people (who were all opposed to war and conflicts) and were opposed to the methods of the Israeli occupation. People who suffered the extreme trauma during the war were non violent politically. Interesting huh?

In general however the grandchildren and later generations of their families who were not exposed to the holocaust were often supporters of the occupation and the settlers. The latter generation family members embraced an intellectual trauma that they drew from historical accounts of the holocaust. A similar anger exists among people today about slavery before the civil war and so forth.


I agree, the response to trauma is indeed an entire discourse on it's own.
And how we respond is a balancing act at best.
We can become a leader like Mandala as well.

The amazing thing to me was the triggering of the markers in offspring via
parental interaction. Lotsa room for interpretation there.


Palestinians need to create their own communication pipeline. They need to create a Palestine Lives Matter movement like the Black Lives Matter movement here. Activists can exchange videos, cell phone witnesses and act as local reporters for continuing abuses. There are many people who support fair treatment for everyone out there in the world and a PLM movement is really due. It isn't for one news source to be a conduit for a single issue because then only sympathizers would continue to visit the site. CD should be one of many news sites that can be counted on to speak the truth to power but there are many others that should be included too. It is up to Palestinians and especially Palestinians living elsewhere to create the change they need. Sites like CD and others are there and can help but Palestinians outside Palestine should be as vocal and active as the other side seems to be.


"This video has been removed because its content violated violated YouTube's Terms of Service."

Thanks YouTube! I might have awakened from my cat-video coma if you hadn't protected me from the truth. I'm living large in the information age!


Down with Zionism and all other "isms" like Nazis and fascists. I don't see a dime's worth of difference between any of these isms. With your hatred and violence you have doomed yourself and your children Zionist.


You can't dehumanize the other without dehumanizing yourself.


Many years ago I read a collection of interviews with concentration camp guards done for the Nuremberg Tribunals. The guards gave these statements while in custody awaiting trial. These were among the first interviews ever done with these people when the world was still shocked and at a loss to explain how human beings could do such horrific things. One spoke of how Hitler selected the most brutal members of the military, people who had been disciplined for being physically violent sadists etc. Individuals who were psychologically disturbed and some who were in prison for various offenses. Orders were sent out to commanders to recommend such individuals and offer them a position where they would enjoy privileges and other benefits. Word was put out for volunteers who were 'strong' and not 'weak'.

The guard went on to describe the training program under a bizarre sadist named Eicke (I think it was?) who put the guards through despicable humiliations and brutality (including to each other) until they were near break down and then how they were then imbued with a Stockholm Syndrome like identification with this trainer which somehow overrode the residual feelings of guilt over sadistic acts. The guard related how in the camps it was like they were in a mental state in which their terrible deeds seemed normal and even good and the mental presence of this Eicke person remained in their minds as they went on.

After their capture the guard specifically related how this internal mental mechanism that had permitted them to feel good or at least unconcerned about being monsters had broken down and that the illusion of Eicke's mental presence was gone and they were feeling guilty about what they had done. Almost like they had been programmed by the brutality and humiliation in their training that made them desensitized to the suffering they inflicted but now it was over.

I don't know about the book you cite but this was the statement of a guard at the Nuremberg Trials. I am sure that officers and others like the insane doctors were more willing without the extreme training but they didn't have to do the physical brutality but only needed to order others to do it. A big difference perhaps?

The fact that Hitler (Himmler) sent out orders requesting psychopathic, sociopathic, maladjusted and sadistic soldiers be collected into this special duty unit of the SS is important. It is obvious that they knowingly sought out the criminally insane and homicidal freaks.

However that 'go home and kiss the kids goodnight' stuff was mostly a myth. Perhaps the higher officers could do that but the the guards relate that though much was made of that idea in the SS that didn't happen. These were people doing terrible things and even they understood that even if they didn't care. Normal they were not. Normal feelings of love and affection were not part of the camp in any way.


Not to denigrate Jews of conscience, but polls show that a large majority of Israelis do support the ongoing oppression. The Jews who oppose it are a percentage comparable to the USAns who opposed to invading Afghnistan after the Sept. 11 2001 events


You say things but you don't cite sources for these claims. What polls? I've read articles claiming that many American Jews are more rightwing in support of the occupation but that there is a large number of Israelis who prefer peace. Israeli newspapers routinely cover stories that would be considered too pro Palestinian to publish in mainstream papers here.


Black is white, up is down, and you guys believe lies are truth. Would you actually give any credence to evidence that counters your beliefs? No. Not a chance. You have heard the lies so many times from people you trust, people who believe the lies, that your minds cannot be changed. Of course the Jews of Israel largely support self defense. They are the ones imprisoned by other nations. A Jew must leave Israel by airplane, surrounded by hateful people and hateful nations. It's sad how close-minded and hateful of human rights the left has become. No longer do you fight for women's rights or gay rights or democracy or peaceful coexistence or love. No, now the left fights for terrorist regimes that subjugate their people and indoctrinate hate while spouting lies about freedom fighting and using strong arm tactics to silence free presss. Wake up, people. I am here on xommon dreams. I am reading the same lies you are. I am informed, and I see the lies you believe in your little world of confirmation bias. I am not some trump supporting bigot. I am a Berkeley educated liberal. Snap out of it. Don't push for more war.