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Removing the Profit From Our Pills: The Case for a Public Pharma System

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/18/removing-profit-our-pills-case-public-pharma-system

From the article:

"… a pharmaceutical system without patent mark-ups would save taxpayers more than enough to replace every penny of privately-funded R&D—several times over. "

It would also eliminate the perverse incentive to invent new “diseases” for which existing drugs were prescribed (“restless leg syndrome,” for example). Under capitalism, the purpose of a drug is to make a profit. Any benefit to patients is a “side effect.”


Most of the research leading to new medical treatments – including new drugs – is subsidized by the federal government (i.e. We, The People), either through direct grants or tax cuts, or by both.   In other words We, The People, paid for the development of 99.44% of the drugs on the market (some of which have actual medical benefits that outweigh their harmful side effects!) and those drugs belong to US, not to the greedy executives of Big Pharma.


Quite frankly the peoples in Government know this. They have in fact directly transferred the patent rights to drugs they developed to the Private sector.

This can only be about one thing and one thing only and that is they want to ensure that the Private sector can profit off of this. It the same thing with health insurance.

In essence while doing that research they see their role as doing research not to promote the health of the citizen but to maximize the profits of the Drug Industry. It is corrupt and it is criminal.


Nationalize it.
Public Utility

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Under capitalism, the purpose of a drug is to make a profit. Any benefit to patients is a “side effect.”

Any benefit to patients is a “side effect.” …not a requirement!
Nailed it !!!

Our fellow citizens are literally dying because of these greedy pricks, how long are we going to put up with this? Is capitalism so important we will allow our family and friends to die to keep it intact?

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Been advocating for this for many years. That’s how much influence I have. None.

In theory, yes, good idea. But if the GOP or blue dog dems are in charge of such a system, my daughter would be denied transition. Opioids are a huge addiction problem, yes, created mostly by fraud; but also hundreds of thousands of temrinally i’ll people are not getting enough of them because of conservative ideas about the body and drugs. I support the general notion, but in the near term, and under these political conditions, i believe that regulating the marketing behavior, research priorities and fiscal practices of pharma companies is a sounder and safer approach. Let’s nationalize energy and health care payment first.

Or Mount Rushmore…

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